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  1. I might too. I dunno really.

  2. haha succinctly put

  3. IMO Blair and the Champagne Socialists are the main cause of the SNP rise and current Labour wasteland in Scotland.

  4. You are right, of course. Culturally normative does not mean good, moral, right, or beneficial.

  5. Acculturated. Is that a cross between cultured and indoctrinated? On a serious note though, just because a behaviour is supposedly the social or cultural norm, does not mean it isn't hateful. There was a time when black people were meant to give up their bus seats for the white folk, remember?
  6. So you're saying that "sluts" should be shamed, because they act in a way which does not suit your "social and moral context". What business of yours is their behaviour? It doesn't affect you, and even if it did you have no more right than any one else to dictate what "proper" social and moral context is. Live and let live is my own personal view on subjects such as this. This is regardless of the definition of what "a slut" is, by the way. ---------- Post added 01-10-2016 at 11:08 PM ---------- You're right, my wording does appear over-simplified reading back now. My sentence you quoted was speaking with sex-positivism in mind (which I had linked to earlier in the post). "There is no shame whatsoever in enjoying sex and sexuality..." should have gone on to explain along the lines of "so long as there is a focus on safe sex and consent between both parties. There is no reason to assume that people acting in a "slutty" way are doing any of the bullet points you listed. Unless you viewed sex as an inherently negative /shameful thing on some idealogical basis. :s ---------- Post added 01-10-2016 at 11:14 PM ---------- Oh and, I keep putting "slut" in quotes because I'm referring to common definitions of the term (which I don't necessarily agree with because they all seem to be feminised). Here are some. I must say, I do like this one though: And why shouldn't she (or he)? :D
  7. There's nearly always a derogatory / negative connotation when the word "slut" is used about someone. I really dislike that, and when someone uses it in that way (i.e. implied as an insult), it just makes me think that that person is small-minded, hateful and hurtful. E.g... There is no shame whatsoever in enjoying sex and sexuality, and therefore there is no shame in someone acting in a "slutty" way. I'm much more in this camp with Eagleseven.
  8. Wasnt at first, then quickly realized what you mean't

  9. You're kidding right?

  10. What is INTJf?

  11. Hehe, the irony. The subject of this thread just lead me back to INTJf. The number of times I've read things on INTJf that have made me go "glad its not just me then". :)
  12. Not sure I agree with this one (at least for my profession). I'm a design engineer, and my computer is the single most important tool I need to be able to do my work. I believe that skilled workers should maintain in working order the tools they require to carry out their job. They should not rely on others to do that for them (even more so when it comes to technical software selection and installation). It just seems irresponsible to me for a technical worker to trust their living to someone else like that. ---------- Post added 03-21-2015 at 12:21 AM ---------- Although to add to the list from the OP... * You will never get as much credit & praise when things are running smoothly, as you will discredit & abuse when things are going badly. In fact, when you're doing a good job and things are running smoothly, you will be ignored and made to feel redundant (people will question why you're even there). When things go wrong, its your fault and you're shit.
  13. C# My software is similar in some ways to github (but far more simplified). It handles document management & version control, calendar (or at least appointments & to-do's), notetaking and emails. I have actually used Dropbox and Bitly API's in places, to provide document hosting & transmittal logging instead of transmitting documents via email. Its pretty early stages of development though.
  14. Eh? I'm self-employed and I write my own software. My clients on the other hand...