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  1. How do you interact with your colleagues at work? I usually struggle between being too social (for my taste) and shutting myself off! I feel that interacting is important and I want to keep being part of the group, but I don't know how to do it without feeling that it's a waste of time to have never-ending conversations about trivialities... should I perhaps, schedule my socializing time at work?
  2. Once I dated another INTJ and when we broke up it was like losing my best friend. We never had big fights, never run out of conversation, we didn't agree with everything but in general we agreed about our despise for other people xD but we also never used to talk about our feelings...
  3. I never had dogs but I would like to adopt one at some point in the future, I always preferred cats and I think they can be very "INTJ" sometimes xD I think taking care of any kind of animal can help us to be more in touch with our loving side and have a positive impact in our lives.
  4. Good question! I see it more a matter of being honest with yourself... and different options might work at different times...
  5. It seems depressing to live forever in a place where one doesn't get much sunlight!
  6. Not having enough time is not a valid excuse. It can be true, but what it really means is that he doesn't want to invest time in this relationship specially now that he is busy because he's just not that into you, even if you are the perfect girlfriend and he wishes he was... and would be better to say so, so you don't waste your time trying to understand.
  7. "Of course I talk to myself, sometimes I need expert advise" probably said somewhere, sometime by an INTJ
  8. I might not be very motivated some times... but I still have curiosity for what is to come, I like looking back and seeing the things that happened with a new light.
  9. It always sucks, even when you know it's for the best. What I do when it hurts is to remind myself of the reasons to break up and have faith that with time the pain will fade. That's awful, I guess it's better late than never?
  10. I guess if you don't know if you are in love, it's because you aren't... That's the theory, in practice, when I'm in a great relationship, despite knowing there's something missing... I keep trying to delude myself into believing I might be in love.
  11. With welfarist measures I meant exactly what RachelSomething understood. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: The job of the bullfighter or the pleasure of the people watching it does not justify it. The example of the murderer makes it easier to understand. ...... added to this post 26 minutes later: Allow me to summarize. For what I read, most people are not troubled by the fact that they are against bullfighting but they still eat meat. That's because in their minds bullfighting is only for pleasure, but.... eating animal products is not for pleasure too? (I'm talking about nowadays, in developed countries).
  12. Gladiators were a tradition and people enjoyed it, traditions change and society needs to evolve. People will always find other sources of pleasure, but in any case, pleasure should never be above ethics. Furthermore, abuse must be rooted out, simple welfarist measures would only normalize it.
  13. No need to eat animal products anymore, this is the 21st century, at least for developed countries. Veganism is a life style that embraces more than a diet, it rejects any form of discrimination and violence towards human and non-human animals. This is just placing your pleasure over your ethics. The fact that there are other bad things in the world that could even be worse, doesn't make bullfighting more right. Would human slavery be alright if slaves would have better conditions?
  14. I sense sarcasm in your post... but could you develop a bit more why would you need to do something and why particularly those things?
  15. I always try to remain calm and inexpressive but my face betrays me and it's obvious that something is bothering me. If I find myself with people with whom I can't reason and their behaviour is directly affecting me, I would try to be strong and confront them. Last step if nothing works, would be to cry and walk away, if possible the other way around so they can't see me cry xD I don't deal well with confrontation and arguments, they really affect me.