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  1. I am not much of a fan of overly feminine men either but they are tolerable even funny sometimes. I guess I like an ordered world with everything in its place. One where a horse is a horse. A cow can not be a turned into horse just by deciding that it is one. Thus I don't accept that those transgender men are really women, they are just mutilated men to me. I don't accept homosexual marriage because marriage is between a man and a woman. Other forms of relationship may exist but they are not marriages. It comes from the definition, like redefining a cow into a horse.. The reaction to homosexuality though is different, more primal. I wonder if it is related to contagion. An evolutionary response to the leper. Get that thing away from me. As we see, the homos don't really want to inspect the issue, they want to close it down with their 'homophobe thus invalid' labelling. They do not divide the world into true and false, only in that which is on-message and that which is off-message.
  2. He won't walk into a project manager job, they all come through from the shop floor.
  3. You manage it by fixing your gut. Most of the bodies serotonin is made in the gut. Just today I was reading that Parkinson's starts in the gut and migrates via the vagus nerve to the brain. There is lots of evidence supporting the gut/anxiety axis. That is why we have a plague of it atm, people are eating crap.
  4. So where does twoness exist? I can see two objects for example, but where is the twoness? Is it in each of the objects? If I missed one and there is really three, then have I mistaken threeness for twoness? It seems to me that number exists in the system rather than the individual objects. It supeveniates. Reductionist paradigms lose information by the reduction, sometimes the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Now this is relevant because it supports the coherence theory of truth rather than the OPs original position of the correspondence theory.
  5. Well I reckon you are just agonizing over nothing. At your age and in your position, then money should mean nothing. The nature of the project and working environment everything. You have enough cash to live comfortably for the rest of your life. You could buy a dozen cars if you want them. You have no need of the ambition of the young to prove yourself. The thing that you don't have much of left is time. You have to ask how you want to spend that that remains to you. Certainly you want to enjoy yourself. However as a Christian, you also have to ask how God would like you to spend it. What should you be doing to better your chances of gaining entry through the pearly gates. Somehow I doubt that that is increasing your already substantial stack.
  6. Homosexuality used to be a crime in itself. It was a crime because it upset so many people that they thought it should be a crime. There is no other logic to what makes something a crime, Then the homos got it changed. It used to be a mental disorder, then the homos got it changed. They didn't let them in the army then they got it changed. Massive campaigning by well funded and well organized homosexual groups. They like to talk of their enemy, the homophobes. Yet where are the organized homophobes, where is their funding. Nowhere. They have created a fake bogeyman to hide their own activities which has an agenda of normalizing homosexuality. Homosexuals are not a part of society, at least not my society. They are an other, a foreign and alien disease that liberals foolishly allow to exist. An alliance of the two groups. We don't have to kill homosexuals, we can simply exile them to San Francisco. If they won't go, then they must be driven out to purify our communities of their corruption. Begone from this place nasty, devious, unhygienic homosexuals for we don't want your kind around here. I'll take the thieves and murderers, but not the homos, who are far worse.
  7. $60 for cheap shampoo? Well then, you are likely to know way more about grease cleaning than us casual people. I would have thought you would get giant cans of special industrial grease cleaner. At your level, you need to post to the pro grease cleaners forum, if one doesn't exist you could start one. You could get a chemist to analyse the different greases and formulate your own branded range of grease cleaners.
  8. Yea, like Trumps proposed massive tax cuts for the wealthy. Of course this will come by reducing social services even further. Now why then is that not theft from the poor? If a poor man taking away a rich man's money is theft, why is a rich man taking away a poor man's services not theft? Because the rich own and occupy the government positions. Because they have invented a fake narrative about lazy scrounging homeless dudes for the people to hate on so that they don't hate on those who are really cashing in. This they promulgate via their owned newspapers, quoting their right to free speech. You get to see businessmen every day on the news, you never get to see a union leader telling his take on things. Because the media is owned and has the purpose of deception.
  9. Darn right. Otherwise the homosexuals would have no opposition. Off course many people have similar views to myself, the liberal censorship machine keeps them silent. All that homo funded indoctrination written by homos with a narrative of all part of natural variation. Nah, homosexuality is a paraphilia. Only natural in the sense that being born without legs is natural. They were not born homosexual, the had a faulty development which caused them to fixate on the wrong sexual object, leaving them broken. Thx, but at least I am not a homosexual :)
  10. Sounds dull. Have they got something interesting to work on after you have finished that?
  11. Nope, they are damaged goods. Something happened to turn them gay. There are no gay babies in the same way that there are no necrophiliac babies. That is a software error, something developmental. The funny thing is that they said that back then too. I recall thinking exactly the same thing about the older generation back then. They don't disappear, they are replaced. Many of the currently confused youngsters will change their minds and decide that their elders were right all along. Hopefully by that time we will have a cure for homosexuality.
  12. Why not, after all homosexuals like to pretend they were born that way. Like arguing that necrophiliacs are born with a desire to have sex with dead bodies or sheep shaggers with sheep. There is nothing wrong with me, it is the homosexuals that are broken and need help. I was never taught about it. Teaching kids about homosexuality is abhorrent, part of the homosexual agenda to normalize their deviation. Back in my day it was considered shameful, something that they should keep to themselves.
  13. Build it into a sheep then. A sheep with a human compatible womb. The flocks would be protested by Luddite women accusing them of taking their job. I know that they are already working on animals for xeno transplant organs. A womb, being designed to house a foreign body, would be much easier. Of course it would have to be done outside of the US to avoid the FDA, which stymies everything. Since there is no risk to the parents, there would be no insurances and no laws would be broken since they have none on this subject.
  14. All those childless couples willing to pay out $50,000 for a surrogate. High cost is not a problem when people will pay high sums for the product.
  15. There is no energy to be derived from silicates. That these worms can do it shows that there is, it is just an uncommon mechanism.