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  1. First of all thank you for your answers! I hope it's about insecurity.. I see so you've experienced the same things like the texting problems as well? And what do you think, do they like to make the first move or rather not?
  2. He is interesting. One day he's nice and we talk for hours, and I feel a kind of attraction, he likes to tease me but when it comes to that, he can be caring. But sometimes, he ignores me and doesn't even look at me, and sometimes acts rude. Also when it's just the two of us having a conversation, he barely looks into my eyes, he suddenly has to observe the surrondings.
  3. Sorry I can't, I sent him a sreenshot and its quite long. But its a funny tongue twister :D so not a meaningful stuff but still awesome i guess
  4. Hi! There's this INTJ guy I like. We text each other from time to time, usually he is the one initiating contact this way ( we work at the same place anyways). But I don't really understand some things in connection with his style of communication. For example: -Sometimes he stops answering me in a middle of a conversation, though after that, he is still active on facebook for quite a long time, despite the fact thathe barely uses facebook all in all - It seems to me that he usually texts me back in the same speed as I text him back. So if it takes me longer (because I want to come up with something good :D) then it takes him even longer, like he wanted me to wait for him as well. But if I text him back quickly, he does the same. - In general if we text each other, he spends more time on facebook even if we don't talk anymore - Today he was annoying. I sent him a funny poem, he saw my text after ten minutes then it took him 3 hours to answer, while he was more active than he usually is. And his answer was a single emoji!! then i texted him back a bit later asking if he liked that poem, but he didn't answer my question just started to joke about something. and then we started a normal conversation.
  5. First of all thank you for all the answers.I love him because I have a reason to love him.. though maybe I emhasized the bad part too much. As I said we communicate a lot and there's a kind of mental conection between us. And since I se him everyday it's really hard to get through that whole thing. So it does not seem to me as a waste of time since i feel or see that something is going on everyday. And all i want to know if it is real or not. . There's no marriage thing involved in the situation. It's that he is in a higher position than i am in a school. Nothing happened really. everything was fine, and after that day he started to act differently for a while. So yeah it may sound pointless but I can't help my feelings. The lack of forwardness comes from the 'cant yet' part of the situation.
  6. Hi there! I would like to ask for help in connection with an INTJ guy, who i may be in love with. We've knwon each other for three years, and I started to like him2,5 years ago. The problem is that we are in an interesting situation.. due to our status we can't be romantically involved.. yet. So first of all I'm interested in how you would act with a girl who you like romantically but cannot be with? ( we meet and see each other everyday) In short, I'm looking for signs. More about our relationship: I was the one who got an eye on him fist but soon it became a mutual thing i guess. We talked a lot, we have a similar sense of humour, so we became closer and closer but then after we even went to the theatre together ( where we drank from the same bottle, he took me home and etc.), he started to act coldly, sometimes avoided me or if he didn't avoid me he came to talk to me or rather my friends and started to pay attention to one of my closest friends and totally ignored me. He stared at her, checked her out shamelessly but me.. he wasn't even looking at me. After this period we became close again, he texted me constantly and there was a time when (due to an unsuccessful project of mine) I was a bit depressed, and he cared so much, he hugged me and bought me coffe and chocolate and ah so all in all he was caring. Since then his behaviour is rather unstable. One day he's smiling and talks to me a lot and seeks me out, then the other day he ignores me, doesn't even look at me, and when i try to talk to him he answers like he didn't even know me. And sometimes he talks to that friend of mine who i mentioned before, in the same way as he did when we had that period. As i mentioned we cant be together yet so do you think that he behaves in such way because of this fact? Or does he even like me that way? Sometimes I feel hopeless and the whole situation makes me so weak. Also important information that he usually avoids eye contact with me ( that's why it was annoying that he stared at my friend) though, usually stares at me when I'm not looking. Sorry for the messy writing I'm just so confused at the moment that i want to escape my own head and quit thinking for a while