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  1. 1. Which one are you taking our have taken? Celexa and Welbutrin. Also tried Zoloft 2. How does it feel after it has started working? What effects it has on personality? Do you feel more like an ENTJ or an ESTP after taking it? Better. It does take several weeks before it becomes effective, the only negatives I had was with Zoloft which at the beginning triggered panic attacks. Eventually after I got over that it I always had a upset stomach. Celexa is close to what Zoloft did but it made me very tired, which is why I'm taking wellbutrin in the morning. If you drink alcohol watch it though, If I drink more than one I get a pretty bad headache. if you like to drink its not for you as it can cause you to have a seizure. 3. Did it help in becoming more productive and proactive? Eventually yes. it did take a while and pushing myself to get out there. I'm me, just without as much noise going on as far as anxiety and depression. I'm more in the moment.
  2. With the dollar like it was in the 70s compared to Japan the cost per vehicle was similar, and the issue of absenteeism and sabotage at several plants probably made it worse, but most people saw the problem for what it was. it was similar in the late 00s but politicians used unions as the excuse, not the crashing economy and dollar and most people just ran with that. Kind of similar to people complaining about why the economy isn't growing like it was 10 years ago, conveniently forgetting that it was growing because of a housing bubble and shouldn't be considered the norm. ---------- Post added 05-19-2015 at 05:12 PM ---------- They are good on saving fuel and getting more power from smaller engines. Ford's Ecoboost is a turbocharged engine for example. However, 10 seconds, if that's true is too long. Take the car in for service, or if you've done mods think them through as it probably made things worse.
  3. ZX2? Wait until you have to replace the timing belt. I had one, yes, it was overall reliable, but I got rid of it because of the price of that upcoming service. ---------- Post added 05-19-2015 at 05:22 AM ---------- That was in the 70s though, a time that even the unions agree that GM and other American companies could sell everything they made, even if it was crappy. I can understand not buying a particular brand's car for various reasons, but because of their quality 40 years ago? That's a bit much. Even the worst cars today are built better and are likely more reliable than the average car 20 years ago, which are definitely better than any mid 70s car.
  4. First of all, stop believing the cable ads as 100% truth. for most people, it takes a major storm to disrupt satellite transmissions. If your signal is going out when it's cloudy like the cable ads say it's because you haven't aimed it properly. Second, not everyone has access to broadband. Only around 68% of the US has access, and even then there's no guarantee that it's fast enough to stream video. the FCC may have upped their minimal speed of broadband to 4Mb down 2Mb up but plenty of surveys still use the old 200Kb minimal. Video simply isn't possible without a long wait.
  5. The customization started to become a liability along with tons of spam bots which advertised everywhere. Facebook with its restrictions fixed a lot of those problems. Today spam is a problem but it's nowhere near as bad as it was in Myspace's prime.
  6. To answer this requires a quote from Stephen Colbert: Remember that anxiety and fear is common, yet almost everyone tends to think that they are the only one having those feelings at any given time, and a lot of those people tend to take an cynical approach to dealing with their feelings because it makes them feel like they have control over them. It's easier on your self esteem if you can say you expected something to go to shit and do it sarcastically instead of admitting to yourself that you had no control over the outcome. Pick out the INTJs in that list by asking them why they think things went bad. If they don't have an answer or they answer with another cynical comment, well you know they are a fake.
  7. Owels have tunnel vision and some can have up to 18 vertebra in the neck.

  8. I think so, because a pessimist would look at the negatives and use that as a reason to not change or try. Most realists look at the negatives as as the positives because things can go either way and it's important to not let either catch you off guard. You can't go though life thinking everything is going to be perfect, and you can't expect everything to be shit either. Do the best you can, note what you learned, and can improve on and enjoy the ride.
  9. Whatever just as long as it's not strong. Strong scents tend to immediately give me a headache.
  10. I'm not for sure on what he would fall under, but reading the book more and more in a lot of ways I think he was bipolar.
  11. Yep, I've been through several lows. Hell I may be heading for another one currently, but at least its not where I was a few years back where I got to the point to where I was days away from suicide. Today it's for similar reasons, and while I wouldn't mind it if I died tomorrow, I don't feel the need to rush it if you get what I'm trying to say. Ultimately the core of this feeling is because I can't see an way to change my outcome in life while everyone else I know have progressed. It's not because I'm not trying but it's all leading me to the same end, or ultimately causing me to lose ground. The funny thing is the decision to become even more introverted is what got me out of the funk and caused coworkers to notice that I was more confident and outgoing. All I can really say is that I accept it if I will go through life alone but not if I can't have what others have like a relationship, or long term friends, or someone who understands them, even a little. This shouldn't be this hard and It's almost like I'm paying for something I did that caused all of this. Even if the progression was temporary I would be better than just wondering how it feels.
  12. Hello, and welcome back, haha. Are you a lurker or just a sporadic visitor? :p

  13. How did you feel before you found this place? Alone? Weird? Once you figured out you wasn't broken or cursed in some way it's a relief, and as a result you are more willing to share, at least with similar minded people. It's confirmation bias that other people regularly get but we rarely do.
  14. I may spend a lot of time researching before I buy, but when I'm ready I'm ready. Just leave me alone. If I have a question I'll find you and as long as you respect that I'll remember you and make sure you'll get credit when I eventually buy.
  15. Yep, melatonin dreams start to go away after your body starts to get used to it. Most people who use it for that take it for a week and them back off for a couple of weeks or months. B6 can be bad in large doses after a while as it starts to mess with your nerves. Definitely don't do either all of the time.