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  1. Pepsi Max
  2. I'm seriously migrating to Linux after Windows 8.1
  3. Welcome! I'm a finn aswell... Sort of. Ruotsinsuomalainen
  4. I usually fix my car myself. Changing oil and filter isn't much of a hassle, takes maximum of 20 minutes or so on my Volvo 240. No need to hoist the car, enough ground clearance to lie on the ground.
  5. Which "socialist" country does actually hand out free money to addicts?
  6. I was thinking of buying one but I don't have no real use of it. Could serve as desktop computer, surfing and writing on it but I already have a bunch of those..
  7. It's just retarded and full of BS mostly.

  8. Don't know where you are from or what you refer to. But I find the Anglospheres' attitude to beating children is ok but god forbid if you eat Rudolph the reindeer, wierd. Media lying? Well.. every kind of newspaper and so forth have their own agenda depending on their views. What's the problem? There's many Swedish technological inventions in your daily life which may come in handy. Especially in the telecom sector. NMT was one of the first fully automated mobile phone systems. RDS that breaks broadcasts for traffic reports etc is a Swedish system and so is mobitex. That's the way it works there're rarely just one person or nation responsible for something it's always making something better. Sweden isn't like the US buying alot of patents to call them American inventions. There isn't any really that kind of nationalistic need to do so. Indeed, that's why conscription is great. No. First of all there's no German state and that's the problem. Germany is federal country with a very bureucratic system of many states (Bundesländer). Germany is very rich however which could probably explain why it atleast looks like it's working. Any idea to centralize power to the federal government and thus make it more effective is met by the argument "Oh think about the children, that's what the Nazis did!"So thus ironically neo-nazis can roam freely in Germany. Without the secret services (note plural) can do anything about it because they don't cooperate. It is somehow because then it's called culture. I think that the European Union will learn it the hard way, when Finland leaves the Eurozone.
  9. Yeah, sort of got bored with intjf.

  10. Havent seen you post in a while, sir! Welcome back. :)

  11. Well it depends on what you compare it to. As I study at university here in Sweden I meet quite a lot of exchange students. Which is really interesting because I study political science and macroeconomics. Things which I take for granted some people are really amazed by. In short most other systems seems quite sluggish and retarded. But then there are other things like alcohol monopoly, which can be hard for foreign people who can buy booze at the petrol station. Last year for instance we did an macroeconomic analysis of Belgium and where it's heading. I think this clip explains quite well why we think it was bleak.
  12. There was actually a Swedish humour group who had a sketch about this few years back. Looks like IKEA took it as a proper idea. IKEA is a Dutch foundation though (tax reasons)
  13. Germans I've met in general seems to be quite secretive about online stuff. They haven't embraced social media really and google streetview seems banned.
  14. If you've a modem in one of the computers and run it as a server. Which you can access from the other computers as clients. That's one possible way of doing it. I don't know if there's any special kind of software for this.