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  1. Trying (and failing) to re-learn Boston's "Foreplay" on the keyboards.
  2. Your thread title triggered me at "try and."
  3. Only one time. When I was maybe 8 or 9 years old, I woke up one morning and I swear to fucking God a cartooney looking rabbit danced a jig through the air across my bedroom while laughing at me. It was so real I absolutely insisted to my dad that it really happened, and got super pissed when he said I had just been dreaming.
  4. Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad.
  5. Foo Fighters, Learn to Fly
  6. Broken bones = 0 Surgeries = 0 And I'm 51. Very lucky so far.
  7. Pizza rolls. Not proud.
  8. This thread was badly needed. I love pretty much all styles except lambics/sours, and really I haven't tried any good ones. Imperial stouts are my favorite. Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout is my very favorite beer on the planet. Next favorite, I'd say are quads and dubels, Trappist ales. I've been fortunate enough to have had two Westvleteren #12's and they were spectacular. One had been aged for 4+ years and oh my gawd. INTJoe, you must be from Texas. I live just south of Houston.
  9. Raises hand.
  10. I've had a mustache since age ~19, and a goatee for the past ~16 years. (I'm like 51 or something. Lost count.) Once or twice in recent years, I've shaved it all off and did not even recognized myself, looked like a stranger and scared the kids.
  11. Journey, Someday Soon. One of their most underrated songs.
  12. Founders Porter.
  13. Asimov is one of the masters. Heinlein too. My favorite Asimov novels are The Gods Themselves, Pebble in the Sky, The End of Eternity, and all things Foundation. Heinlein's juvenile novels are terrific and you can find many for free online. Orphans of the Sky is great and would make an awesome movie. His best (non-juvenile) novel is The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. His stuff starts to get weird beginning in the late 70's and not as good as his earlier works.
  14. Founders Porter. Yummm.