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  1. Post number 1000, comin' up! Drum roll, please...

  2. Consciousness.
  3. Sex is not completely evil. I think of it as an umbrella term for 10 things of which 8 are evil, and nobody is good at distinguishing the valid 2. It is not like TV, exercise, or gummy bears, because you don't require another person to drag down with you.

  4. You don't have to, but there's really no point in casting sex as something evil that takes over everyone's minds. Are some people affected by it in an unhealthy way? Absolutely. Same goes for most other things, I'd imagine: television, exercise, gummy bears. Then there are plenty of other people who get along just fine.

  5. I don't believe you.

  6. It really is not anywhere near as big a deal as you think it is.

  7. perfect description

  8. Sounds awful.
  9. Since birth, I've chosen staying at home to play video games over social situation that would have me in proximity to the kind of people I'm sexually attracted to, and simultaneously have privacy for a long enough time frame to comfortably initiate it without alerting the mentally ill adults around me and the most broken of their offspring. I am convinced sex makes people stupid. It seems like you immediately lose perspective after the fact, and forgot all the social programming, conditioning, and circumstance that lead up to becoming sexually active. You have to be stupid to actually need to ask why celibate people are celibate if they aren't expressively doing it for religious reasons. Refraining from sex lets you pay attention to the conditions that marionette you into wanting to impose a very meaningless eccentric (potentially dangerous) set of behaviors on another person it in the first place. And don't give any bullshit about "All is good if there's consent." Very few people understand consent on a visceral level. They understand what-I-can-get-away-with-ism, or the more tragic what-other-people-can-get-away-with-doing-to-me-ism. Doing what is natural is just permission to not examine the emotional trauma causing you to harm others.
  10. The smart version of this is to stop systematic animal abuse. No more meat factories. No more animal products at the grocery store. You'll have to know the people who killed what you want to eat by name, so you can judge if they're sadistic, or just making utility out of what's left over from the euthanizing stage of their animal husbandry.
  11. I have the artist affliction. I aspire to do something useful that doesn't put me in a situation where I have to butt heads with evil people. Art is where you go to curb your passion for change, and channel it into something useless that won't make people angry enough to attack you. Instead, you just plant ideas into mentally unstable people's heads (or rather, the mentally unstable animal encased in every otherwise rational person) and let them die on whatever battlefield they want, as you sit back, far away from the flawed meat space tantrum arena.
  12. Sounds great except for the driving part. I hate driving.
  13. I don't try for perfection in art. Skills have utility in observation-recording, expression, etc... meaning I actually get something out of exercising that skill, and don't resent someone who didn't exercise that skill to also get something out of it. Art is the frame, not what goes on inside the frame. The physical frame was invented after the mental frame of writing your own story to sensations (meaning). When I see Pollock scans on the internet, and read about him, I'm indifferent in the most literal sense. I can notice the colors, and know it was photographed before the internet, and it reminds me of the controlled randomness concept. Then the thought is over--I go back to doing my own thing. I can understand how abstract art pioneered graphic design and the like. Modern life basically decided, without religion, you just needed to make a profit, so angels aren't necessary in the image. It's all about memes and not trampling the egg shells of the horrific culture. Red rectangles are worth a lot simply because they aren't pictures of angels, which someone would hesitate to hang on their wall when they invite rich friends over because that would steer the conversation in a way that can't draw their own frames around. Remember that the top 1% are basically sociopaths and cannot intelligently discuss subjects about actual things besides the struggle or encounters with the person responsible for causing paint to be arranged in one way over another way.
  14. I consider myself artistic but not an artist. I stay in my comfort zone of skill/craft and avoid expression/publishing because it frees me to really engage my personal shit and not worry about alienating/frightening people/being lynched/being arrested, etc. I don't see creativity as a fundamentally hard set of skills. It's more a choice to use technical skills to be vulnerable at my own expense. I can do it (anyone can I think), but why should I?