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  1. Well, maybe they are repressing their own homosexuality? The shirt being kind of like a defensive mechanism, while also being allowed to participate in what-ever was going on in the park that day. If someone walks around in public with a shirt with a giant "FUCK YOU" on the front and back, then they can and should accept some backlash for it, but regardless they should have every right to do it, just as homosexuals can congregate in large numbers. When I was younger I would dress in a way that was kind of 'controversial', and I would get a few strange and nasty comments, some people would even try to walk aggressively towards me and force me to side-step, sometimes it actually resulted in more... but I accepted that as a fact of what I chose to do and wear, and the company I kept; while their reactions only reinforced my beliefs. If you start telling people what they can and can't do/wear/say, you in-turn become the fascist; if someone wants to be a bigot, let them be a bigot, just as they should accept that they can also be criticized for it. However, when a group is more inclusive and forgiving then the opposition lose the mechanism that fuels their 'hatred': It becomes very difficult to demonize another group if they actively seek harmony.
  2. Or, 'Is she is a giant fool?' https://www.psychologytoday.com/conditions/dependent-personality-disorder Symptoms People with this disorder do not trust their own ability to make decisions and feel that others have better ideas. They may be devastated by separation and loss, and they may go to great lengths, even suffering abuse, to stay in a relationship. They may tend to belittle their abilities and frequently refer to themselves as "stupid." Other symptoms include: Difficulty making decisions without reassurance from others Extreme passivity Problems expressing disagreements with others Avoiding personal responsibility Avoiding being alone Devastation or helplessness when relationships end Unable to meet ordinary demands of life Preoccupied with fears of being abandoned Easily hurt by criticism or disapproval
  3. Hierarchies must exist for society to function normally (Much to the dismay of the victimized-left someone has to have privilege, even them!) I guess they propose some form of enforced socialization, but that usually resolves in mass-murder, history has shown us this. To accept that not everyone is equal is to accept reality.
  4. ...A friend had a friend who put a lot of value in virginity (not for personal religious reasons, either), to the extent where she would also avoid pretty much most social contact with boys, for fear of being attracted and you know, wanting to do the business. But, to her credit - and to the word of my friend - she was still a virgin at the age of 29. Then, this fellow, half Japanese and Arab (would you believe), also a Muslim, was very happy to hear she was still a virgin (as a condition of them meeting).. then, not long after a short 'romance' he proposed they both get married. Turned out Mr Muslim was also, VERY rich, his parents had a company and many properties in Japan and Saudi Arabia (or was it Qatar?), anyway, he was also ''in business'' and making lots of dollars, but... He also had two previous wives (apparently divorced, though I recall suggesting he probably wasn't), and a few children too, one of who was almost half her age, as he was also quite a bit older than her.. I guess the moral this story is: If you hold out, your virginity might be worth HEAPS, and you could be RICHER than everyone! (I don't know how it all turned out in the end... I should probably find out.)
  5. Personal moral reasoning can be taught but you don't have to adhere to it, outside of the law, and the law is not always moral - but best to adhere to it... I guess that the question could be: when people are taught how to develop and apply ethical principals, then why do they not then apply it to their career choice; or, to the choices that they make within that career?
  6. A career-orientated life is what creates wage-gaps within industries; If someone wants to do less work or less valuable things (as has been pointed out by others), then it's hardly the fault of other people, is it? So what I can only assume is you would be against is people being paid more, for doing more work, everyone should work equal hours? Government influencing wealth distribution, this kind of thing. Sexism is a factor but it is not the only factor between the differences. You want to suggest sexist and sexism at every post that questions those who claim to be feminists, yet we can't suggest that some who are in the movement are actually politically motivated? You are clarifying what you said: "I don't want to force women to do anything" -- just you want to force and influence some institutions and people on how they raise their child. I wonder, what is and isn't, the ''right'' gender-role for a child? Educating children is not simply as easy as saying ,''we should do it in a more equal manner'', as there are differences in the ways boys and girls learn... why should we force one on the other? You're actually going against what is now being understood : boys are at a disadvantage in the classroom. Studies show that boys learn differently than girls. Brain scans tell part of the story. In general, more areas of girls' brains, including the cerebral cortex (responsible for memory, attention, thought, and language) are dedicated to verbal functions. The hippocampus -- a region of the brain critical to verbal memory storage -- develops earlier for girls and is larger in women than in men. "That has a profound effect on vocabulary and writing," Gurian says. http://www.webmd.com/parenting/features/how-boys-and-girls-learn-differently#1 But there are differences between males and females. Well, lets hope you can accept even the smallest, remote chance, that this may indeed be an issue.
  7. Well working 80 hours a week and sacrificing a family or social life in order to make a lot of money might be one of the consequences -- anyone is able to make that choice in a modern western democracy but the vast majority do not, even other men, instead it is taken up by those who are willing to take that chance. Because some versions of feminism seek to demonize men: many want to see men at the bottom of the pile and they do not see them as an equal, but as an inferior; they simply pick all of the 'wrongs' that men have done and develop it into a dark-past and they apply it unjustly to an entire gender, suggesting all are at fault simply because they are males, when really, they had no choice or say in what was done so how is it fair to blame them? This kind of reasoning will not solve anything as they are only seeking to be what they supposedly hate - oh, so irony -- if you turn it upside-down then yes, it will be different, but it will simply be the inverse of what was there in the first place and not something that is new, or necessarily any better. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: This is contradictory: you want to close any kind of pay-gap between the sexes but you don't want to force anyone to do anything? If someone wants to be shy; delicate or submissive then they cannot expect to work any job that they like, little-less expect to command the same level of pay -- unless we develop some kind of totalitarian state, I suppose: no freedom of choice and ignore the function of demand and supply.
  8. Oh, I see you edited this: my answer is: I don't know, I'm working on it.
  9. Why do you respond to someone by telling them what they are saying is gibberish?
  10. It seems to me that modern-feminists have no empathy for men - It's kind of disgusting.
  11. Because you cannot manifest an experience or personal nature and apply it to something you are claiming to oppose: It should not be Us and Them.
  12. I quoted you regarding people and their personal choices: you do not have to follow the speed limit, but you must accept the consequences. Why do women choose to work in lower paying careers, Seablue, can you answer this? It's because I think you believe in it; White-men sitting around smoking cigars and talking about how they can oppress those that are "unfortunate"...
  13. You mean as in following the speed limit, having a family, not crossing on a red sign... Well, that is society and the wealth created by it is your privilege.. if you want to turn it upside-down then I do not think you can appreciate the consequences.
  14. @Seablue I've already shown that women who choose the same careers as men in high earning occupations are pretty much equal. The issue is why do women choose lower paying careers given the same education - and it's not because of some all-knowing-mystical-male patriarchy, I can assure you.. It's about the personal choices people make.