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  1. Yum. Tasty, and not at all itchy. I nom your crabs and raise you sharks and whales and seashells.. (Oh my!)
  2. Hah. I just found the site you took your whole last post from. https://funkymbtifiction.tumblr.com/post/102138634255/so-ive-noticed-on-all-the-typing-websites-cs And, to put this to rest, it might help if you reread the last sentence of the writing I borrowed from another site.
  3. I think this argument is compelling: https://nancyfenn.wordpress.com/2007/04/15/was-c-s-lewis-an-infp-by-david-botton/
  4. This is one of those things we INFPs have in common with many INTJs.
  5. Cute. :) According to this: http://www.celebritytypes.com/infp.php he and Tolkien were both INFP. Moralistic fantasy? Metaphor? Welcome to our playground. Those are INFP building blocks. I realize many of you INTJ folks don't believe anyone else can be brilliant, but it just ain't so.
  6. True enough. My brother became an abusive misogynist. I think he's already on his fifth wife.
  7. There are cultural differences to account for, I suppose. My father, born in the Middle East, treated my sociopathic brother like a crown prince and beat me at the drop of a hat. He would laugh with pride when my brother lied, or spoke disrespectfully, and then turn around slap me when I laughed at the dinner table. He would beat me when he had a bad day and buy my brother gifts for no reason. My brother caught on, of course, and would do whatever he could to make my father beat me, simply for his entertainment. When I was nine, my mother gave me a free bank calendar which I hung inside the closet I used to hide in. It had a picture of a beribboned little girl and her poodle in a pink room. The caption: "Daddy's Little Girl." I cried over that thing for a couple of years before I threw it out. But I suppose the article was referencing healthy families and people...
  8. I could come up with at least a couple dozen, (including more of hers) but I've adored Kate since I was 19 and thought I'd keep it simple. :)
  9. Not necessarily, I just appreciate people who possess a modicum of humility.
  10. 'Cept we're attracted to minds, not raw ego....
  11. That's what I was trying to say about different "types" of intelligence. I use this term because I'm attracted to, and excited by, individual minds, and the ways in which they see and process the world around them (often very differently than I do). This has very little to do with raw IQ points, so the "pretentious" argument against sapiosexuality holds very little water. At least with me.
  12. I find mistakes like that endearing. Even weirdly attractive. It's always good to show, in the very beginning, that you're human and fallible. As long as you can eventually laugh at yourself, you're golden. Unless she is extremely insecure and judgemental, I can't imagine one little faux pas over coffee ruining your chances of another date.
  13. Good point. We won't dress our kittens at the Kitten Boxing Academy. No use insulting them during training.
  14. That's not a death stare. She's just hungry...