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  1. Probably less than a half inch. But I'm no scientist. I ate terribly and grew up surrounded by second hand smoke and grew to my dad's height. Genetics are powerful man. Unless you're doing something ricockulous like wearing a weighted vest to stunt your spinal growth or wearing those tiny shoes to stunt your foot growth, or CHOPPING OFF YOUR OWN LOWER LEGS, I don't see how 20% of your growth can be determined by environment. Also, your height is not short for an asian man. Try elevator shoes. I think they can add a few inches to your height. It sounds to me like you are blaming your height on something silly instead of accepting your body type and making the most of it.
  2. No, I still think of Brian as the nice kid next door who pitches (I pitch) and who golfs with us when I invite his dad. The guy I helped with his accounting homework. The guy who told me openly about "modeling" gigs he was getting that turned out to be...not modeling gigs. No, the first thing I wonder about a person is not who they sleep with. Please do not say that again.
  3. I'm a lifelong baseball fan and the BBHOF voting is one of the most enraging things to exist. It's so bad that I kind of don't care anymore at all about the Hall of Fame. I mean Bonds and Clemens are inner-circle, seat-at-table-one, LEGENDS of the game but for some reason baseball writers going HAM is more important than getting them into the hall. Phil Rizzuto is in, though. Goose Gossage is in. lol. EPDM, I love you. Great post. The Save stat has done so much harm for baseball than it has good. It's made managers make sub-optimal decisions. Buck Schowalter literally flushed his team's season down the toilet this year because it wasn't a "save situation". It's made people think the 9th inning is somehow worth more than any prior inning - instead of looking at high leverage spots in the game. From your list, I would be fine with the top 5 getting in. Right around that 80 WAR mark. I'm an Astros homer so I'm not sure how I'd feel about Bags otherwise but he was a really good all-around player - he just got screwed over by degenerative bones in his throwing arm. His 1994 season was just stupid, though. Him and Frank Thomas were born on the same day and had remarkably similar careers until Bags' fell short due to his body crumbling. Steroids or not, I'll never see another hitter as good as peak Bonds 2001-2004, and yet he's not in the Hall. The guy literally saw one or two hitable pitches a game and either went yard or lined a double off the wall. lol. Then walked twice and flew out to the track.
  4. It's not a concern. It happens naturally. I've never once met a person with the plan of "zomg I just gotta make a determination of his sexual preference!!!" lol. I can't fathom why this natural thing people do always seems to bother some people. What do you care?
  5. I think it's somewhat normal to go through phases where your introversion/extraversion wavers. I was quite extraverted as a kid then became more introverted after a move then gradually became more extraverted, then introverted (awkward pubescent years), then back again before another move where I again went quite introverted. Then in college was my peak outgoing nature for sure. I had a lot of friends and walked around and talked to a bunch of people at their desks, went to parties. Went to the gym everyday usually with 1 or more friends. Some girl even urged me to run for student council one year in our small college. Post-college I've gradually gotten more introverted, as people just do not interest me much at all. I find them just so boring and vapid I just can't bring myself to care about spending time with them.
  6. The increased speed and sharing of information.
  7. It's not a direct correlation but of course you very often can. I recognized my neighbor as gay when I ran into him at the gym and we talked for about a half hour and his mannerisms became gradually more "male gay" the more we talked and the more he relaxed. Just the way he stood while contrapposto, the way he touched his face, the way he spoke (I think he used the word "fabulous" which is all but a dead giveaway), etc. He was very young like 19-20 and I believe he was closeted. He was a HS athlete and I'd seen him around before and he always appeared as hetero. This was a few years ago and, although I don't know or care if he is, he has since been much more flambouyant when I've seen him. I think he finally came out at one point. It's a loss for women as he's tall, built, tan, light brown hair, and baby blue eyes and did modeling but lost out a lot bc he was too big (about 6'1" 190+). Honestly I felt like he was letting his guard down with me at the gym and thought "wow, if I was gay this would be a huge score" . I told my wife that I thought he might be gay and she thought I was crazy but since agrees. I play golf with his dad (and him and his straight brother) but respect his privacy. I went to architecture school so even way back in the '90s it was no thing at all. Gay acceptance in 1997 was nowhere close to what it is in 2017. It's astounding to experience such social progress. But yes, if you didn't figure that Ross guy from Leno as gay within 5 seconds of seeing him then you have no gaydar.
  8. Football was on and I didn't want to cook so pizza and breadsticks.
  9. I've luckily only had sleep paralysis once and it was weird as fuck. Luckily I didn't envision anything at all. I just kept waking up staring at my ceiling, unable to move. I kept telling myself to fall back asleep and it would resolve but it took a while. My INTP friend gets it a lot and gets shadow man, demon on chest, and TV girl from The Ring. It happened at a time when I was buying my house and a bit mentally exhausted.
  10. I'd like to get back into this. Just now opened this thread. Will try to cook an Italian dish in the next couple weeks. I just had a nice chicken pasta salad dish the other day but I guess it's a bad idea to photograph what that looks like now.
  11. Weight: 202.2 duration: 31 mins Bench press 2x5x210 6x210 PR. This session was my best bench session in a long while, probably since the 180s. Everything just felt so effortless. Getting the lift-off from a spotter at the beginning is huge for overall energy. I probably had 6+ on any of the three sets but of course won't go for it until final set and that's if I believe I will get it. On to 212.5 next time. Not sure what I may or may not add later tonight. Maybe just simple chins and grip work. Maybe barbell pushups and curls or something tougher but who knows. Tomorrow is a rest day, though, so I'll probably at least to a shitload of gripwork later before bedtime. Forearms recover very quickly. On to watch hopefully 2 good NFL playoff games. Every playoff game thusfar has sucked ass.
  12. I know it's not so cut and dry but in my opinion the marriage (assuming it's a healthy one) takes precedence over things outside the marriage. Open discussion about these issues before they emerge is key. I've had to confront my own family (siblings, parents) in instances where I felt like their affronts were harmful to me, my wife, or our marriage.
  13. Ribeye steak, baked potato, light caeser salad.
  14. I'm pretty certain I morph into my shadow ESFP when drunk. It's so weird how literally everything about me does a 180.
  15. @Neoaves, Yeah I was being facetious and unnecessarily art-snobby. I do really like that hue, though. I stare at it for a while, which is more than I can say for a lot of art.