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  1. I may have only met one in my lifetime, They come across as very shallow: kissing up to people in authority, trying to make friends with people in leadership positions, and basically living in a world of make believe.(This kind of person is so shallow, if for example they were at a sporting event, they'd be in danger of setting in the wrong section, wearing the wrong uniform, routing for the wrong team, and being the last to know it (Shallow to the point that I want to feel pity)). Doesn't seem to be in touch with inner feelings or thoughts, doesn't see 'self' the way others do. We have clashed on a few occasions, and they will cry when caught doing something where they appear weak or not in control. This person also has had 3 different jobs in the last 4 years. Maybe not capable of changing, I don't know. Ps. Very skilled and intelligent, often seems strong and competent, yet somehow blinded having poor judgment and always trying to be a member of some imaginary exclusive club.
  2. I mostly fish for large mouth bass. I live in Los Angeles and just fish using lures. Plastic worms, creatures, crank baits, trout baits work pretty good in the local parks.
  3. ...Go to a prayer meeting Attend church Restore violins, guitars and cellos.
  4. ADHD is, as I understand it, a very frustrating learning disability; making it very difficult for person to concentrate on anything for any length of time. If you can concentrate on something you're truly interested in, a book on snakes, or math, you probably don't have ADHD. Its not unusual for highly intelligent people to have ADD type symptoms. ADHD is more like a serious learning disability; a disability that would seriously set someone back. If you're passing your classes in high school or college, you probably don't have ADHD.
  5. Distance are you near 140, or 99th percentile? I not trying to be rude I'm just curious. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: I have to leave, I was just curious.
  6. Give me a moment I still trying to figure out what you're saying.
  7. Left brain 56, right brain 47 .......Left Brain 47 verbal 42symbolic 42 logical 32 Linear 14 Sequential 14 Reality based ........Right brain 55 concreat 36 Fantasy, oriented 24 Holistic 24 Intuitive 13 Non Verbal 6 Random
  8. I think we're saying the same thing?
  9. ...If I melt dry ice can I swim without getting wet? ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: I think people around an IQ of 130 have will be the most successful. An IQ at 140 or above, I think their life is too complex.
  10. Let's go out and get to know each other.
  11. I used to love to sit in front of the television and play the guitar. I didn't do that everyday but when I did it I enjoyed it. I enjoy working on instruments about as much as I do playing them. I'm going to play at Open Mike tonight, I don't know if I'll do guitar or saxophone. I'm restoring an old cello I bought at a street fair. I hope that when I'm finished restoring it that I can play it. If its similar to the violin I should be ok with basic Christmas songs and such. "Oh come Emanuel" should be a hit on the cello. I can't wait to hear those deep dark rich low notes. I'm working on a French made Amati full size copy. Dark and rich is better than bright and pinched when it comes to a cello.
  12. I play drums, rock, jazz. I also fool around with guitar, violin and saxophone. Some of the best players I've worked with just do it for fun. You know, just pick up the guitar when you want to and put it down when you want to. "I don't practice I just play" Jimmy Hendrix , "I play the guitar with my ears" Jimmy Hendrix, "I play what sound good to me, You should play what sound good to you" Yngwie Malmsteen.
  13. This person said they want your job. Ok, that's fine but does anyone else want this person to have your job? Unless you're doing a terrible job at your work, you're fine. People like to keep things the way they are. Someone who is desperately trying to sell him or herself to upper management, wanting to learn everything and always kissing up to everyone has a personality malfunction-disorder and will self destruct down the road. Sometimes managers will RIF or let go someone who is annoying.
  14. You and I need to hang out, That other guy isn't right for you. Also you're not in love with him; he's not your type.
  15. I might be one, I don't think myself or other guys react the way we should when a woman shows an interest in us. I backed out of a friendship for this reason and later regretted it; the dumb thing is I tended to repeat this pattern. I curious if women do this too, yes I bet they do.