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  1. mayonnaise
  2. I've done a dozen open mics over the last year plus. They are fun and I do well. I've been meaning to do another one! So my answer would be: Compile another 5-7 minutes (I've got so much stuff this really just means "choose 5 minutes of stuff I currently want to do"), rehearse it, then ask my wife if I can go do another show. Drive there, put my name on the list, then, when called, go up on stage and have fun!
  3. I just meant eat like you normally do but track calories for 2 weeks to see how much you eat. Then add 500-1000 a day. Climbing and swimming are conducive to staying lean.
  4. Blues tie it up. Pretty good to have 6 goals vs. Rinne in 2 games.
  5. Yeah you should eat like normal for 2 weeks and track your total calories then maybe add 500 a day and maybe you'll gain a pound per week or so. Start lifting, too. Add like a thousand a day if you start lifting. At your size, youth, and body type you're just going to have to prioritize eating a crapload of food. I used to work with a guy in high school who was 6'9" 220 and was a wiry stringbean. *** Weight 194.8 Deadlift 5x330. OHP 4x105. Chest/back began hurting on 3rd rep and kept hurting so I racked it and called it a night. Felt fine during DL and OHP warm up sets. An hour later and it's spinal neck pain. Joy. I've had this pain before.
  6. I'm sure you lift more than that but it's not about where you start - it's about the progress. Starting that low just means you'll be able to look back at much more progress. *** Weight 194.0 duration 40 mins. Bench 3x5x210 (~AMRAP) So I'm definitely noticing a strength loss based on losing 8.3lb bodyweight this month. Which is expected.
  7. You *should* be able to get there or at least relatively close. Bench happens to be my best lift but I notice it seems to be most people's worst (compared to squats and deadlift). I've got shortish arms, though. But if you do a "Starting Strength"-like lifting routine and increase 5lb. each time you should get there. Ignore the bent-over rows and the power cleans. Just do deadlift, squats, bench press and overhead press. Day A is bench/squats, Day B is deadlift/overhead press (More or less - eventually you can deadlift less often and keep squatting more). You lift one day on, one day off. All with free weights if at ALL possible. It'll kick your body's ass way harder than doing isolated machine work (lulz). You're considered completely Untrained at this point so Starting Strength is the best option to go from Untrained to Intermediate in those lifts in about a half year. Then you can mess around with isolation stuff like bro curls and skull crushers. Is your friend the guy who is built like an NFL running back and also can run marathons? I'm surprised he has you doing random machine work with no actual long term plan. If you go back to September/October in this thread you can literally follow my progress from a Fatweak to Intermediate strength. There wasn't a single thing I did exercise-wise that I didn't log herein. I wanted people to see how easy it is. You just have to do it. And with good form. Don't get hurt.
  8. Wow you're tall! That's like 6'6". Is that right? 6'6" 170?
  9. That's really sick. I think you would have won the bad beat jackpot if you were in a casino, which is usually 5 figures. I think it's usually like Queens full or higher losing then the two of you split the bad beat jackpot though with the loser of the hand (you) getting much more of the jackpot than the hand's winner. Hey in 6 months I went from 135 to 225 on the bench (reps of 5), 135 to 265 on squat (reps of 5) and 155 to 350 on deadlift (reps of 5). If your goal is to get relatively strong in 6 months it can be done. How tall and old are you? Metabolism slows a bit each year but if you're a hard gainer that won't do much for you anyway. My brother-in-law is 40 and 6'1" 170 and my sister said he wants to get to 180lb at 10% body fat. She said 170 is the heaviest he's ever been. I was like...that's...not going to be easy. My morning weight was 194.0. Lowest it's been since November. Short-term goal is 190 I guess then re-assess how my body looks and how well I'm doing with my lifts. Got a 2 hour meeting to go to tonight for my son's autism but when I get home I will be benching. Might hit decline and incline again. We'll see. Wife has been battling some swollen glands for a few days so she hasn't been lifting.
  10. Blues dropped their opener at home 4-3. I take solace in the fact they scored more goals against Rinne than the Blackhawks did in 4 games.
  11. Ran another 1.75 miles tonight. With 2 .35 mile walks interspersed. Went much better than the other night. Though during my 2nd lap of 5 my right calf muscle started tightening up like crazy. Never had that happen. I almost had to stop. It was somewhat like a charley horse. It's now crazy sore. It's right at the bottom of my calf muscle. No clue what to make of it. I guess it's that I squatted heavy last night and muscles weren't rested.
  12. Off day. I might jog, jumprope, or do chinups later. Morning weight 194.8 so that's good. I did some chins last night. Was only doing 7 when I was above 200 but now I'm doing 10. Been dealing with some knuckle pain/arthritis in right hand for a couple weeks. Deadlift and chins are hurting it. I found out the lap around the lake is about 1,850 ft. so the other day I did 1.75 miles so that's decent.
  13. Weight: 196.1. I keep saying this but I really need to re-diet. I'm still down over 6 pounds for the month but it's been flatlining for a few weeks. At least my body adjusted and now I can shoot for maybe 190 by next month's end. Duration: 36 minutes Squats 3x5x245. Quite surprised how well this went. You can never tell how well your lifts will go until you do them. There have been so many days where I feel exhausted then get in the gym and do better than I expect. Just do it. Nike. What?
  14. There was nothing negative or hostile about my post. I was just pointing out your example was of 2 guys with IQs in the ~69th percentile doing something well in life. But I do get tired of smart underachievers trying to make an IQ of "pushing 130" sound like a handicap. It's just not. IQ helps in basically every facet of life - not just "promotions at work", which aren't even close to efficient.