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  1. Exactly. I say post it and remove all ambiguity.
  2. Well we still need to figure out why he isn't getting enough interaction.
  3. Even liberals might make an assumption that you are a far-left whackjob. People just read a lot into things. I just don't see how adding a Trump joke helps. But if you think it helps then keep it. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: The people trying to pick you up might not consider you single. Which defeats the purpose of them going to a service in place exclusively for.........singles. Feel free to abuse the system for your own gain, though.
  4. Huh? The events are for singles. Once you meet (and start dating) someone, neither of you are single... I wouldn't even do this. Even if they agree with you they might picture Steven Colbert - someone they're afraid they can't bring around their outspoken Republican uncle. I don't think you really have to prove you don't side with Trump about social rights. Did you also add jokes about Hitler, Idi Amin, Elizabeth Bathory, etc?
  5. Anyone else think implants look much better when the woman is fully clothed?
  6. Eating is vital. And eating quality meals is so much better than not. I'm all for exchange of information about food - even if it seems like vapid small talk. I prioritize Se over Si. ...... added to this post 17 minutes later: God yes. My ESFJ MIL has to comment on, or react to, every single insignificant environmental deviation. It's somehow not possible for her to recognize it as a non-issue, or something that commenting on makes for annoying low signal-to-noise conversation. She just constantly talks. It never ends. On the flip side she'll ask you 50 times if you're getting enough AC. For people who are said to have great people skills ESFJs seem really lacking in basic human interaction or social awareness sometimes. While INTJs love control, SJs seem to not be able to recognize things out of their control. And they let it bother them. Both her and my ISTJ wife get severely annoyed by my neighbors parking in front of our house. I swear to God every fucking time ESFJ comes over I gotta hear about it. I've told her time and time again "we don't own the street." "What do you want me to do about it?" But still it's literally impossible for her to not comment about it. I really think it's just that she's severely racist against Asians. It's really obnoxious. And of course she claims she doesn't judge people but she's lying. I've noticed my wife gets angered if she sees a car cut another car off. "Did you see that? What an asshole!" I don't get that...it's out of our control. Then at the same time she gets mad if I honk at someone who cuts me off. She thinks it's rude.
  7. Two weeks is a long time for 3 people to be trapped together. Make sure you leave him/them time and space to unwind. Even a day maybe where you do your own thing - though the logistics of that are tough. It's not easy to give blanket advice with almost no context. But like Echo said...do not pack every day with activities.
  8. There is something I hear advertised for singles events. No idea if it "works" or not. I guess the shitty thing is if a creepy woman comes on to you you can't lie and say you have a gf. And if you begin dating someone you meet there neither of you can go to the events anymore.
  9. I prefer natural breasts. But I'm pretty sure most guys either don't care or prefer artificially enhanced ones. If getting them makes you feel more sexy and confident then go for it.
  10. To me that just sounds like a "good dad". Not someone who is "openly feminist".
  11. I just don't understand why you wouldn't simply ask the parents first. It's the respectful thing to do. Additionally, to take it as a personal affront when they ask you to not give their child candy (you got super petty in that restaurant story because you didn't get what you wanted)*. They don't know you and you don't know their child. Kids weren't put on this planet so you can use them to feel warm and fuzzy inside. You can obviously do whatever you want (it's not illegal to give out candy unless you're a man in a van) but it's silly if you can't comprehend why a parent might not like this. And immature to get upset about it. *I'm sure a toddler has popped up behind your booth hundreds of times without you changing tables.
  12. How often do you yell at strangers' kids? It's pretty selfish to not want to correct strange children unless you get to feed some of them snacks without going so far as to ask their parents. The two acts shouldn't be related. If I see a kid hit another, I tell him to stop. I'll also notify the parents if they are anywhere to be found. And it's not contingent on whether or not I get to give kids snacks without asking the parents. You're basically saying that if you aren't allowed to achieve warm fuzzies inside by giving kids snacks (without permission from their legal guardian) then you are willing to let another kid hit another without doing anything about it. That's terrible. Why not just ask first? That way everyone is happy. The legal guardians...you (let's say 80% of the time they say yes), the kids getting free snacks, as well as the kids being physically assaulted at the playground (since you'll be happy to help them now).
  13. Spelling you're wrong.
  14. Well let me explain Friends for you. It's a show about 6 hetero whiteys who are constantly in and out of hetero relationships or hookups. Even with multiple other Friends. (Rachel got with Ross AND Joey! Ross married Rachel and even made out with Phoebe on a pool table once. Chandler married Monica. And there was an episode where Chandler and Phoebe made out! Cue theme song
  15. Have you seen a single episode of Friends? Honest question.