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  1. Does anyone know of or participate in any good renewable energy discussion forum(s) or blogs? I am looking for a place where I can participate or at least comment on articles/posts. I have been using google search but most of the forums/ blogs I have found look really sketchy. If this is the wrong subforum please move it. I was not sure where to place this thread.
  2. I forgot to add that they are also know how to sexually satiate a woman While I have always had a preference for blonde men, this doesn't mean that I haven't been attracted to men who don't belong to this set... I think it's natural to be attracted to someone who is very different from you. Much better for the gene pool. The only problem is that racism and prejudice seem to be very natural to humans. That said... if I were to ever reproduce I would like to have caramel coloured babies and I can only get that if I mate with a white dude. Really hope he is into symphonies and museums as well.
  3. The blonder the better! What ethnicity does intelligence, ambition, large disposable income and good looks fall under? That's the kind of men I like.
  4. Lovely K, Just a few more weeks and we will be together. I know you are looking forward to this holiday as much as I am. Sending me countdown messages every morning. You're just too cute. Love, Your Very Own Goddess, M.
  5. Dearest K, You've endeavoured to please me and you have. More than you will ever know. Happy that we found each other. Your Goddess, M.
  6. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet.

    Have been shamefully busy! :(

  7. You just enjoying the attention because you've just been hurt. A little ego stroking is sometimes needed. No shame in that. However, it seems like you're not ready to start anything new, so just do what you said you would: "move on".
  8. Dropping by to say hello and to give you a hug! 


    1. Cooper


      Thank you...hope all is well for you.

  9. Yes, I find INTJs to be waaaaay more talkative than ENTJs, because I talk to more INTJs than ENTJs. Mystery solved!
  10. You're fantastic. I think you might be one my few few complements that exist in this world. You might have just materialized out of my imagination. Love, Your Goddess.
  11. Listen to him Be interested, ask questions Don't belittle his feelings (ever!) Make time for him. When possible sometimes rearrange your schedule for him. Give him space when he needs it. Sex!
  12. The most romantic song is the sounds your lover(s) makes when he/she cums for/because of you. Like duh!
  13. Without looking for statistics I would say it's choosing the wrong person.
  14. I am proud to be a Cumberbitch... Well sometimes. He's an excellent actor, has very interesting features and can't wait to see Doctor Strange. I haven't dislike him in any roles I have seen him play. He's the only INFJ I give a pass to... . . . Yep, he's the only one.
  15. Yes, I ask. I can easily get away with it because I have the ultimate excuse: I just tell them that I am a mix of ethnicities and wondering what their background was.