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  1. Omg! Is that you?

    1. Tactical Panda

      Tactical Panda

      I suppose. I can't imagine many other people who would want to be me or pretend to be me.

      How have you been?

      Should I come back?

  2. Intelligence and mbti aren't the same. If you like something you do it, if you do it, you get better. Simple as that. Don't put imaginary obstacles in your path. I'm doing a maths degree at the moment as a mature student. In my teens I was utterly shit at maths, hated it. As I got older I realised it's importance, and now I'm hooked. Good luck.
  3. Oscar Isaac's character. Pronounced intj characteristics but also a Jesus Christ level of moralising. Any ideas of the characters mbti?
  4. A most violent year. Great, with reservations. Like 'there will be blood' with a good guy. 8/10.
  5. Plenty of envy when I was younger, but no longer. Always remember, different people do different things. As for anxiety, I've got plenty of that, but I decided that it's much better than being bored and not challenging myself.
  6. Oh hi girls! Big through the the hips?Roomy? Call me.
  7. The underclass drink/drug themselves to death then the system has more contributors and doers. The sisterhood culls the uglies through sexual selection. Natural selection by other means. Raw capitalism meets Scandinavian levels of equality. Mrflaneur for 2020!
  8. Following on from the millennial thread Governments collect taxes then redistribute through services, be it roads, health, education pensions. Yet this redistribution is unequal as the older folk get the lion's share - to be fair they earned it, mostly. Instead, the government gives every man woman and child an equal cheque where they go off and buy which ever services they need. Some have to spend every penny of their cheque and then some. Young families do well out off this and the single young have the time of their life, they can blow it all or start a business as they typically have very limited health costs. This is the only fair and equitable system where everyone gets something (equally split, same cheque for everyone), yet the young are actually at an advantage and opens many many doors to them (the shrewd ones at least). It's a bit like universal income, yet not. Don't give any to immigrants or it'll be a free for all. Some things like defense are covered by general taxation. What do you think? Happy new year!
  9. I was quite disappointed in my twenties that my millennial chums failed to make much of an impact; I guess we were all getting to grips with the internet and not getting out as much. But now I'm beginning to see the millennial cohort making an impact culturally and technologically and it's quite invigorating and fresh - I love it. We're more tolerant, thoughtful, aware and less violent or bigoted. Dare I say smarter? I think it's great. Behold! The future is good Thoughts?
  10. I think he had heart failure by the looks of it. Lots of drugs, I think his death wasn't unexpected to him. Shame though. I'm still miffed that David Bowie died.
  11. coz everybody else wants her! passive aggressiveness through the medium of success, glory and sexual selection set on difficult mode.
  12. Definitely a correlation, but then again it could just be that bright hsp kids always have a hard time of making sense of what's going off around them.
  13. Midnight special. Total over hyped, over studied tripe. 3/10.
  14. Irradiate people to make eggs, what could go wrong?
  15. Whiplash. Really enjoyed it. 9/10.