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  1. What I have learned recently: The old guys who said you need a lot of water to make big strawberries were right. I figured that living in the PNW they got plenty of water. Recently started adding more and the berries are double the size. Note to self: Pay attention to old guys.
  2. On my first three week vacation with my INFP husband I wound up signing us up for Spanish Classes (we were at different levels) to get some privacy because he was driving me crazy trying to move into my skull. This is the man whom I love more than anything but I still needed privacy.
  3. We need an emoticon which signifies "humble begging" to make my requests seem more polite. Anyway thanks for amplifying your response. I am sorry to hear that the recession was accompanied by such harrowing personal experiences for you. I congratulate you on having the wisdom to know when to tap public offerings and the patience to actually do it.
  4. Aha! You are one of those Millennials constantly vilified in the press for not spending money. I congratulate you. Which bits of luxury and convenience are you choosing to buy? Being "good with money" is practically a given for INTJs, isn't it? It's only reading your post that I realize that the 2008 thing was just the excuse I give my spouse. I am really doing it for fun. Oh come on, you have to give me more than that. Me too, it's just that my definition of fiscal responsibility got narrower. Reading your response and other's which are similar has led me to the conclusion that I need to think about this more. Obviously other factors are in play.
  5. Wow, at least two really good points that the Consumer Reports folks didn't address. The difficultly of getting credit and the new age cohort who haven't lived long enough to have bad experiences. Wonder if what they lived through in their parents house would make a difference in #2. I also have to agree that many people spend to self-medicate. I have a sister like that. I think I understood what you said. I changed our investments around that time too. Not because I was smart enough to see the future but I was getting quite sick and knew I wouldn't be able to supervise them properly for a while. Turned out lucky.
  6. I was just reading a Consumer Reports article which said that Americans are spending again sort of but that they are more thoughtful because they don't feel that their current incomes are secure. Personal disclosure: I have always been what is politely called thrifty but have definitely become tighter the last few year. For example, we used to stop for coffee and snacks when traveling. Now days we still stop but only to pull out the thermos and the picnic basket. I also recently learned to repair my shoes. Our annual income is a bit over 100K. So what about you? Have your spending habits changed since 2008? Why? Edited to add: I would call our income very secure.
  7. Just bought a heat mat for starting seedlings. It feels shockingly extravagant but I have tried starting seedlings in the house for two years and we just don't keep it warm enough in here. Concluded that a $25 seedling mat was cheaper than $100 on the heat bill.
  8. I love audio books. I can pick strawberries or walk to the mailbox while reading a book. When I found out how many books Seattle Public Library has on Overdrive I turned joyful mental cartwheels.
  9. My bare root grapevines are going crazy. We will be eating stuffed grape leaves next year for sure. Strawberries doing well. Should have given them a bit more water to increase size. Apple tree is taking off. Lavender is growing like the weed it is. On the other hand, my experiments with germinating seeds to start plants aren't going worth a damn. My lettuce got flooded due to leak in the greenhouse. My free basil seed hasn't done a thing. Going to try this again for the Winter garden. Maybe I will have better luck with rutabaga and Brussels sprouts.
  10. Mine steals my watches. At first I thought I was misplacing them. Realized it wasn't me because I can't imagine the circumstance that would lead me to put my watch in an old shoe in the back of the closet. My spouse didn't believe it either until the cat decided to bring one out to play with one morning.
  11. What is it? Yes to everything! Out in the woods is the one place I don't wear perfume. Nature does it so much better
  12. Whenever you do anything visualize at least two outcomes one good and one bad. Plan what you will do in response to each outcome.
  13. Take a class in something that interests you. If there is a female INTJ in the entire state who is interested in the same activity she will be in a class and you will have something to talk about while she falls in love with you. If none shows up the first time do it again. Full disclosure: My husband found me in Graduate Thermodynamics but it took me two more years to ravish him on the floor of his filthy apartment. ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: Came back to add on the subject of "Which Book?" My husband's post ravishment gift to me was a book of Chrystallography which I gracefully accepted despite it being the most boring subject on the flipping planet. If she likes you she will forgive you for being interested in stupid stuff.
  14. The NP I know best is my INFP spouse. He is inclined to be lazy until he finds a cause. Then he can make the dirt fly with an efficiency that astonishes me. I have only seen him really mobilize a few times in our lives but it was like watching Sampson take hold of the pillars in the temple. Everything changes real fast. Example: He fell in love with and we purchased house that requires expensive renovation last year. Since then the consulting offers have been pelting down on him like rain. Suddenly he is monetizing all the love he inspires.
  15. I want to thank you for posting this thread. It is fascinating. I didn't know anything like this existed. Don't know where I am yet. Still processing