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  1. Good stuff and lots of good reading. I followed them to the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory. It's easier to remember than terms like solipsistic introjection and dissociative imagination.
  2. Good point and I put a lot of effort into being lazy myself.
  3. The college curriculum is full of fluff anyway. Why not have an ethics class in there? There are a lot of "professional" degrees (engineering, medicine, law, etc.) where the profession requires "ethical behavior" and awareness of minimum ethics standards. Maybe you should drill down on where the professions' definition of ethical behavior and your own diverge?
  4. For those of you smarter than me on sociology and psychology , what are your thoughts on the ever increasing vitriol in social media?
  5. Stupid people are quite amusing. They're also fairly easy to ignore. Believe or not, it requires a modicum of intelligence to get under my skin.
  6. Edging God Out? It's an actual debate... I couldn't hit myself enough times in the head to dig further though.
  7. Generally I think that it is a platitude... repeated to the point of being meaningless. Spending some brain calories on how it is applicable, I come up with the following. If you look for the cathartic epiphany to understand something which you previously did not, the addition of truth leads to that epiphany.
  8. Sure.
  9. Absurdism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absurdism ...... added to this post 14 minutes later: I agree with you both on this one. Extremism. Great comments too. They make remember Eric Hobsbawm, my favorite historian, who defined (modern) progress as mankind learning to 'live in expectation of apocalypse'. He's a tough read but fascinating. "Age of Extremes" comes to mind if you're a reader.
  10. The gap seems to be growing to me too. Intelligence takes effort. I don't think that we're getting stupider. I think we're getting lazier.
  11. This is a fun thread... brings back good memories. You want to look for a highly analytical mind and limited social engagement... or social engagement with a purpose. Remember that the "cause and effect" portion of the brain is last to develop and that MBTI model may be somewhat limited for teens. I absolutely loved school. I went to catholic school and argued a lot. I'm still convinced that I was far too smart to have been stuck there. I probably would have been kicked out if I hadn't been a straight A student and my father hadn't taught there. I actually had a nun burn one of my papers in front of the class. Got kicked out of a second class that day too. Great times.
  12. Generally, no. I believe in nice clean breaks as they front-load most of that drama. It's funny though, the cliché "the one that got away" still applies... 20 years later for me. So, I'd have to say it happened once and that it probably shaped my future responses to break-ups.
  13. God help me, you have me quoting Jim Carrey. Well done.
  14. Everyone is equal... some of us are more equal than others though. Animal Farm, anyone?
  15. I believe that the posters do absurd intentionally. I find it funny because to remove the Marxist influence from culture you'd need to use McCarthy-inspired control of it... suppress free speech, revise history, replace it with a revised culture, etc. Nothing like some totalitarianism to get rid of that Marxism, you know.