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  1. Same. Back when I was brainwashed by the gym industry into thinking everyone NEEDS a gym membership to stay fit (what do they tell divorces? Delete Facebook, hit the gym etc) I had a membership, a one year contract. I went like 4 times. It was so unpleasant. And that goes for all gyms. There is not one gym I would like a membership at. I work out a lot more now that I found my at home alternative. Gyms were literally bad for my fitness because my motivation was shot.
  2. I don't know. But for reference, this happened at least once in history. In the 19th century Britain and later the rest of the European powers decided that slavery was always wrong. They exercised their imperialistic muscles vigorously to stamp it out wherever they saw it, in their colonies or not. Including blockading ports with their big ass navy and destroying local economy until the locals agreed to give up the slave market. Many people (most of the world actually, because everyone had slaves back then and saw nothing wrong with that) hated them. They thought the imperialist west was trying to destroy their economy and way of life. Which, well, they were. so I guess that's one way to do it. Deny them trade until they give in. Deny them foreign aid until they give in. If you're going to offer circumcision we will refuse to fund any hospitals at all.
  3. Can confirm. I spend hours of my life looking at cat videos
  4. Introvert. I'd go crazy with an extrovert. I barely want to leave the house
  5. Depends on why you don't like WhatsApp I guess. I think WhatsApp tracks you everywhere. Unfortunately that can't be avoided with a second phone. I would suggest either Signal or Wire (both open source end to end encrypted apps) but most people aren't on there. Literally only tech savvy privacy oriented people are there. The only upside of WhatsApp is that it encrypts your data. The downside is that FB gets your metadata. Which is arguably more important than your messages. Also, mbasic.facebook.com recently got rid of its messaging capabilities to try to force Messenger download. Fuck Facebook. I literally don't know if I can bear giving up some of my friendships.
  6. Are we still sexual reproducers if biological differences just didn't exist? Or are we some species of amoeba? Who births the children? I'm not being facetious. This matters.
  7. I've liked a couple of "nice guys" without the affection being reciprocated. But I'm definitely not trying to date up. These guys have no girls after them at all but me and they almost never get into relationships. They just don't like me. They like more masculine women it seems. I have a couple of guys after me at any one point. I think it's easier to attract someone you don't like because it's easier to act confident around them. That's attractive.
  8. Possibly because you're older. You're seen as some species of lizard if you're younger than 30 and doesn't have a social media account. It just so happens that people in mathematics are more likely to be eccentric that way, so I met a young mathematician once. Asked for his contact info. He said he didn't have social media. I basically teased him for it and then thought: wait, he's everything I want to be. Why is it even strange that he doesn't have Facebook? Why is it even a funny to me? It's crazy how entrenched it is. It's a part of the natural order of things for us.
  9. I think it's because while they use Messenger 90% of the time they still want to be able to post to their entire circle from time to time, so they would rather not split the functionalities. That's not what I like doing but I can see why one would. Getting "likes" is addictive. Even I feel a little bit excited when 35 people like my profile picture and stuff. The Chinese app WeChat takes care of that. It allows you to both post and instant message. It's creepy in a special Chinese way though. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: Yeah. Meatspace is how I like to connect. My best friend complains that I reply really slowly to texts and stuff. I just don't find it meaningful or worth my time. If I want to shoot the shit with you let's do it over dinner or coffee or video chat. I also like forums like this because there's enough space to say meaningful things.
  10. Not my personal experience but my cousin has. He was dating a total gold digger for a while. The girl was emotionally abusive and was only nice when she wanted to use his credit card. Whatever she wanted he just gave it to her. Why? Because she was super hot apparently. He was making close to minimum wage and she was bleeding him dry. When he came to me about his troubles I asked him if she really was a good person and worthy of love, if she's willing to bleed him dry knowing he doesn't have that much to begin with and might lose his flat. She doesn't even have basic human decency yet he was wrapped around her little finger. Everyone who cared about him warned him against her and he admitted they were right, but he couldn't leave her. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: So guys like assholes over Nice Girls too?
