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  1. Depends on the definition of alive :)

  2. but are you alive. That pepe terrifies me.

  3. WTF?

    No stab or nothing?? :sulk:

  4. you scumbag why did you leave chat?

  5. Lol my friends and I usually start doing research b4 the actual NFL draft even takes place. Then in mini-camps we track whose doing what with each team. Those rookies usually end up being waiver watches or sometimes last round picks. I think we are doing our draft in 3 weeks.
  6. Yaaaaaaaayyy!! =D

  7. Done! Go Momoz!

  8. Vote for meeeeee! Please!!! It'd really make my day! http://intjforum.com/showthread.php?t=128637

  9. There is no better person to ask than Scott the man Hanselman himself. http://www.hanselman.com/blog/NewInterviewQuestionsForSeniorSoftwareEngineers.aspx Not the end all of lists but there are some good specific .NET things in there. I've been a .NET developer for the last ~5 or so years, and I am no expert in the grand scheme of things, but the majority of those questions, and the linked .NET ones in there are relatively simple. Some may not apply, depends on what you are specifically looking for. Also the term ".NET developer" is extremely loose. There are lots of little sub-niches in .NET. ASP/WPF/WP8&Win8 and the list goes on. Depending on where your project lies, you might need someone with a different skillset.
  10. Your explanation is very helpful, thank you!

  11. It is possible, sure. Is it realistically possible. No. There are 2 ways you can think about breaking it. 1- You find a flaw in the algorithm that no one saw and use that to somehow manipulate that data and figure out the key. This is extremely rare for common algorithms such as AES which essentially went through a proposal process and was vetted by a series of people. But hey... it's not impossible. See something like this: http://www.dcig.com/2008/10/think-aes-is-unbreakable-better-think-again.html Most of the time these kind of things are only feasible in the academic world and not in the real world. 2- You need the worlds fastest computer.... x 1000 x 1000 x 1000. These algorithms are all based on the fact that the math computations required to break these algorithms are just not possible with modern day technology. See here for the math reasons why is impossible to brute force: http://www.consealsecurity.com/conseal-blog/how-to-break-unbreakable-aes-encryption/
  12. There are different mechanisms of encryption. Public Key encryption allows me to share an open key of mine that you can use to encrypt the data which only I can decrypt using my private key. On top of that there are ways to create keys in secret using key exchange algorithms. The most common are RSA and Diffie-Hellamn depending on your encryption type: http://crypto.stackexchange.com/questions/2867/whats-the-fundamental-difference-between-diffie-hellman-and-rsa Note: That encryption and key exchange rely on mathematical principles to prove the algorithms are 'secure' Below is a simple example of how someone would do it with RSA: http://sergematovic.tripod.com/rsa1.html
  13. Having curling playing all day on my headphones is pretty intense. I'm giong to randomly start screaming at my co-workers to push left