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  1. Sigh
  2. Honestly, I think the importance within the realm of dating with a INTJ lacks somewhat.. If you are someone that does put it right at the top ,.. I don't see the point of even trying, always put your priorities of what you value first,then hopefully someone will have the similar goals as you.. And wam bam..we have a situation of equals.. ...... added to this post 24 minutes later: I think it would be like Titanic..
  3. I dunno... Is the beast within a INTJ in the bedroom department...
  4. Awwweee cute :)
  5. Actually, I think i can't answer this Q ..as personally I am a idealist ..I think for me I will always be thinking "is this it ?" Over everything ,until I am truly happy with what I have ..tho I have thought over this Q for a few days ..I believe this is my answer at present . ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: Hmm, watch this space scenario.. Enjoy :) ...... added to this post 7 minutes later: Omg ..congrats :) That is beautiful ..
  6. I just noticed after 13 years ,right opposite my house ,the neighbor has a huge Christmas tree in their garden.. So I am a bit WTF..
  7. :)
  8. What has been a date you wanted to forget...
  9. Err ..no one ,it's the Internet
  10. I've never dated a woman .. So ..
  11. Agree
  12. I got no problem with your definition. Do you love your favorite foods under that same definition? I have this emotion with a battered sausage ,Chips with lashings upon lashings of curry sauce on top ...that is pure swoon love ...seriously I can honestly say ,I wish I could love like you, i just wouldn't /couldn't ,
  13. Is that Saturn ? Plus I was thinking ,living a life with penquins without gossip..t