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  1. :curtain:

    1. schwartzie



      *huggles you*

      Lord, it's been a long time.  How are you?  

  2. Do you guys also have other twos, like tuppence or something that means, like ... for instance "two deadly animals" or "two figs?
  3. So I typed the catses. I'm sure I got it right. It's SCIENCE!

    Roxytocin is an esfp cuddle monster all the places. She wants her furry belly on human fleshies. Loves a good play wrestle with all the cats, and especially enjoys tormenting Mr. S just enough to rouse him, then bounces off laughing before he can do big cat harm. Has signed up to be the next outside cat. Gobbley eater; gets somewhat more than a fair share.

    Mr. S is an INFP, slightly damaged. Would happily live alone or with the littlest kitten who rushes to him and licks and cajoles him back into happiness whenever he is feeling owley. Fat, but a thoughtful, dainty eater. Enjoys quiet contemplation in the garden; has no aggressive behavior even when squirrels get way too casual--like...nose to nose. Lucy is an ISFJ, also damaged. Has a lot of FEELS, and strong preferences about how things need to be. Is basically a cat static generator--to much touching/stroking and she sparks like crazy. Kitten/Gollum is the ugly duckling turned beautiful black swan. Has grown into a lovely sleek tiny esfp. All the human visitors gravitate to her-she exudes charm; the cat herd she manages, delicately, like a thoughtful cocktail party hostess. Happy September!

  4. hurray! After a year, I'm down to four cats...and they all get along, and I no longr use cat phermone vaporizers throughout the house. They also have learned how to make people like them (e.g. they no longer insist on scaling the humans with claws out). Soon two more will go live with their own mommy, leaving Mr. S with his favorite kitten and me. <3

  5. hehehe poor doggie...


    Hope you and Mr.S are doing well! :hug:

  6. *pokes* (I love All my friends are dead)

  7. thinking of you * hugs*


  8. yay!!!! :hug:

    I hope you guys had an awesome trip and you had a chance to relax and enjoy the time off!

    I was at the shelter today, they just got 10 new kittens in this morning from another shelter, so it was a wonderful and joyful surprise. I had a lot of fun with them.

    Here is one trying to eat me. :wacko::laugh:


    Looking forward to your return! I missed you too! :hug:

  9. awesome. and I miss you. I hope to be back soon. to intjf