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  1. ...to become the official father who can pay for them and their children. The attractive and selfish guy gets to be the biological father...
  2. You show me yours, I show you mine:
  3. Did Hermione Granger in your opinion end up with the right partner? 1) If yes, why? 2) If no, why, and who would have fit better and why? 3) Let's say, canon (books 1 - 7, minus epilogue), how would Hermione's relationship with Ron have developed further in your headcanon? 4) What was your reaction during reading the books when it became imminent that Hermione would most likely end up with Ron? 5) Feel free to just write your spontaneous thoughts and insights regarding the topic, you can also do just that while ignoring 1 - 4.
  4. Sir!

    Teach me the art of training!

  5. Dude, I want to know your trick! Sounds weird, and weird = fun!

  6. Thank you very much for your kindness, buddy!

    Please excuse me for the late answer, I was restricted until today! ;)

  7. You comprehend the reality of a Feeler's mind and are not afraid to say it out loud in this forum. I like you. :)

  8. Let me answer to a third question/situation: If the mother of my spouse would hate me because of jealousy, I would ask my spouse if I could seduce/f*ck her mother too, so everybody could be made happy by me! :p
  9. Nemesis said "lol bye bye" because she thought I will get banned for that. I answered that I know and that the fun was worth it. She said I should argue that it was on topic and in the "members only" section. I said "Exactly, it's all Zodd's fault! His whole thread was a set up so I would do this in the end!" ;D

    femmebot just posted ":dozey:" as VM, like "mildly amused/not impressed". :laugh:

    Well, according to several measurings:

    Length: 6.9 inches.

    Cross-section dimension: 1.65 inches (at the most thickest area)

  10. Nemesis and femmebot have to go today to the oculist with symptoms like having watched to long into the sun, I guess! ;)

  11. All right, a true story from 1998 or 1999!!! My meditation practice back then was concentrating extremely strong at my third eye in the front part of my head and often I used aggressive emotion to further the concentrated intensity of my practice! At one time, I got a terrible headache of cause of that practice and a feeling as someone would grab my head and give it a sudden push or so! I found that quite frightening and thought that I had maybe damaged my brain or so. I stopped all training but the sudden pushing feeling on my head still happened the next days after that several times a day. I had no idea what to do but finally decided to confront whatever was going to happen to me! So I sat down on my bed and thought determined: "All right, I'm ready! Bring it on!" Suddenly, I just felt that I was falling backwards on my bed! All my senses stopped functioning, I couldn't feel, see or hear anything of my surroundings and couldn't feel my body anymore. But I heard something like changing frequencies, you know, like when you go on the radio where no radio station is transmitting, that kind of noise! So I was in that condition for some time but could think absolutely normal and was fully awake and concentrated in my mind. I was just wondering and waited what was going to happen! Then, suddenly, I felt something like a hand touching my thigh! I couldn't feel my thigh or the trest of my body but there where my thigh must have been, I clearly felt that touch! Then, I felt another hand touching my other thigh! These in fact caressing touches persisted and after some time, I felt two other hands touching my upper body! I thought: "Alright, whatever this is, it has obviously four hands!" Strangely enough, I was not afraid at all! I concluded it was some kind of ghost or demon, but I was convinced that It couldn't hurt me as long as I stayed calm and concentrated! Don't ask me why I had that absurd opinion, I don't know! These caressing touches continued for some time and I began to feel sexual arousal! Then, when I was quite strongly sexually aroused, I began to feel some kind of a wave motion on my lap as if something was RIDING me! This was quite pleasant and it went on for some time like that, the four hands caressing me and something riding on my lap! Then, slowly I just returned to my normal perception again, my senses slowly began to perceive my sourroundings and my body again (I had quite an erection, haha!) and at the same pace the perception of the thing that rode me and the hearing of the frequencies faded away. Then, when I was finally back to my normal perception, I began to shake of fear and called one of my best friends to tell him what happened! He said that I was lucky, the thing could have tried to choke me or something like that! Well, after that experience, my headaches were gone and I didn't do that concentration on the third eye anymore! Maybe the thing would have tried to choke me after the ejaculation and I was lucky to get out of the trance before that happened! Also, who knows how that thing actually looked? Maybe it was not a beautiful women at all but an ugly monster with four slimy tentacles and riding me with god knows which orifice of it's body, AAAAAAAAAAARRRGHHH!
  12. ...or because I really tried hard with a funny presentation and because you had to struggle through over 30 spoilers with many warnings until you got to see the not blacked-out one!