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    Half-Finnish, half-Swedish born and raised east of Stockholm.
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    Stockholm, Sweden
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    Computers, psychology, urban exploration, thinking (in excess)
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  1. Pepsi Max
  2. I'm seriously migrating to Linux after Windows 8.1
  3. Welcome! I'm a finn aswell... Sort of. Ruotsinsuomalainen
  4. I usually fix my car myself. Changing oil and filter isn't much of a hassle, takes maximum of 20 minutes or so on my Volvo 240. No need to hoist the car, enough ground clearance to lie on the ground.
  5. I was thinking of buying one but I don't have no real use of it. Could serve as desktop computer, surfing and writing on it but I already have a bunch of those..
  6. It's just retarded and full of BS mostly.

  7. Yeah, sort of got bored with intjf.

  8. Havent seen you post in a while, sir! Welcome back. :)

  9. There was actually a Swedish humour group who had a sketch about this few years back. Looks like IKEA took it as a proper idea. IKEA is a Dutch foundation though (tax reasons)
  10. If you've a modem in one of the computers and run it as a server. Which you can access from the other computers as clients. That's one possible way of doing it. I don't know if there's any special kind of software for this.
  11. Is it possible to play with keyboard and mouse in PS3? I hate joypads.
  12. Politicians are using politics as their tool. With your reasoning would mean that everybody studying mechanical engineering would be truck drivers. There's many jobs that you can take. I for instance would like to be a diplomat. No. Yeah I'll would get tired (and I really do) of people whatever path I choose to take.
  13. I study political science at the university. But me a politician? Likely not. I just want to be in the background directing those in the spotlight.
  14. I don't know about this issue. I'm an 'un-attached' man who only get hit on by attached women. So it's kind of the opposite.