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  1. Have you been in a relationship? It seems like you're looking from the outside. Most of the cons are generated by socialization, power struggles, and the temperaments of the people who have finally sobered up after being drunk in love.
  2. Aromantic Asexual.. I am the void and it has no concerns of power. We only take.
  3. My current roommate was one for me in my teen years. Getting older I realize he's going towards that "in practice" definition of how the world works and sticking to it.. where I am trying to become more flexible and less judgmental.
  4. Mysterious is just creepy + attraction.
  5. So essentially it is more about discipline, which is a trap.
  6. Have you considered offering a service or starting your own business? Otherwise I think going west may be better for job growth, but it may be best to check your network if you haven't already. Good luck on your journey.
  7. I wonder why they'd advertise that. I imagine there is some overlap with regular students, especially when poor/existing in anti-intellectual environments. Maybe it is to strike a node of fear so they're more willing to keep their kid "special".
  8. As long as I don't have to answer the phone. Oh wait. -_-
  9. It's become more of a test to some people, and not everyone passes.
  10. Personally, no. I don't have that capacity.
  11. I couldn't get the test to work. I don't make long posts either. -__-
  12. Social media forums is just the S types catching up. You won't find balanced specialization on Facebook easily.
  13. That's a pretty cookie cutter plan, but don't feel bad it comes with the nature of humanity. I think it's noble and it's good you know what to do.
  14. "Fake it till you make it" is more like "Try it and see what happens."