  11. I quit social media a while back and got back into it because a couple of my friends convinced me that it's how nearly all Millennials and Gen Z'ers communicate and I'd lose touch with most people if I do. And I've observed that it's largely true. But every now and then my fingers are still twitching to get rid of Facebook, in large part because they not only have more tabs on you than the NSA most probably (you don't even have to be on FB for that to happen. If you're in any photo on FB at all, even if it's in some random stranger's selfie at the bus stop, FB has a profile on you and can probably track you all over the globe) and I don't feel good supporting this organization. Their facial and speech pattern recognition abilities are creepy as fuck. They were on Hacker News some time ago because they're trying to develop mind reading technology so you can communicate with your friends via telepathy, or something. I think it should die and I'm abetting it by maintaining a profile on it. What happened when you quit Facebook? Did you lose touch with a lot of people? I'm thinking of giving the few I care about my email address, but I'm afraid they won't bother to use it because 99% of their social circle is on Facebook and that's simply the only way they want to socialize with people. Maybe I should just say screw these people and if they don't want to keep in touch then fuck them. I don't know.
  12. I like the rest of your argument but... I haven't actually met that many virgins in this site. This tag line is probably a tongue in cheek joke. There is no higher reason for it.
  13. I compare it to jumping off a skyscraper. Super fun for the first few seconds. Then you realize how fucked your are. ...... added to this post 24 minutes later: I think it's male aggression, really. The aggression does not have to be a negative thing. He could be ambitious. Go getter. Proactive. Driven. Assertive. Willing to stand up for himself. Willing to protect himself and those he loves against aggressors. But aggression can also manifest in violence and emotional unpredictability, and a general "I don't give a fuck"ness. I haven't met many girls who are attracted to men with no passions and no goals in life and makes her take the lead in every aspect of the relationship, who will fold and capitulate at the first sign of conflict, i.e. No aggression at all. In sixth grade, I distinctly remember telling myself I would NEVER go for a guy like my dad. People were bullying me at school. Instead of standing up for me, he told me not to stand up for myself either and keep my head low. I obviously didn't do that. And once, a good friend's dad went to the teacher who was being a shithead to his daughter and took him to the principal's office. I was super jealous. On an instinctive level I don't make such a distinction between good aggression and bad aggression. That kind of distinction exists in my higher brain. And we know that immature boys or girls, don't use their brains too much. I've always been an overly cerebral type. The bad aggression boys I see as brutish and barbaric, so I have a some amount of disdain for that kind of presentation. If I'm super drunk these guys might be really sexy. If I have any amount of sobriety (and I always do. I'm nearly tee total), I have better things to do. I can still find the bodybuilding brawler sexy, but I'm not going to be drawn to him.
  14. If Neil Strauss is to be believed close to 100% of women he's ever tried it on responded positively. PUA wouldn't be this massive industry if its customers can't use these tricks to get women to sleep with them.
  15. It's often the other way around. Sometimes the less smart person doesn't even understand precise LANGUAGE. Like "it's not accurate to say 'all swans are white', because there are many black birds that fit operational definition of swans. Black swans are not as often seen in popular culture but that doesn't imply 'all swans are white' is a true statement." You can rephrase it anyway you like but below a certain threshold of intelligence someone will not even understand that "all swans are white" is an empirical binary proposition. They can't tell the difference between ALL swans are white and ALL swans I've ever seen are white. The conversation goes something like this: "white swans are not as pretty as black swans in my opinion." "What? swans are white." "There are definitely black swans." "Well, look at this swan. It's white. And that swan. It's white. swans are obviously white." "Yeah but all that means is, there are no black swans you can see here. And maybe you've never seen a black swan. But they definitely exist." "Look you're just not understanding what I'm saying. LOOK AT SWANS. They are white. Obviously swans are white. How am I going to explain this to you?" "Ok sure. You're right. Swans are white. Let's just go back to looking at them and forget I said anything." I'm sure for the other person the conversation was a frustrating experience too. Basically if you're different enough the smart person might want to have conversations about topics that a less intelligent person cannot even talk about in any cogent manner so there are whole sections of your personality that you have to shut down around your partner if you don't want to get into arguments like that. I learned that if I ever get into conversations like that I just skip the argumentation and go straight to "no, you're right. I goofed. Swans are white." I mean theoretically I could be patient and come up with novel ways to handhold somebody through that thought process. But if I have to alter my speech and thought patterns that much so my partner can understand me, the relationship just wouldn't be enjoyable. I imagine if I marry this person, I wouldn't want to explain "cars, unlike most real estate, are liabilities, not assets if you took out a loan for them so no honey, we're not making a savvy financial decision by taking out a 50k loan for your dream Tesla." I have not observed that unintelligent people are significantly kinder or better partners in other ways than intelligent people so all else being equal I choose intelligence every time.