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  1. Very cool name!

  2. 1) Many of the other forums I frequent have recently became lifeless, sparking me to search for additional communities, and the new threads contained, to deliberate and debate over. And, naturally, I found myself here, again. I thought I might as well get involved here, as its hard to understand the points of views of the other MBTI types I encounter elsewhere at times. 2) Most of my interest thus far in CS has been artificial intelligence, that is mimicking human behavior and studying robotics to some extent. I'm also doing quite a bit with database systems and networking. As far as where i see myself going in the field after college, I'm unsure. I have a number of scenarios floating about in my head, and yet to have a particular one stick out.
  3. -3. Bored. Tired. Could be worse. I have a few assignments needing to be done, as well as an exam to study for, but none of them provide interest.
  4. Hello fellow INTJs. My name's Matt. I joined this forum a long time ago (as you can see by my join date) from curiosity when I first typed myself. Then, never bothered posting. I have a somewhat weak N, but otherwise fit the description of an INTJ. Anyway, I'm 21 and currently working on my degree in Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As I read other people's posts, I see a lot of similarities between myself and others here in the way we think and try to understand the world around us. I am very quiet; I rarely speak unless I have to or unless I am first spoken to. I avoid engaging in small talk whenever possible. Instead, I opt to stick to myself and ponder things. And I'm probably boring all of you with a very typical description of an INTJ. Anyway, glad to be here. I am looking forward to lurking and chatting with everyone here.