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  1. "Networking" is a word that gets thrown around a lot that I still don't know what it means. It's up there "with a get job." If you are looking for a job, you need to look everywhere. Talk to people in the field you are in and ask them where they got their job and where to look.If you don't know anyone in the field, talk to your classmates and look into your school's alumni network. Don't expect any alumni you talk to you offer you a job, just ask them advice on getting into the field. Look at online job ads. Look at company websites. Look at government websites. Look at pubic interest/charity websites. Try to find out if there are career fairs or similar going on. Go to your school's career office and ask for their help.
  2. I am very disappointed this was not about getting work as a service dog or herding livestock.
  3. I use to be on a neighborhood watch listserv when I lived in West Philly. I'd get reports every week of all the crimes that had taken place in the area. I'd say about 30% or so of the reported burglars got in through unlocked doors. And West Philly is not some small town where people routinely leave doors unlocked (although it's much less dangerous than it was in the 80s or 90s, at least the part I lived in). I'm sure everyone in this thread has, at some point in their life, forgotten to lock a door before going to bed one night. Criminals like this guy will go from door to door until they find one with an unlocked door.
  4. Winner is "Two can play at that game." New post is up and open for voting.
  5. "Two can play at that game," you say and take a sip from the thermos Elden has handed you. You smile for the first time since Charles died. This is what you need, a distraction, a job. Elden stares at you for a moment, his eyes calm, studying you. Then he turns back to the fire and watches it. You turn to watch it, too. You don't ask Elden to answer. He will when he's ready. The wood crackles and pops. You think about the logs' origin and where you likely were when its tree first sprouted. Maybe Cuba? Or Brazil? Images of powder blue cars and hot summers races across your thoughts. Motorcycle rides along a beach. Church bells ringing. And a little pine tree growing in a quiet forest far away. Elden sighed. "Okay, where do we start?" (see poll)
  6. I wish my dog would sleep in the bed with me. It's so cozy. She prefers to sleep on hardwood or tile floors, though. Sometimes she'll sleep on her dog bed, but rarely. Every morning, though, as soon as she hears the alarm go off, she comes up to the bed to "sleep in" for another 10 minutes with me. As far as spoiling her, I've heard that as long you're still getting the "best" spot on the bed, it's not a dominating thing, she just wants to be close to you. The "best" spot means you get to decide where to sleep and your dog gets the other spot - typically your head on the pillow and dog next to you or at your feet. You'd know if she was trying to dominate you, though - she'd be snapping or growling at you if you tried to move her or take "her" spot. Since your dog is adopted, she probably just the reassurance of being close to her new pack member. When people get new puppies, it's recommended to make them sleep on a leash or in a cage next to your bed so they bond with you - smelling you all night, feeling safe and part of the pack. I'm sure it's just as, if not more, important with an adopted dog.
  7. I know less and less what this thread about it.
  8. Is it that you don't want to interact with friends or is it that you don't want to do things which are suggested? Like, I enjoy meeting up small groups of friends for low-key events, but it's pretty rare that I want to go to a super crowded restaurant or go somewhere so loud you have to shout over the music. If your girlfriend wants to spend the weekend with you, what does she want to do? Just hang out? Maybe her sitting on the couch reading while you sit with your laptop quietly surfing the net? Or does she want to spend 8am to 9pm out on the town? It's okay to enjoy spending time alone, but if it's hampering your ability to have friends or relationships, you should work on being more comfortable in social settings.
  9. I just can't help but picture some old-timer smoking a pipe saying "In my day we didn't write sissy little songs about our lil' hearts being broken, we went out and drank and smoked and found another skirt or three to chase." Which really seems the better interpretation of the article given that Playboy calls him a "beta male" and such. I have not actually listened to any of these songs or heard of this Ed. edit: Looked at his tracks, I've heard some and even like a few. Maybe that makes me a "silly little girl" according to the OP. I don't think I'm familiar with whatever the OP is talking about though.
  10. Remember, this is all coming from an article from the dinosaur Playboy.
  11. Oh fun, clickbait coupled with an unnecessary gender wars narrative.
  12. I read through the thread again, and it seems like your of two minds. You want her to like you, but you also don't want to have the kind of relationship she wants. Which is fine - there's no obligation you become close or call her up all the time. But that also means that she's going to continue to consider you inconsiderate or whatever. Well, that's her problem. So what if she thinks your a bitch? The only hiccup here is your husband bringing it up to you, but that's something you and your husband will have to work out. If other people bring up her not liking you for whatever reason you can just say something like "I'm sorry to hear she's so upset, but I'm too busy to send out Halloween cards. How is your son's soccer going?"
  13. It sounds like you don't want to know her. That's fine. You may have to learn just accept she's going to be kind of resentful that you don't want to be closer. I mention the money because I get the feeling that if it weren't for that, you wouldn't be having this feeling of obligation toward her and/or suspicion or even caring that she wants to be closer than you do. Which again, if you aren't able or willing to talk to her about it or suggest she use the money to do something else - take the family to Disneyworld or take her new husband on a world cruise - then you're just going to have to practice accepting that taking it doesn't obligate you to her and not feeling bad about that. If ever feels like you aren't appreciating it enough, she can stop giving it to you at anytime.
  14. I guess I just don't see this binary between "knowing" someone and "not knowing" someone. To say you "don't know" someone to me means you either have never met them or have only met them briefly. But to you "don't know" seems to mean everyone except bosom friends who tell each other their darkest secrets. Under your standards, there are people who have been playing weekly card games for 30 years and still don't "know" each other because they don't talk about intimate things during that time. That's a pretty steep standard. I'd say that you "know" her, but aren't that close. Maybe "barely" know her. Like I said, how weird it is that she's giving you large gifts of money depends entirely on how rich she is and how old she is. That said, she should also realize how uncomfortable it would make you feel to suddenly receive large sums of money from someone you just met. I'd really consider having a conversation about how it makes you feel and ask her to spend the money on visiting you or going on vacation or something. If it turns out she really is hoping to just buy loyalty or something, well, too bad for her.