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  1. Ugh, penny floaters, ugh. More than an handful is a waste. That's what I say.
  2. Kong skull island. Bad script, poorly cast, many corny bits, tonally all over the place, still watchable though. 5/10.
  3. Alien covenant. Fassbender was great but disappointed overall. 5/10
  4. I can see how si works and is useful for thinkers but how does it express in feelers; do they just tend to take an instant disliking to folk that fall outside of their "this is what a normal person should be like according to my limited narrow experience" model??
  5. I know its chit chat, and there's nothing wrong with that, but why do we need the same blow by blow account?? This maybe a little thing that ive not got to grips with before that i think i ough to. maybe its why i dont really gravitate towards xsxj. dunno. inane repetitive detail. maybe this is why im not an incredible whiz at academics, i tend to skim to get to the novel bits and thats my "take away" to pour over and assimilate. strange
  6. It's always dumbfounded me. Either banging on about what's for dinner or where they are going on holidays. You'd think the world was one big hairdressers. I've got a real blind spot on this one, help please. I'm not from an si family so I'm unaware Kindest regards
  7. John Wick 2. Not as good as the first one but still enjoyed it. 6/10
  8. same here. bullied senseless by sensors when i was in secondary school, i just didnt know what was going off, couldnt make sense of it. more mental than physical co i was a big lad. sensotards don like difference much do they?!?! made a big impression on me and cant trust or get close to people at now having seen people at their worst and knowing the brutalities that they can inflict. To be fair, i was weird and i hadnt made sense of the world or my place in it, but nothing that i did warranted the treatment i suffered; i was very sensitive, they spotted the weakness and kept on crushing me. ultimately made me stronger though, it helps me to put the little things in perspective and now im pretty unflappable and dont flinch at anything; not much gets to me but on the otherhand my sympathy or empathy for others has pretty much disappeared. sharing is caring
  9. off topic slightly but theresa may is a bag of wank. fuck me. impressionable selfish idiots love free stuff! who knew?!? final nail in the coffin for my country, very sad. sad ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: unappreciated lol. worse than death
  10. To be 17 again; I got the shock of my life.
  11. Fi is around the centre ground whilst Fe is more to either extreme, left and right. Thoughts? Forgive me if we can't do politics. On topic chaps or I'll get a slap down
  12. The warriors. Overrated. 4/10.
  13. I'm just thinking about an outsider's perspective of England. I live here and it's just home to me. Celebs seems to love it and often make it their second home. Culturally we seem to punch well above our weight; half of the A Listers seem to be British or Irish these days. If we are all these things we are quite ambivalent about it. So what's the attraction then? Just wondering...
  14. 459, 549, 945. Any idea what that means?
  15. Theresa: isTJ Corbyn: infP Your thoughts!?