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  1. My friends and I push each other to the limit. We're constantly joking and poking fun at each other, and as a consequence, we have a fair understanding of what each other's limits are. The other effect of this is that sometimes we cross a new boundary and have to be put back in place. So we have the quiet chats and the quick apologies and we recognise things for what they are and move on. You need to be able to tell your friend that they're crossing a line and need to stop. Don't downplay it, it's not about rolling with it or how serious you take it. You can accept that it's occured and be ok with that and still wish it not to occur again. Your choice. If she argues that you should not take it so serious, remind her that it is not her choice to make, and she should respect your wishes. If, at the end of that she continues the behaviour, she's not your friend.
  2. #MakeINTJsVirginsAgain!
  3. You can't. You can't force somebody to be who they're not. Hold a gun to his head, and the moment he behaves in a way that isn't entirely up to your standard, shoot him. It's ridiculous. You can't make somebody into something they're not. Stop this bees.
  4. There was one really amazing day back in the summer of 2011. Every other day since Sep 07 has been a shitshow.
  5. Im sorry to hear that. We can kiss each other and make this forum great again.
  6. Nem doesnt even kiss me after he fucks me anymore. That's how low the forum has gotten.
  7. What does the fox say? Baby, I'll leave you speechless...
  8. Hey baby, come back to my place so you can blow my Saxophone.
  9. For the most part they are separated. Since my job is heavily focused on the company I work for, and isn't a general customer service type role, there isn't much to bring outside. Sure, I still get plenty of generic IT stuff, but the connection between those and my actual job is tenuous. I think though that my career has taught me to deal with people and planning better.
  10. It's the HMAT Chilka. He was 6th Light Horse, would have to look up the reinforcement #
  11. Somewhere in there is my great grandfather off to the middle east. One of these days I'll see if there's a better version of that photo.
  12. What parts of our history are you most interested in?
  13. Find me somebody worthy! ...... added to this post 1 minute later: