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  1. Don't just take my word for it. Let others more experienced than I put in their two cents.
  2. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: Doofus...
  3. Among my various responsibilities, I teach a course in the History of the Western Church, and a course in the History of Western Philosophy. Both are High School courses, and both amount fundamentally to courses in the historical development of cultural and intellectual systems. The material is not about battles among nation states, but among schools of thought, all treated within the context of human experience. I also incorporate a quite of bit of historical background into my mathematics courses, because I have found that "humanizing" the material, and motivating it using the actual real-world pressures that inspired and drove its development makes the material more interesting, and easier to retain. But almost all of my teaching is in private schools and colleges, and, as Senior Faculty, I enjoy complete autonomy in the classroom. Your situation will be different, particularly in a public school classroom. There will be administrative constraints; and your syllabi, educational outcomes, textbooks, class sizes and schedule, and which courses you teach will be dictated to you. You need to know this going in. It is not unusual for a high school teacher to have five sessions of 20+ students each... Have you ever had to grade 100 papers... at night, after you go home? Under current accreditation rules, you will eventually have to obtain a Masters Degree. Those are just the "educational" aspects of teaching. The single most important ingredients for success will be your willingness and ability to tackle the social and interpersonal aspects of dealing with a large, heterogeneous collection of students... many of whom are poorly prepared and disinterested. Can you do that? For forty years? Some people can, and do... and love it. Others hate it. Know thyself.
  4. Are you certain that you EXIST? I'm not sure you do... you don't sound like it. Perhaps your ectoplasm is a quart low, or you've been reading too much Sartre' and not enough Descartes. Whatever it is, you definitely need a noumenal overhaul, and that RIGHT AWAY!
  5. What is your online explanation of your... "configuration"? A green cyclops will face some unusual CHICK challenges. I suggest you snap your pic as profile rather than face-on... in bad light....
  6. I do stuff like this all the time. I deposit the cash in my bank. Then, I drive around the building to the ATM, and take out $4,000.. sometimes, MORE... any amount I choose! It works every time.
  7. That's INTJ candor... not INTENTIONAL meanness.
  8. I love kids. This is one of the reasons I continue to teach. My pre-college kids (grades 2 -12) love me... I am sort of a grandfather type to them. But it has occurred to me that I have to be real careful that I don't do things that would desensitize them to preditory grooming behaviors... I don't tell "serious" personal stories, or request/provide personal information... I don't physically touch them... I am cordial and friendly, but not "familiar"... I regularly invite parents to attend class... and, I encourage moral conduct and obedience to parents. I often give token prizes, but always during class as part of some contest or something; never "personal" or private gifts. I do not show any kind of preference between students, nor do I do anything that would make a student feel that they are being "singled out as special". I like them, but we are in class to learn.
  9. Did you make your avatar from a picture of Bob Flesher? I bought a custom made fretless banjo from him a few years back. 

  10. You are not invisible, not "nothing", not a throwaway person You are unique and precious. Welcome to the Forum.
  11. I searched for years looking for the meanings of things. High and low... it consumed my whole attention. Then it happened: I was in the university library, and there was this huge book on a table. In that book, I finally found the meanings of things... and I've been a fan of Merriam-Webster ever since.
  12. Yes... that is my question, too. Given the statements made by the OP in this thread, the "principle of ownership" leaves us deadlocked, since it is predicated of both the mother and the fetus. Yet, you still think that a case for abortion as an ethical choice can be derived... but you fail to cite the forensic remedy that justifies your resolution. How so? That is, what "principle" are you REALLY using here, since "ownership" alone as a principle is logically indifferent to the two choices?
  13. Seablue, you ovdrlook the collision, already assented to by the OP, of the maternal and fetal principles of self ownership. The "principle" you pretend to use is balanced against itself. For an HONEST thinker, this is a draw. Yet... you unfailingly draw your (foregone) conclusion, despite the fact that, on the strength of your pretended "principle" alone, the issue is undecided. This proves that you are actually making the decision by applying some other principle that you are unable (or unwilling) to state, which somehow resolves this tie in favor of the outcome you prefer. So, I say again: your "principles", such as they are, are *not* the basis for your conclusion... rather, they are concocted to support it. This is shown by the fact that you have to augment them (without realizing it... sadly) with subjective, labile, and INVISIBLE/UNSPECIFIED mental pixie dust that magically gives the answer you want when your pretended "principles" are deadlocked.
  14. Under what conditions can an organ donor demand that the donated organs be returned? Now, suppose the donor is on life support but brain dead, and an organ is mistakenly taken without proper legal process. Should one having Durable Power of Attorney for the donor be able to demand that they be returned under the so-called "self-ownership" theory? Is one brain dead, or seemingly irretrievably comatose, a "self"? Is what they "own" up for grabs to whomever can get it, without remedy or legal recourse? According to the OP, right of "ownership" can be asserted even over right to life, so we should be able to return the organs to their rightful "owner", consequences to the recipient, up to and including DEATH, notwithstanding. (Time to try to save the ownership theory with a bunch of ad hoc caveats... hee! hee!) But some of us know that life is the preeminent right, and that making it secondary to any other (such as property rights) makes ALL rights meaningless. It has been said here that a fetus enjoys the right of "self ownership". How is a right exercised by the DEAD? That is not a "right"; it is a privilege, enjoyed at the whim of another.
  15. When you begin with principles and derive your conclusions from them, it is called "thinking". When you begin with conclusions, and derive your principles from them, it is called intellectual dishonesty.