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  1. Rogue one. Normally not interested in star wars, but really enjoyed it. I really love Gareth Edwards gentle aesthetic touch as well. Didn't expect the ending; quite unusual for Hollywood. It's also reassuring to know that in the future everyone is prim English and pretty. 8/10
  2. Too much guess work in physics, and a lot of work for little return. As much as I liked my physics lecturer, I didn't really understand what he was getting at and I don't know that he knew the full implication of what he was trying to explain in lectures. Now I'm on a never ending magical quest to find x. I love that maths is not just maths, it's a whole method of thinking that I really enjoy and gain insight from The maths people I know tend to be creative directive thinkers where as physics people tend to be exceptionally clever but at the same time Louche ponderers and generalists who concentrate on things that are often meaningless. All the best world shaking physics can only really be done by a handful of people where as maths seems so much more accessible at all levels. Just my opinion.
  3. The readings on it are 90-92%. Is that bad. The internet says scary things like "heart failure". Should I be worried? Some insight please. The internet says that those readings are ok if you have respiratory problems, but my lungs are super fine What to do?
  4. Scared the shit out of me. Next step is to grow a lamb from scratch, let it get to term, then let it drown in the fluids, then send it off to tesco. You don't even need to take it out of the sack, just stick it straight in the fridge. A brave new world... And get in my belly.
  5. Childhood of a leader. A bit too fancy for me. 6/10
  6. I thought this was gonna be about dog walking. Some people are getting £12 an hour for that. Something for me to fall back on. Oh well.
  7. Being in my grotty flat increases my confidence. Going outside in meat space depleates said confidence. A daily yo yo of emotions.
  8. Indeed. Not very obsessed about looks though. As for the failure bit, you need to develop se a bit; throw caution to the wind and just do something. As for boredom, find something challenging and meaningful to do. This was all a mystery to me once upon a time; seems obvious now though. Things get better when you've learnt about yourself. Everyone has to do it, it's called maturity.
  9. Not sure about stand off ish. Estps in my experience need people, i mean really need. Just look at trump, a mega narcissistic who can't live without a crowd
  10. Intelligence is more to do with interest than ability. Trust me, I'm as dumb as a rock but i still slog it out at uni like a champ
  11. Hell or high water. Over hyped and boring. 5/10.
  12. A nice English summer
  13. Id4 resurgence. Ugh. Shallow, meaningless with no sense of continuity, place or care for character development. Who ever made this just wasn't interested. 3/10.
  14. I always wondered if mortgages were just another tax. Pricey housing means steep mortgage means banks feed taxman more money.
  15. Green room. Quite enjoyable. 7/10