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  1. Yes, but not the only true measure of intelligence. IQ test intelligence shows one's ability to perform well on tasks that society values: Pattern recognition, and the ability to see relationships. Basically anything you can do that helps you succeed in society is a form of intelligence. Simply put, there's not enough tests or time and interest to generate the various tests to measure types of intelligence people excel at. I think the days of a few tests being used to determine one's intellect as surperior are over. Basically IQ tests were designed to get a crude prediction of one's ability in school or the military.
  2. Please take time to grieve, don't put it out of your mind and just move on. Emotions are like money, if you don't give them what they need, or pay them the attention they deserve, they will later charge you interest. There's nothing wrong with feeling sad or crying. Don't just go into Survival mode; survival mode is ok but when you realize you're ok, come out of it and allow yourself to grieve. Grieving is what strong, healthy, and emotional stable people do. Make peace with your relationship with your mom and tell her you love her.
  3. No imaginary friend. Since I was a child I never understood how someone could.
  4. Normal simply means what most people are doing. Normal is average, like a IQ test where 7000 people took the same test and the average or normal score was 18.7 A score of 80 would not be normal it would be genius. If you are an intelligent well informed person, you probably have better judgment than most people. Your insights are probably the right ones even though they're not normal or what most people think is normal.
  5. Interesting question, I think people see one part of someone and think they know the person. I don't think people are good at realizing someone's strengths and weakness. Many people have multiple interests and hobbies people have no idea who they talking to.
  6. I think guys who aren't sure of themselves of feel they don't deserve respect. I have worked with women for a long time; the few that appeared bossy were ok to work with but sometimes didn't make sense. One day the ladies asked me and another guy to take a personality test, the test results showed me and the other man to be ruthless and the women to be nurturing. The results turned out this way because none of us, while working, were being our true selves. INTJ men expect logic from people, its less of an issue for us if the person in control is male or female as long as they're logical.
  7. In high school I was lazy unfocussed and never did homework. Later in college I tried harder and made friends with smart people. I define smart people meaning people who were on task and did their homework. In college I still didn't do much homework yet managed to graduate.
  8. ...Most people are like sheep; they just do what they're told. They don't feel comfortable speaking against someone in a position of power or authority.
  9. ...Jobs in literature are much easier to get. If you have a passion for literature you should do that. Or you could continue your education later, perhaps in the evenings and major in linguistics. With a masters degree combined with a degree in linguistics it could lead to a position at a Jr. College. I honestly think you should major in a field you truly love, be it linguistics or literature. I just attended an alumni lecture at the school I work at; all the very highly successful and wealthy alumni all said the same thing "Follow your passion, do what you love".
  10. ... I think we've gone so long without leadership we have forgotten what it looks like. I see Trump as calculating, decisive man. I refer to him as reactionary, yet he will defer gratification and strike when our enemy is most vulnerable.
  11. ...people around me are smarter with practical things: They're more organized and pay more attention to obvious things. I'm less interested in obvious things and more interested in possible meanings interpretations and derivations of 'reality'. I think most people around me are shallow and short sighted. They're not distracted by other possiabilities. Sometimes I think they're smarter because they can stick to the game plan, or stay on task. I like to do things without reading the directions, many people can't survive without directions. ...I play music and don't read it. I play percussion and never count. Other people read and count yet don't play very well. ...Learning is important but... Just doing what other people have already done isn't intelligent in my opinion. I feel one can be practically smart, yet not creatively or imaginatively smart(problem sloving). Just as people can read and play other people's music yet they can't improvise or compose their own music.
  12. ...No, I feel I should be thinking about it more.
  13. ... Don't really experience Deja Vu. Honestly its been so long I can't even remember the last time(decades). I don't know if this is good or bad.
  14. ...I did this kind of thing once in this forum; yet when I did it every word in my sentence began with an S.