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  1. INTJs view the world like a poker game. Him asking you this is like placing a small feeler bet to gather how your opponent(s) react. The way you answer tells an INTJ a lot. And we fucking love to gather information. Even at the cost of seeing people squirm. LOL. But anyway this guy is starting to annoy me. Text him with a specific movie and time and ask if he'd like to see it with you. Then stop talking until he answers. If he declines or continues acting aloof tell him to piss off and stop sexually harrassing you.
  2. Weight 201.5 duration 36 mins. Squats 3x5x240. Felt pretty good. I again felt like I was getting closer to LBBS and the weight felt lighter, but my balance was a little different and I'm not positive I got to parallel on all reps. Was really surprised I did well as I didn't sleep much and was mentally pre-occupied all day long.. I have my final attempt at 225 bench tomorrow. If I fail I suppose I'll reset to 200-205 and AMRAP my way back up.
  3. OK. Don't learn the Ruy Lopez opening then.
  4. I'm still a beginner but here is my advice: Learn the Ruy Lopez opening and stick with that. Defensively, you'll have to branch out more. Castle early. Typically you should be castling short. Control center. Develop minor pieces. Don't pull out your queen or rooks too soon unless it's tactically wise. Learn en passant rule. Learn ALL rules. Such as "you can't castle into, out of, or through check". Get a tactics app and practice, practice, practice. Read up on some endgame concepts. Rooks and pawns. But don't worry so much bc end game takes a LONG TIME to get really strong at. Understand tempo. It's very important. Learn piece "values". Open centers are better for bishops than for knights. Understand when it's beneficial to exchange one for the other. The first big "A-ha" moment for me came when I realized chess is about attacking and defending squares - not just pieces. Identify when a square is weak and when you can exploit it. Can you attack it with 3 pieces while your opponent can only defend it twice? Good. Learn pins, skewers, forks, discovered attacks, etc. Look at all check possibilities and threats. Understand what a "weak back rank" is. Protect your King. It's worth more than your Queen. Never forget that. Chess is complex... good luck.
  5. My wife is a terrible snorer. Some nights I'll just go sleep in another room.
  6. I got drunk last night and was ruined today. Took 2 straight days off. Lol. I think I had more drinks than I had collectively since August.
  7. This. This is a million times better option than openly flirting with another guy in his line of sight. Sheesh.
  8. Weightlifting, golf, cooking, painting, writing (various forms), stand-up, chess, camping, baseball, stargazing, covering songs w/all instruments (at a shitty level), poker, lawn care, hockey, nature trails, heterosexual intercourse. A decent mix of manly shit and sensitive stuff. Though I don't hunt, fish, or care about cars.
  9. My INFx mom was emotionally erratic, disorganized, and lacked any real drive or responsibility. I think this is a big reason I fell in love with, and married, my ISTJ. My mom had her good traits but I lived with that crap for 21 years and wasn't about to do it again. My dad is IsTJ with an S of 1 somehow... maybe I married the female version of my dad?
  10. Weight 202.0 duration 48 mins. Deadlift 5x340 PR. First rep I felt a weird click in left knee. Hope it's nothing. 5th rep was a grind. My form suffered and I debated dropping it but I finished it. I don't like to sac form for reps, though. OHP 9x100, 2x8x100.
  11. Depends on how they talk to everyone else. Also it's just too hard to tell without being able to see them and hear them. Language is way more complex than can be interpreted herein.
  12. I'm not planning on solely going fat free. But I appreciate the advice and plan on picking a few brains about it pretty soon.
  13. Good job! I keep failing lifts and the creatine remnants are probably largely gone by now and it's getting hot out so I'm mentally preparing for the impending onslaught of grilled chicken, broccoli, and tuna fish.
  14. Let us know when you two get married. It will really help us figure out if he likes you or not.
  15. Weight: 200.6 duration 40 minutes Bench press 4x225, 3.33x225, 4x225. Fail. 18x130. Groan. I get one more attempt. I guess the moral of the story is don't do yardwork all afternoon and drink a beer and get sunburned because it was 86 degrees and clear. I don't think any of that helped me. I considered pushing it off until tomorrow but did not. Tomorrow is an off day so that usually means I'll do gripwork stuff tonight.