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  1. hatred and arguing is a good bad way of breaking the ice i suppose. in a way, at least your speaking to the other person
  2. This INFJ is following me around like an over friendly pup that dont know how to quit, and I dont know if i should let my guard down and embrace a little friendship for a change. i dont wanna get hurt again *sniffles*. can infj be trusted with mah weirdness and secrets or is it (INFJ) a bad hombre? please tell
  3. So funny lol. " That's exactly what you deserved you SCUM!" Does catcalling like this upset you ladies? Or is it just a sign of affection. I don't think he had any right to grab her though. Maybe sniffing all those diesel fumes turned her into a Mardy fem! Thoughts?
  4. My routine has changed recently and for the first time in a few years I find that I have many free hours in the evening. I'm so BORED! What shall i do? What do you do? I watch a bit of telly, play on my phone a bit then nod off. It's getting really depressing. I need to find something that is constructive but not mentally taxing or expensive. No internet, no reading. Help plz
  5. More water and less caffeine.
  6. is that a typo??? I don't get it
  7. Are you sure that's right? Makes no sense. Is my reasoning here correct????
  8. For 1 and 2 I thought that if z and y are not integers, as in a=3z b=3y, then there's no reason to believe that zy is not an integer. I dont know how to express it though.
  9. thanks everyone.
  10. sorry, don't want to get in trouble. question in spoiler
  11. crystallised knowledge fam
  12. Only care best people. Only care intj people. Lololol! Huzzah!
  13. Poor thing. Must have been horrible. Good luck
  14. I wish I could be a simple boy again, out on my bike or playing on my Nintendo without a care in the world. I'm drawn to knowledge. The more I learn the more cold and cynical I become. Things seem to be getting simpler for me; the more I learn the more I realise there isn't that much to know - everything breaks down to the most simple elements and the rest just ain't knowable.