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  1. WOW THAT'S COOL! ;) thanks for letting me know...that really made my day. i remember being 18 (a whiiiiile ago ;) and in my first year of uni gushing about my favourite band...and nobody knew them just a guy in his late twenties overheard saying "i love them too" and me turning back to him and saying brusquely..."yeah but how old are you?!" I've been into this band since I was a child...but actually the people who are into them are all about 10-20 years older than me...I was always by far the youngest person at gigs for enjoying this era of music by what looked like 20 years cos they were all aussies so relatively old looking....so as an asian I looked like the adopted kid some parent brought but I could hold my own at least cos I could sing the lyrics too :laugh: my short term memory and adult brain function suck but all that stuff I learnt as a kid...stuck ;D

    I just checked amazon...you can get the 5 set for just $35(I'd totally get that...omg I paid $150 for the same thing :p) if you want to spend less get bella vista terrace or 1978-1990 which has good songs from their various albums. I'm so happy to suck another person into their music...so far my luck with australians outside of that era of music generation has just been one big fail...

    grant mclennan and robert forster also did some solo stuff some of which is also pretty good (they are still some of the best lyricists I have EVER come across in music) you might wanna youtube. these days lots of good stuff has been uploaded....enjoy! and if you do find yourself enjoying them that era out of Oz also has alot of other cool bands like The Triffids. The Church. My friend the chocolate cake. Frente! Not Drowning, Waving. etc so if you are curious check some of those out one day ;)

  2. Common was a really good rapper in his prime. These days he's just ok. I chose The Go-Betweens and I liked them! Their music feels like driving down the highway on a sunny day in a convertible so I'm going to see where I can buy some physical copies and play them during summer barbecues!!!

  3. Okay I chose COMMON. as this is the only one I really hadn't heard of. I found the guy really interesting...so clean cut I was wandering was he a model or a rapper? I kind of expect you know baseball caps and gold chains etc...lol I guess I'm still in the 80s ;) The last rapper that really stood out for me was EMINEM. I'm not so into this genre of music though it's kind of repetitive/predictable for me. I guess he's just as much hip hop as rapper...for me the last bands I really noticed in this genre were run dmc and salt-n-pepa and boyz II men but I don't think I own any! for me i think this kind of music would be like in a dance class but not to put on the stereo and listen to. okay...your turn to tell me your thoughts on one from mine ;)

  4. oooh thanks for reminding me...cool I'm on to it! just have to wait for a gap in my slow computer-STILL digitizing my cd collection >.<! so it can't multitask for multimedia :p

  5. That's awesome! I'll pick one from yours too!

  6. that's great. I wouldn't call myself obsessed...but I can just spend an entire day listening to music quite happily ;D I haven't had time yet but I wanted to listen to something I didn't know about on everyone's list...I will let you know which I picked and heard from yours when I get the chance :) Thanks again for sharing...music is definitely one of my passions or loves...so any music obssessives are well appreciated here ;)

  7. Thanks! Music is almost an obsession to me.

  8. an interesting mix :)

  9. Jay-Z The Beatles Foo Fighters Boyz II Men Ellis Marsalis Common Prince Kanye West Jimi Hendrix Linkin Park Miles Davis Mos Def Rage Against the Machine Erykah Badu Childish Gambino I think there are more but these are off the top of my head.
  10. I tried The Flash. I really did. But it seems like it is written by the folks who write teen fiction. Too much sappiness. Even the way it's filmed looks like a soap-opera at times.
  11. I saw "her" today and I cannot recommend it enough. I'll probably see it again next week.
  12. I'm inspired by the peaks and valleys of life. The realization that the world is a cold, hard, unforgiving place makes me a little softer towards those who would try my patience. When I see the joy in someones eyes it reminds me that peoples passions are special, and that I should do nothing to take that away from them. When a life is lost, I'm reminded to be better and leave a legacy of greatness and respect. I am inspired by my son, who gives me new perspectives on everything almost daily. Most often, I am inspired by my loneliness. Sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. I just try to remember the lessons learned from both to help someone else. I'm rambling...I'm done.
  13. Yes indeed! I loved that show.

  14. I understand. I look ate it like this: a stranger is someone who I can completely be myself with because I don't fear their judgment. With friends and family there's always a chance that someone will not like what/who you are. Stranger generally don't expect anything from another stranger so that takes the pressure off of trying to impress them. Works well for me most times.
  15. When, for no reason that makes rational sense, you meet someone and want to give them everything inside of you. For you to want to know the person more and more and wanting them to know you more. To be with that person and all cares, worries, hurts, disappointments, and negative emotions feel bearable with them. To want what's best for them, even if it means hurting yourself in the process. To pour your soul into each other and not be afraid of the future. That is love.