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    I like candle lit dinners and long walks on the beach
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    I live vicariously through myself
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    Purveyor of inconvenient truths
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    Destroying your fragile ego
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    I am not the droid you're looking for...
  1. Welcome back, Prince Phillip.

  2. Problem solving... When an ENFP is trying to solve a problem, perhaps one unlike they have encountered before, would their default approach be to apply tried-and-true methods or novel methods?
  3. succinct, accurate, and funny

  4. What I've learned: 1. Money gets money 2. Honey gets honey 3. NEVER money gets honey >> you are a chump 4. NEVER honey gets money >> you are a gold-digging whore Gift accordingly...
  5. I am ugly as fuck, and that pretty much works against me wherever I go. Whatever happened to the girls that valued kindness, charm, and strength of character over physical appearance? Well, at least mosquitoes love me :/
  6. nice thread!

  7. An emerging market country where English is not widely spoken.
  8. Lol! I think I speak in incomplete thoughts sometimes, my mind goes so damn fast.

  9. We are one and the same. Haha.

  10. I'm 28. I'm not old, but I'm older than I used to be. Lol

  11. Define "do well"...
  12. You're older? I thought you were young and stuff...

  13. I took a test and discovered I was an INTJ...
  14. Those tests suck at identifying INFJs as bad as INFJs suck at those tests identifying INFJs. Just sayin'...
  15. Nice to see you back on the forum, Mogura.