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  1. Humourous, but unrealistic. It could invalidate things. I don't have a will, but my affairs are fairly straightforward. I do plan on doing something about the lack of will at some point.
  2. Indeed. If the company wants me to have that functionality, they can hand me a company phone. People lose their devices all the time. Phones are also good targets for theft.
  3. Is this a personal device? Everything goes out the window if it's a company device. Short answer, no. The only way they could is either: a) you're going through their network such as via wifi or a VPN or similar, or b) they use a Stingray like device which is highly illegal and would see them procescuted for far more than whatever you might be doing is worth.
  4. This. Touch is more intuitive and this is the reason for the swing toward touch HID now that the hardware has caught up. Pen (touch) is more accurate. Not a suitable option for first person shooter type input though, where the mouse position derives displacement rather than absolute position. Arguably, neither is a mouse but there are other ergonomic reasons mice trump and there isn't a better solution out there. Joysticks have the issue that they rotate around a centre point and don't truly map to a flat surface. The joysticks on modern game controller also are all fine motor control in your thumbs, rather than taking advantage of wrist/elbow support and movement. Both of the above (and where a lot of HID research is going) have issues with tactile feedback, where the buttons on a mice (and keyboard) are superior. The buttons on a gamepad are on the wrong side where the thumbs do most of the work and the rest of the more dexerious fingers are playing more supporting roles. Later gamepads are working around this with shoulder and trigger buttons, but they tend to be clumsy(I.e. chunky) buttons that don't take advantage. Obviously though, you can't just flip a gamepad and put the buttons underneath because then you lose the support structure.
  5. Are you referring to or considering microdosing @Junk?
  6. Malk, forever and always
  7. INTP male chipping in here. Is there difference between the genders? Maybe, nobody really pursues us males while female INTPs are like unicorns, so maybe they have to deal with more? Otherwise, INTPs have two modes of communication relative to their level of interest: 1) OMG I'm super interested in this (thing, activity, relationship) and give me more more more. I NEED this. Internally, the only reason they're probably not bombarding you with interaction requests is because a little voice in their head is telling them to slow down because normal people are slow. If an INTP is interested in something, they are super focused on it. If you get the chance, watch two INTPs interested in each other talk, and try to keep up. 2) Fuck off my focus is on something else and I'm not interested in you. If you ever see an INTP show even a micro level of reluctance toward something, you're experiencing this, toned down because social norms they've learnt. We don't really do half measures. And we can tell within a couple of words whether you're going to be interesting or not and a few moments later has a picture in our head of all the potential outcomes of where things are heading for the next few years. We take it a long way and yes it really is that fast. So my initial reaction is to say that this doesn't look good. But! If you can find a way to be interesting... just don't go through the motions of 'dating'. Blegh. Stop wasting time. All or nothing.
  8. Well, I'd be posting here of my undying love for Toki, but since she can't see this, she'll never know. Oh well. P.s. also she smells.
  9. I'm pretty sure @toki has blocked me.
  10. *grumbles toward toki PM settings*
  11. I am wearing my pants on my head.

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      Well, I tried to wear you on my head but you didn't fit.

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      my feet aren't that biF

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      Maybe I had you around the wrong way?

  12. *snoggles*

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      *snoggles* back atcha!

      Too busy moving to post now... keeping up with reading blogs though.

  13. Yeah, but I'm Australian and those plucky New Zealanders don't want us coming over and ruining their country