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  1. The only fairness that exists is the fairness we create for others. The world isn't intrinsically fair nor is it inclined to be fair, fairness takes work and sacrifice to attain and maintain.
  2. I learned something!
  3. Jndiii
  4. Someone should probably throw the dog a bone.
  5. Perhaps a need is simply a want that carries significant consequences if it's not met? I need transportation to get to work, but I want that transportation to be a Ferrari. The consequences of not having transportation is losing my job, but I can keep my job even if my transportation is not a Ferrari.
  6. Variance from the correct position is the first thing that comes to my mind as well. You could include directional information as well by letting it be positive or negative, depending on if they report it ahead or behind it's true position, but this would only work for individual errors since it wouldn't be additive. Another way you could go about it is to look at the possible permutations in the types of errors that are possible and rank them accordingly. There aren't too many ways people can screw up unless they get all 4 wrong, and even most of those would be combinations of more basic mistakes.
  7. If you push Newtonian physics well past what is reasonable then I suppose the answer is trivial, but my stat mech prof would probably retroactively fail me for offering it.
  8. Commercials aren't really providing any information beyond that the product exists. They still are depending on the doctor to make the informed decision on what is the most appropriate treatment and they certainly know more possible medications to treat a particular illness with than patients, even ones informed by 30 seconds on tv. I don't see how allowing Rx companies to advertise to consumers has a positive impact on health care. If anything, it would increase health care costs.
  9. Gold and rare earth elements tend to be plentiful in asteroids, but I think the biggest draw may be to begin establishing manufacturing infrastructure in space. This is critical for any sort of large scale development of space as it would largely eliminate the need to bring supplies and equipment up from the surface, greatly reducing costs. Mining asteroids for the precious metals is just the first economic step towards colonization of space.
  10. As a teacher, I don't put much faith in the idea of learner types or even mode preference. In fact, decades of research has failed to offer any evidence to support it. More often then not, they simply reflect the primary mode in which a prefered topic is taught. If you like math, you'll probably identify as a visual learner because that's often how math is taught. But attempting to teach or learn in only one way is one of the least effective ways to go about it. Learning is about making connections and the more ways you can expose yourself to an idea, the more connections you'll be exposed to and the better you'll understand and remember.
  11. I'd be more likely to consider taking a class as an option, but I'd still prefer a degree with better career opportunities.
  12. Certainly it is important to take the time to enjoy the present, but those who do so at the expense of the future quickly run out of present to enjoy.