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    Everything that exists is in a manner the seed of that which will be.
  1. Message me if you ever come back. I think about you from time to time.

  2. Where did you go?

  3. You've not been around for a while. 'Hope you're OK brother.

  4. Hi there, my one buddy ol' pal, LOL, I don't come here often maybe I should. Seems like a great place to find like minded friends in the Chaos. How are you?

  5. Not so excited about the crossfit. Clicked through some youtube videos on it and looks like a pretty serious injury waiting to happen. For example, Crossfit fail videos show people who are likely going to be permanently messed up for the rest of their lives, meanwhile, the yoga fail videos maybe have someone saying something embarrassing, doing a pose in a backwards way, or losing their balance and gently plopping over on their side. Which one is better?
  6. How's it? Not sure what to think about it, except that observation that those who train it tend to have an exceptional physique. Any personal experience with it that anyone would like to share?
  7. That's a nice colorful poster you have there, except it has no connection with any of his original teachings.
  8. Therefore do not discuss the philosophy of Buddha, ergo people's gonna die! I can't wait for the impending fury of Buddhist extremism. Any day now?
  9. No. What religious wars?
  10. What religious wars?
  11. He looks quite "unattached" to me, in that undisciplined and complacent slob sort of way, as opposed to just being unattached.
  12. That poster is insane.

  13. Like I said, I am just not a follower or a fan of the Tibetan sect. According to your arguments, and those of Polymath, who is outright lying with false Buddha quotes, you are coming from a different perspective that apparently thinks it's totally OK to go ahead and embrace gluttony, as long as one is UNATTACHED to it. Regardless of the logically inevitable karmic implications. This is a philosophy of apathy and indifference, and I do not find anything particularly impressive or profound about that. ---------- Post added 07-10-2014 at 11:34 AM ---------- Gosh. You have just blown me off my boil ridden chair with these insults. Pardon me for my lack of response, as I have been rendered speechless.
  14. That fat gluttonous Buddha is a mystery. It completely contradicts his teachings. Maybe the order was more like... 1. Prince Gotama the glutton. 2. Gotama the ascetic searching for understanding. 3. Bam. Enlightened Buddha on the middle path. This would fit with his teaching. Otherwise, what would be either enlightened or "middle path" about being a fat disgusting slob? One should be engorging themselves, but make sure to find that Zen (Read: Orwellian?) state of being "unattached" to the box of Krispy Kremes at the same time? It doesn't make any sense. Buddha says to eat one meal a day, before noon, to know moderation in food, to be active and energetic: how is one to become a fat disgusting slob doing that? The whole point is to remove oneself from all of those frivolous things. Be UNATTACHED to them. Meaning, do not own or have or partake in them. To have a house, a car, a cable bill, a phone bill, consumption expense from cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, fancy meals and entertainment, all that crap, it's not only enslaving the person who owns them, but is also causing harm to oneself and others, not to mention placing our very survival as a species at risk.
  15. This is rich. The Zen of making up whatever we want. Nice.