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  1. I recall reading about eating nothing all day. Every few hours drink some epsom salts solution. This relaxes the gut. Then you drink half a pint of olive oil. This sudden input of fat prompts the gall bladder to suddenly pump out it contents to deal with it, taking any stones with it.
  2. The thing about the so-called minority groups is that their minority status provides them a justification for their status in life. If they are not successful, then they can blame the oppression of the majority group for it. Thus women who are not promoted will blame it on sexism. Blacks will blame racism. This is a psychological defence trick in that it avoids having to admit to oneself that one is not the ubermensch that one imagines oneself to be. It is due the oppression by the other. Although I am a straight white guy, yet I am not a billionaire entrepreneur. I cannot blame that on anyone's oppression. I am just not gifted in that way. I could have been. I could have invented the next big thing. But I didn't know what to invent. I reckon that the anger we see from minority groups comes from unmet expectations rather than a corrupt system. That they will always find something else to direct it towards. Someone to blame. That whatever the deficiencies in the system, it is basically pretty fair and that their lowly status is entirely down to their own shortcomings.
  3. Well I don't have a clue what you are alluding to. Which of the alleged nootropics? As to pheromones, well they were a big sexual attraction scam in the 80's (since human pheromone systems are degraded). I have never seen anyone in the nootropics forums refer to pheromones at all. They are used by animals to signal others, not to enhance the self. Do you mean hormones?
  4. That is not how it works in the real world to the extent that I have never seen it so. In those places where they have a systems analyst, his primary job is requirements capture. He talks to the users because developers often have poor social skills and speak in tech, What you get out of them is an overview which the programmer then figures out how to implement. A systems analyst cannot produce everything down to the minutest detail because he does not have the knowledge to do that. What you have is a programmer that knows what can be done but doesn't know what they want and a user who knows the sort of thing he wants but doesn't know what is possible. A process of negotiation where you say "I can't do that at all and that will take too long". Many times the techie tells the user what they want because the user didn't think of it or know that that was possible. The reality of software development is iterative and not waterfall. Something is produced, shown to the user, then something better is produced. A bit like the way that the various versions of MS Windows came out. I can't imagine any programmer worth his salt tolerating having his work defined so tightly, they would leave for another shop where they could be more creative. Most all of what a program does is down to the guy that writes the code. It will only resemble what the client hopes for. Job titles mean nothing. I have been a software engineer, a programmer, a developer, an analyst-programmer etc. They are all the same job. What you actually do depends on what needs doing and what the other guys on the team are doing, how you divide the work up. The way this is done is by parts. So one guy will build the engine, another the wheels, another the interior etc rather than by levels. They then wire their components together. Thus the most important thing is get the interfaces correct so when one calls "FlobbitTheWobbit()", then it is a function that does what is expected.
  5. Sounds like a typical INTP to me. I recognize a lot of myself in your description. The thing with limitless drugs, nootopics, is that none of them really work to much extent and tolerance kicks in soon enough. I should know because I have tried so many of them. So L-Dopa will do what you want, but only for about 6 weeks, then your neurons will down regulate. Modafinil will task lock you giving you even more extreme focus than you already have. Yet if you read the internet you can become task locked to reading wikipeadia articles for 8 hours straight. On women. Women are easy to obtain, if you recognize that there are millions of them desperately seeking a man. The thing is to give up the old romantic idea of love at first sight. Instead think of it as developed familiarity. There are no perfect relationships or partners. The question to ask is "I am better off with this person than without them?". They offer the advantage of something else in the world to think about other than yourself. Someone to bounce your thoughts off of without having to explain everything because they already know you and where you are coming from. We INTPs are apparently really easy to live with, if a bit too much detached. Lets face it, you mostly like the idea of being successful rather than doing the job. Being the big man means lots and lots of hassle as people bring you their problems. Having to spend your time doing stuff and working all hours. You get no time for yourself and having that time to think is more valuable than a few extra pounds in the pocket and a business suit. You trade away your freedom but you only have one life to live. There are no winners because, at the end, we are all dead.
  6. I guess that many of you would have heard of the current craze of microdosing LSD. The thing about LSD is that it binds to the HT receptors (for about 12 hours) and thus has many of the same effects as SSRIs without any of the drawbacks. One can just go an buy the legal version of 1p-lsd on line for peanuts. I wonder if it would be a solution to this withdrawal problem.
