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  1. Urg, I'm sorry I've been so slow about this. I think I'm just not as into this story as the last one I did. I'll try to do a closing post and then start a new one.
  2. Doesn't your smartphone come with a built-in dictation program? Mine does.
  3. Reason. Unless, you know, you think that slavery was okay for centuries. Or you think all the people who have died in death camps deserved it. Or you think the Inquisition was an upstanding thing. Or you're okay with witch hunts or countless other atrocities.
  4. So, might makes right. Sounds awesome.
  5. I disagree that Might Makes Right, which is what you are arguing for. The winners of wars are not always the best morally or the best for humanity. When Alexandria burned down, it didn't progress humanity. When the 100 scholars were buried, it didn't progress humanity. Areas of the world constantly torn by war are not the most advanced. Some technology has come out of war, but not all. You can't build things up when they are constantly being torn down. War also threatens a lot of the basic things of life, forcing people to think about things like "Where am I going to eat?" and "Where am I going to live?" Europe's economy after WW2 was not better off. Instead, it is competition that spurs people forward. War provides competition, yes, but it's the worst kind as it tears down. I don't think it's a coincidence that we've seen the biggest advances in human knowledge in the century that we have been the most at peace. We have seen competition, ,instead among companies or races to the moon. I think we will see significant advances in space technology as soon as we are spurred to do so - by either external forces such as the earth deteriorating, a race to settle, or a race for resources. If war is the motivator to explore space, I think it might get done, but not done as well as it could.
  6. Philosophy is a wonderful thing to study. Sure, there are bad teachers out there - just like everywhere. But if you take classes from a good teacher, you can learn and think a lot. I am very glad I took so many philosophy classes in college. They expanded my viewpoints and ability to think rationally and to write. That said, unless you are planning on pursuing a career in philosophy, I think it's not worth majoring in. Even if you are planning on pursuing a philosophy PhD, I'm not sure it's necessary to major in it to go that path. It's a great minor, though, and at the very least I would take a couple of philosophy classes.
  7. I'm sure you didn't mean it this way, but this kind of rhetoric plays into sexism by essentially implying it's women's own fault for not being "glass ceiling breakers." Perhaps you broke ceilings not just because of your own gumption, but due a combination of things.
  8. I don't play chess because I get impatient waiting 10 minutes between moves and I'd rather play a different game. The games at the parks are also exclusively old men and I don't want to join in their games for the same reason that not many young men are asking little old ladies if they can join their bridge game.
  9. This is called a diagnosis.
  10. What are you even talking about. The government system? I don't think the US, Canada or any European countries keeps a database of autistic people. Unless you aren't in any of those countries. But, okay - so does this mean you do have a diagnosis, it's just not "official"?
  11. I don't see how he could be being seen by professionals without anyone giving a diagnosis at some point. But if your parents are borrowing money so that he can have a speech therapist or other professional help - I don't see how that's "being spoiled." A lot of people perceive accommodations given to those with special needs as "spoiling" them. This is not true. It's like calling someone "spoiled" because they always need their glasses to read and can't just work harder and read like everyone else. I don't know if this is the case with your brother due to how vague your post are.
  12. I don't think you can be sure he has autism without a diagnosis. The culture thing does throw a wrench in things. I don't think you can be "high end high functioning." Someone with high end autism can't even learn how to use language effectively, saying no to only a few words. One step down from that, a high-end person will have extremely obvious, crippling traits, such as not being able to bathe themselves properly or not being able to hold a conversation. They are literally incapable, without a huge amount of teaching and help, of learning pretty much anything social or of caring for themselves. They can't "fake" not having autism any more than someone with an IQ of 65 can fake having an IQ of 100. Of course, autism is an extremely complex mental disorder and it varies a lot. Another reason that a real diagnose has to be done. I'm talking about learning disability accommodations, not having a private dorm room or whatever. Those can't be gotten without a diagnosis and they don't cost money. They are things like getting extra times on tests.
  13. 1. How do you know your sibling has autism? 2. Why do your parents refuse to get him evaluated? Autism ranges from almost non-detectable to full-on nonverbal. I'm guess he's closer to the low-end, especially if he's doing well in school without any accommodations, unless he's like 8. Ultimately, though, you can't control your parents. You can only set your own boundaries and choose to have your own relationship with your siblings.
  14. Be a generalist in a specialized field or be a specialist in a general field. Really, everyone has to be a specialist to an extent these days. No one is the baker, the butcher, and the candlestick maker all in one. There is not time enough in the world to attain all skills. However, once you get into your field, how far to specialize will depend on the job market, your individual skills and tastes, and what's available.
  15. Are they? Most dice-sets I've seen have a 12-sided die in them. I've got a box of them. The reason to use 12 is simply because it more easily mimics 2 six-sided dice and allows for the same odds of getting "doubles." I'm not sure what version I have, but the auction immediately after right of first refusal is in the core rules. There is an optional rule that you simply pass out all properties randomly at the beginning of the game for a faster game. The base rule is that landing on Go isn't special. A lot of people play with a house rule that landing on Go nets $400. Yes, I meant Income Tax. I don't think it is. If you roll a 1 or 12 (or whatever 2 numbers), you get out for free. The odds of rolling a 1 and 12 are the same as rolling doubles with 2 six-sided dice. How does it eliminate money? I don't see why you would limit what people can trade for.