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  1. History sub-forum might be nice.

  2. Is it just me or did there used to be a Jezebel bot in the chatroom thats not there anymore?

  3. Just came back today after weeks of having like, zero interest in reading the forum, and I wanted to check the INTJf political subform for lulz, of course. Now what? You closed it! Bullshit, Jeez!

    Well done, I appreciate the irony of it all. On a serious note, the political subform was a treasure of humanity. If you ever open it back in some kind of decent form I may even volunteer to moderate the hell out of it.

    Success and health in 2017.


  4. Hello Jezebel,

    I just signed up on this forum and I've found out that it is yours.

    Can I know your full name?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


  5. what happened to member Ailed; sock? egregious violation?

  6. This thread was only borderline acceptable to begin with, and has crossed the line far too many times. Time to move on.
  7. is it just me, or has there been a jump in membership registration (per day or per week or etc) since the server migration?

    1. Whoops


      ...if so, how does it compare to the highest such rate the forum has ever had?

  8. Happy BIRTHDAY <33333333333333333333333333

  9. dunno whether this is a privacy glitch or mod glitch or etc, but note that ysubs last visit was 10/22 yet her last post was clearly this tuesday. the same contradiction appears in your profile wall. just letting you know.


    1. Whoops


      :thinking: my profile too. makes me curious what's being tracked by what. any who, rock on.

    2. Jezebel


      It's a privacy feature of logging in "anonymously" so their activity can't be tracked as easily. You can still see that they're active because of the timestamp on their last posts, but if they didn't want people to know they logged in they can choose not to post.

    3. Whoops


      thank you. i thought that might be so. made me laugh at myself, actually. "your last activity was a week ago yesterday."

  10. Sure, but getting the occasional DMCA notice might be something you'll need to be prepared to deal with in such a saturated field of people making similar easy to make designs. You said you talked with the other seller. What exactly did she say? Was it only about that one design? The top paragraph of that page contains the best piece of advice: mcharis should not be using that information to accuse people of crimes, nor should they be listening to you or me for accurate legal advice. They need to talk to an attorney if they have serious concerns. This isn't saying the other seller is committing perjury if they aren't accurate in their legal interpretation; it's saying that if the notifier (myows?) falsified information and isn't actually authorized to make a complaint on the other seller's behalf they're under the penalty of perjury.
  11. It is when it's the basis of the violation you're citing: The word "knowingly" has meaning and is important here. Do you really think everyone who misinterprets the law gets charged with perjury? It's about lying, not being ignorant. Your example has nothing to do with perjury. More likely, your lawyer will advise you to change your charge to something more suitable before the case is heard so you won't be ignorant (like battery instead of rape, since spitting on someone actually can be a crime). In any event, even if you lost the case due to misinterpreting the law it doesn't mean you will automatically get charged with a crime for being wrong. Perjury doesn't apply until the case goes to court and is something only the courts can decide. mcharis should not casually accuse people of committing felonies based on advice they got from an internet forum. When you sell products that incidentally look like a lot of other people's products, it's always going to be a danger. If not from this person, from someone else who creates similar products later on. The best defense is to be more creative with your changes so you'll always be different from your competition.
  12. I think the person who filed the dmca against mcharis does believe what they're saying is true - I just think they're wrong. The products are similar enough and artists overvaluing their derivative creations is common enough that I would not assume that they're deliberately making false claims.
  13. This doesn't apply here. Perjury is about lying under oath, and they haven't even been to court yet. The thing is, the other seller does have rights to copyright work they create using the flowers. The non-exclusive license doesn't mean artwork using the flowers can't have its own copyright - only that other designers also get to those flowers. My guess is that the other person genuinely thinks their designs were unique enough and that mcharis copied off them. If mcharis had copied their designs exactly and did nothing more than change what the text said or if the seller had made unique additions that mcharis also copied in addition to the flowers, they might even have a good case. My opinion is that both designs we're shown in this thread rely heavily on stock art with few changes and are following generic design conventions for wedding invitations. I don't think they are unique enough or that mcharis' designs are similar enough for the complaint to be valid.
  14. Installed a plugin that turns off automerge in the blog subforum.

    thank you!

  15. So there you go. If someone is going to buy cheap stock art sold to the masses under a non-exclusive license, then they need to accept that their product might end up looking very similar to what other people do with the same elements. If originality is important and they don't want other people selling similar products, then they need to either learn to create their own stock or fork over much more money to an artist for an exclusive license. The fact that they're both wedding invitations isn't enough; watercolor flowers, script fonts, and 'elegant' color schemes are generic choices for wedding designs. I'm not knocking it; I've used cheap stock art for my own projects, but it would be ludicrous to send a copyright notice to everyone who chose the same stock as me for similar projects.