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  1. Fear of missing out is apparently a big issue in the ace community after googling it.
  2. As an ace person, and a guy people will look down on you for it..but I do not think about it a lot. As far as other people and social currency, I think about that even less.
  3. Extremists and kneejerk experiencers.
  4. She may be projecting her insecurities unto you. I'd say state your boundaries and don't let her for one second lord her "gifts" (power bids) over you. I also sense some unbalanced expression. Mistaking apathy for hate and whining about it to people. Perhaps she sees you as an outsider?
  5. INTJ, left handed, and I struggle to be on time.
  6. This isn't too out of touch with nardi's findings.
  7. My niece does some of this. Just because the adults at school fall for it doesn't mean your parents and family members do. You could always clean together. "I'm bored" either gets "Only boring people get bored" or chores. :D But I'm not a parent so I wouldn't know.
  8. Persona 5 is so close... so close!
  9. Time to move. Nothing will ever really change but the market.
  10. Was it cold-blooded planned betrayal or just the common selfish choice betrayal? One is inevitable, the other may require additional steps to protect yourself.
  11. Exploding isn't, but having them leave you alone is. Seems like they don't actually care but use you to make themselves feel in power.
  12. The self viewing the self inside the self. Thanks.
  13. Wanting or needing feedback isn't always a mental disorder. Facebook makes the process easy. But the key is feedback.
  14. MB lens: Intellectual connection rather than emotional connection? Does that mean deep seeking intellect is also kind of an emotion in a not emotion kind of way? So is there a such thing as intellectual vulnerability? Is technical knowledge the same as an ever curious deep seeking intellect? I can see mastering a real system as seeking too. /rant Anyways, as far as the thread goes the OP is right to an extent because of human's care capacity limit, so our options will ever be limited. That's not the true barrier, as I'd see it as the ego mainly which ties into the prior vulnerability statements. Anyone can cry over their boyfriend but it's usually kneejerk bullshit.