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  1. So... when does the "moving past religion" start? Is this screed going to launch, or did the OP's horse come out of the gate dead?
  2. You would regard me to be "religious"... just as I regard you to be "religious".
  3. When I was young I was always on the lookout for someone that I wanted to be like. After observing the idiots surrounding me for a while, I realized that best and most worthy available hero was ME. After that realization, it was natural for me to strive to be more like ME each day... and though I still have a way to go, everyone tells me that I've come quite close. Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying it was easy, at least at first. But my perseverance and determination have made it possible for me to develop a measure of perseverance and determination. With that done, I wisely focused on acquiring wisdom, which led me to be content with my contentment. The result is (as all who know me will agree) that I RULE... Like A Boss. *recorded applause and cheers gush forth from cheap BOOMBOX*
  4. Just get a table of the Enthalpies of Formation for thes substances, and add it up. You can find these online, and Wikipedia explains how to do it. It isn't complicated.
  5. I saw on the interwebs that the average human body contains enough bone material to form an entire skeleton! Do you thinks that's true, or is it just some of that "fake news" put out by CNN? (I tried to check Snots,com, but it was a collect call...)
  6. In a report to Congress in 1843, Patent Office Commissioner, Henry Ellsworth. states, "The advancement of the arts, from year to year, taxes our credulity and seems to presage the arrival of that period when human improvement must end."
  7. And I bite anything that is potentially edible...
  8. Hello. I'd say more, but I have commitment issues...
  9. Waiting for chix to check their privilege? The Devil will be thawing out Hell for the third time before that happens. I mean, do you think people who seriously portray greater life-expectancy as a liability (^) are going to recognize and own their manifold gender-specific perks? There has certainly been no hint of that in this thread...
  10. Yes, he was a victim of statutory rape by virtue of his mental defect. But the question I'm addressing in this case is legal responsibility. Since neither participant was competent, I think responsibility lies with the caretakers. Another situation I read about involved a young man who was severely physically disabled, but mentally normal. I think he was 18, but he might have been a little younger (i.e., a minor near majority age). He lived with his parents, who had legal guardianship. They had hired a young woman, 18 or 19, to provide light care for him during the day. She was not a professional (so no professional guidelines were in force). The parents caught her masturbating their son at his request, and fired her. It is something he was physically unable to do himself, and she was being compassionate... wisely or unwisely. I've thought about this, and I think if that was my son, and I had walked in on that, I probably would have just turned around, walked out, and not said anything about it. I am sort of conflicted about this, but I think that's what I would have done. I think it might be legal in some jurisdictions for people in this situation to hire sexual surrogates... but I'm commenting on the "moral" aspect of this as a parent.
  11. I would guess that neither the man nor the girl would be held legally responsible in this case; neither is competent. It's like a couple of minor kids messing around. Any legal liability would lie with the caretakers. Some parents have severely mentally challenged children sterilized to prevent such pregnancies... particularly in light of the fact that these folks are probably not going to be able to use contraception successfully, but might have sexual feelings they could very well act out. I think this could be a reasonable measure, based upon the severity of the mental deficiency. I don't know whether this requires a court order or not. I know such a young woman. She is moderately mentally retarded (in her twenties, but functions on about the level of a 10-year old... i.e. IQ around 65 or so). Her mother had her tubes tied, which, of course, did not affect her except in her ability to conceive. The girl was sexually active, and "loved" little kids. However, she could not be trusted around them, because they were no different to her than toys. She wasn't malicious; she just had no concept of cause and effect, and would occassionaly do things with the little guys that were dangerous.
  12. Hello, sir. Welcome to the Forum.
  13. Your question asks about what an observer moving along with the photon will observe when they consider the wave's phase... in other words, what is the "wave" doing in the photon's rest frame? But let me ask a question first: Do photons have a rest frame?
  14. From the "perspective" of the photon, its departure and arrival are simultaneous.