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  1. This was you in the chatroom about a week ago.:P

  2. Force HTTPS on your browser to prevent packet sniffing.
  3. Tri-Lamb Material 65 % Nerd, 35% Geek, 52% Dork
  4. Over an evening supper, when my long-time friend was pressed to give an honest assessment of my aggressive personality and management tips, he simply replied: ‘Humility, you need humility.’ From a quick google the definition: Humility: A modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness. I have been musing and pondering upon his response and it recently occurred to me that his assessment does not correlate with my own experience. I considered the time at which I spoke to him preceded an event where he was venting (a psychological coping mechanism for unloading his repressed emotional struggles) about his inability to permanently prevent his minor computer game addiction with the continuous cycle of uninstalling/removing games and shortly re-installing and wasting hours instead of managing time more efficiently. (Sidetrack: Although one might reason that time doing something you enjoy is not time wasted, this was not the case as he clearly and definitively convinced me that he did not look upon his time usage favorably after the time was spent.) Upon giving an ear (listening, understanding, and minisculely sympathizing), I directly proceeded to give him a longer-term solution of downgrading to lesser-powerful work-machines and permanently deleting online gaming accounts - to which he told me to stop in a blunt manner. Although it first surprised me that he refused my solution and disliked my replies (as he was a long-time friend and someone I valued enough to invest in verbalizing my thoughts), I realized that he is still constrained emotionally and not yet able to mentally process my (what some consider inhuman) corrections. I now understand that when people are asked a direct question and reply with vague answers is a socially standard phenomena and approach of avoiding the question and that I must be more socially-acclimated and in-tune with reading non-verbal body language and picking up on visual clues before I emotionally upset people and force conversations into an undesirable state. Positive social and mannerisms quirks have never been my area of natural expertise (and which I submit, evolved for the benefit of calming emotionally-insecure people). Back to his suggested ‘humility’ solution to my aggressive personality, I have difficultly in understanding how I can be more humble without turning a blind-eye from painfully observing others in their less than efficient lives. It has also been noted around the internet that other INTJs have in displaying a lack of humility. Many times I have been commented on my shy and quiet nature amongst others who have not yet gained my respect. I am deeply altruistic and have a deep longing to serve others, but generally withhold except from select individuals, and have specific rules which correlate to my own values - such as giving general and objective suggestions beneficial for across-life skills, and withholding answers but dropping crumbs of information in order to help people to ‘learn to fish’, over ‘giving them a fish’. I find it difficult to not have high expectations of myself or from others. When you see what you could be, when you see what others around you could become, their potential - you cannot settle for less for someone you hold dear. It is said that for evil the triumph, good men must do nothing. I understand that others must be more receptive to honest and often critical responses, and feel that sometimes it is difficult to compromise myself for others less-than ideal attributes. I have attempted to address the underlying issues of increasing my social circle, but currently have no proposed solutions to increasing my humility. People become who they really are, more often than who they are not. It has also come to my attention that most of my sentences written here start with ‘I’, which I suspect may reveal my single-minded state, although since I have started my full-time position, I am unable to investigate personal quirks as often as I would like. We live in a funny world. I apologize if some of these mentioned topics may also appear to be unrelated, but my subconscious mind feels that they are all very inter-related in a way that I am unable to simply verbalize or write down. I would also like to apologize if the paragraphs/topics are written in a very disorderly fashion according to some professional standard writing format or are difficult for the readers poor mind to follow. Plus, its 2 am here.
  5. As long as there are no long-lasting physical or psychological harm done, and that long-term effects are more beneficial for the child in question - then I believe there should be no fundamental issues. Consider it as an investment as it were. There are more important issues such as how a guardian should consider the rationale and method of disciplining children with respect to coercing and enforcing good habits.
  6. 92 % enjoys reflective and complex music 33 % enjoys edgy and aggressive music 41 % enjoys fun and simple music 35 % enjoys energetic and upbeat music
  7. Mr. Freeze 89% Cat-Woman 78% The Penguin 78% Mad Hatter 67% Clay-Face 67% Poison Ivy 67% Two Face 67% The Riddler 55% The Scarecrow 44% The Joker 33% Killer Croc 0%
  8. The Chaos Mage You scored 64% Egocentricism, 34% Heirarchy, 54% Spiritualityand 47% Morality! You're A Chaos Mage! Could you be any more freaking eccentric? You manipulate a random and unfair universe to your will, which seems easy for you, because YOU ARE the random and unfair universe. You find meaning in chaos and are not bothered by disorder. You're doing what you do- and that's all anyone can ask of you. You are mostly selfish. You do not believe in an ordered universe or necessarily in an ordered society. The Soul is more important to you than the physical world. You do not believe there is justice. You SHOULD: Carefully examine how you relate to others if you are unhappy. Please note that this will almost certainly change your personality type, and you will then have new instructions to follow. You should NOT: You're probably a nihlist. Cautioning you is futile. Your life will be: Unpredictable. Your life may be: Thrilling. Your life will not be: Meaningful. Your opposite is: The Engineer. Your companion is: You don't have a companion.
  9. I have been born looking like a Chinese yet can barely understand mandarin. Raised as a kiwi, familiar with both Chinese and Western cultures and had good friends from both worlds. On occasion I have been approached for directions by Chinese tourists, only to surprise people. I am known as a 'banana' - Yellow on the outside, White on the inside.
  10. A genie with spare wishes.
  11. I had a situation once where a former friend of mine consistently debunked my statements for his own gratification and never took me seriously. I helped him on his projects and homework but when it came to his turn he gave me the 'Do it yourself' attitude. After a frustrating month I ceased communication to him altogether, and some of my friends followed suit.
  12. Every week soft drinks was a common occurrence for me until one day my friend told me he decided to stop drinking soft drinks. I thought about this for a moment and decided that I too would stop these fizzy indulgences. My friend broke his habit a week later but I happy to say that I've stopped except on the rare occasion where there are no other options available.
  13. How can I gain an ISFJ's trust?
  14. Are you allowed to declare the Integer in the for-loop, or is that restriction only in C?