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  1. Something might have come up during his lunch. And he may have been preoccupied all day and "not in the mood". The fact he pinches you in general is way more evidence he's into you than that he didn't today means the contrary. That's a really bad sentence. Ask him out. If you're an ENFP he might be afraid to ask you, with the assumption you are already booked or double booked for the next 3 weeks and he's afraid to be let down. Or file a sexual harassment suit.
  2. Weight 199.8 duration 33 mins. Bench 4.5fx225, 4.33fx225, 3.2fx225 Fail but not too badly. I've shed weight rapidly and also drank a beer at dinner then worked out kinda late. I also did an hour of trampoline work earlier. I didn't totally expect to pass but wanted to get the work in. Tomorrow is an off day but I could probably squeeze in 340 deadlift.
  3. Had a really tough couple days with the feels. Haven't been eating much. Moping. But I got out there tonight to do squats finally. I was supposed to attempt 260 for the third time but I knew I wouldn't get anywhere close to passing so I went ahead and reset to 230 and will work my way back up. Weight: 200.0 (lost a couple pounds due to loss of appetite) duration: 36 minutes. Squats 3x5x230. Success. It's about getting the work in and I felt better doing this and trying to get out of a funk. Tomorrow I'll try for 225 on bench (2 plates, yay!).
  4. Yeah I knew you were strong af. Lol. Welcome to the thread, sir.
  5. Weight 202.1 duration 42 minutes Deadlift 5x335. PR. OHP 3x5x100. Felt easy. Need to start AMRAPing.
  6. This is strange. My MIL just called to say she's going to the hospital to meet her 89 year old uncle who is being flown in from a town a couple hours away. He's got pneumonia. I told her this could be it for him and she said yeah. She doesn't want to take her 86 year old mom there just yet and risk her getting sick but she said if he's on the verge of death she'll get her to say her goodbyes.
  7. Finally got back out there and I'm glad I did. Weight: 203.4 duration 35 mins. Bench 3x5x222.5 Personal Record. 15th rep was a real struggle - near stall. I actually got a bit of a charley horse in my right thigh near the end of the lift lol. Really surprised I got this since I'm not 100%. Still can't believe I started this journey at 135 in September... Tomorrow is 335 deadlift I think.
  8. Yeah. We got a couple old ladies in our family still kicking. 86 and 91 I think. Every time I see them I wonder if it'll be the last. I hate it. I know one day soon I'll get that weird feeling "But I just saw them...they were fine." Mostly I hope they live long enough that my son remembers them. I know that's selfish but whatever. I had an uncle who had terminal cancer when he was 52 and I called him from out of state a few weeks before he died and it was really hard to do. We weren't particularly close and I knew it was sort of a send-off call. But I think he was glad to hear from people and I actually said "I love you, man." and he said "I love you, too." and talked about how he'd always wanted to go to Hawai'i and how maybe through some miracle he could make it there in a year or so but that never happened. It was strange but I'm so glad I called him. It was really hard for me to do. I was only like 25.
  9. Small Reese's blizzard from DQ.
  10. I think the Pats' onside kick was correct. Of course in hindsight it looks stupid but it's the Super Bowl. There is no tomorrow, and ATL had been moving the ball really well all game. You have to go for the higher risk/higher reward strategy at that point. I do agree about the grounding. They could have called a rollout for Ryan so he could get outside the tackle box and throw it away. It was a weird game. Normally I can't stand running and would only mix in a few runs to keep the D honest but Freeman had kinda been gashing them most of the game. So it's hard to call his first down run conservative. In like 95% of situations it would have been, though. But calling a sweep run to the outside is mega dumb. Way higher probability of getting a 5 yard loss or something and when you fumble closer to the sideline the D has a way higher probability of housing it or at least gaining a lot of yardage than when you fumble up the gut (into a pile of 10 300 pound dudes). Anyway, if Matt Ryan can get over this ATL should be really good again next year. Falcons fans have a lot to look forward to.
  11. Monday, Friday... pretty close. Good work. You're going to pass me up soon going in the other direction. I still feel crappy today with a head cold and just fatigue so I took another off day. I may bench tomorrow. Groan, but, whatevs. Gotta just keep digging once I feel better.
  12. Roasted Salmon with Ginger-Scallion Sauce and charred green beans: 518 calories. 25g carbs, 26g fat, 40g protein, 950mg sodium I didn't plan on entering it but after I took a few bites from my salmon I remembered LEGUMES! This was delicious... Recipe card
  13. Weight: 203.2 Skipped bench today. Under the weather with cold/allergy type crap. Just feel really weak. I felt this way yesterday so squatting heavy was probably a really dumb idea. Bench day is my favorite so pushing it off at least 1 day says a lot. Groan. Just hope I kick this quickly. I think I will. Didn't even have the energy to cook tonight. Made wife pick up dinner so we ate some greasy Mexican seafood meal which is really good but the scale will read higher tomorrow.