  7. From the previous post, I would suggest the opposite. The need for constant distraction and the lack of stimulation from normal events suggests over stimulation. The solution would be to get bored. Turn away from internet, TV, books etc and get really bored. This would allow the brain to reset its sensitivity to normal levels. In today's world we process more information in a week than our ancestors did in a year and it burns something out inside. The desire to get an information fix is a form of addiction. The idea of finding the solution by acquiring yet more information is throwing fuel onto the fire. Perhaps a week spent hiking the woods away from it all.
  8. Well the Einstein parents were not notable nor were his children. It is that way with all the geniuses. So it is a lucky combination that makes them so gifted. Yet he was only so in maths, he wasn't a generally superior intelligence. Well yea. He was interested in some subject and so looked harder at it. You too could be a genius if you only knew where to look. Brain connections are more pruned than developed. So they start of with lots of neural connections. These get pruned down by experience. Sometimes the pruning goes too far and that give you schizophrenics. That is what happens with blind people. The areas used by vision get re purposed to hearing. Even if you give them working eyes, they can't see because there is nothing waiting to connect the eye to.
  9. Although all these things are useful. This things are knowledge and that is not the primary attribute of the good software engineer. It may seem so in that the project manager is looking for a specific skill set to get his project done. That is his time horizon. In hiring somebody with knowledge of the languages, tools and libraries he cuts the learning time necessary to make the engineer productive. Yet every code base is different and must be learned. Every project and industry is different. The software engineers career is determined across projects. He operates in an environment of constant change where new skills and information must be constantly acquired. Thus the primary attribute of the software engineer is intelligence. One cannot 'train' to be one because training is simply an acquired knowledge set. Nor can memory champions do the job, because although memorization of information is required, it must also be integrated into internal models. This is the reason software engineering has never become professionalised in the way that medicine or law are. Because the good software engineer is there to solve problems, not to recite knowledge. That which is incorporated in qualifications is old knowledge about things that have already been done. All good software engineers are working at the frontier. Where they don't quite know the form of what they are dealing with and little guidance exists. So you mention UML, yet that is ancient by modern standards. A fusion of the even older methodologies of Booch, Rumbagh etc. When we were working on sorting all that out we didn't know what form things would take. The same thing still applies. Those so-called software engineers that can only put up a Java window are not so much software engineers as software mechanics.
  10. An old funny quote that I recall: "Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity".
  11. The article misses an important point about analytical thinkers, that they can be deceived by framing the argument. That within the context of the system as presented, that the reasoning is correct, that they understand it and they do. Thus by presenting a carefully crafted system, you know they will appreciate it and come to believe it true. One has to think outside of the box, to see the parameters and assumptions of the system as presented to see how this was done. Enter the INTPs.
  12. It only seems that way. I propose that the actual difference between a dumb person and Einstein is rather small. If one were to put together a universal scale, going from protozoa, to ants, to fish, to chimps, to humans, then all humans would be clustered into a small band. There are limits on what one can do with a brain. The speed of synapse responses. The interconnection of them etc. As you get bigger, the time taken for signals to move gets longer. Then there are issues of heat removal etc. I thus propose that simply doubling the scale will not result in a doubling of processing capacity. It is more a case of diminishing returns. Like the way that thinking just one more move ahead in chess requires a large increase in the scaling of the possibility space.
  13. Not at all. Each party simply has to be better off than they would be alone. If one party is 10% better of and the other 50% better off, they both still have a reason to remain in the relationship. This is a common mistake that one often sees. They ask "is this person perfect?" and they invariably end up in an endless dating cycle looking for that person. The correct question is "Is life better with this person than without them?". That question allows them to be flawed.
  14. The synthetic yeast project is close to completion: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2017/mar/09/synthetic-yeast-genome-nearly-complete-paving-way-for-bespoke-organisms Of course, once they have done it with yeast, figuring out the problems and solutions, they will move on. The frontier will be higher animals, nematodes or something, and so on up pushing the frontier. I would like to be part tardigrade. Since they are near indestructable, I would survive the coming plagues.
  15. Oh, I don't know about that. I would build a new race of humans based on novel amino acids, giving them the ability to synthesize these themselves. These humans would be immune to infection by all naturally occurring micro organism. They could release every kind of plague to kill off the competing natural humans and thus inherit the Earth.