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    Curious and creative interloper. http://www.popsci.com/wtf-is-pangolin-fall-in-love-with-this-sentient-artichoke-before-it-goes-extinct

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  1. Which one?? Why are you burning things? 0.o @Eric86 I like the Jenga idea best.
  2. Sulk. Brood. Crawl into a hole. Lose faith in humanity, myself, and all i hold dear. Pretty much that.
  3. Good point! We'll just create cozy reading nooks with bookshelves for walls. :)
  4. Wait... we have a CLUB? Do we have a clubhouse? If not, should we build one? Or two? (Since our desires conflict so often.) How about we have a small cozy one like this: And a light, airy one like this: Or this: *sits down, munches on a cookie, and looks over blueprints...*
  5. Oh my. My mother lives in Shelton. I should warn her not to sleep in socks.
  6. Oh well, since they have TWO nerd degrees, how can I refuse? How do they feel about chains, though?
  7. Haha... the person you were referring to who totes around Crime and Punishment hoping it will get him laid, perhaps? ;-) No thanks. But I have no issue with being chained to a desk...
  8. This made me giggle, even though I identify as sapiosexual. To me, it's not elitism, it's (I know, i know, hold your lunch) an honest to goodness "orientation" of sorts. There is no way I can be attracted to someone unless I'm interested in their mind. I don't care what they look like. At all. I feel completely at a loss when my friends try to point out people they find attractive on, for instance, Tinder, because they're just pictures of people. Sure, I think there are aesthetic and less aesthetic aspects to people's appearances, but that has nothing to do with my attraction to them. At all. I hear so much sapio-hate out there and I just have to grin and bear it because I realize the world's opinion is not changing anytime soon.
  9. AdBlocker Ultimate means I haven't seen ads, anywhere, in a very long time, but now I see I'm missing out on a lot of the fun. These are priceless! I thought that ads on a site like this were supposed to target the users. Show of hands, who wants a Lil Kim Squat Poster?? :D
  10. Hahaha... Toddlers? Gee, I hope they're not watching that. And I suspect these poor souls thought they were making art, not toddler pr0n.
  11. I chose warm/hot but I'm really a hothouse flower. I'm happiest if the temperature is between 60 and 75 degrees. Any hotter and it had better be dry heat. Where I live, any season but winter is likely to hit that range at least some of the time.
  12. Thank you @RBM Like I said at the outset, I don't usually share so much, but this seemed relevant. Maybe my next personal goal should be more open sharing.
  13. "Feelings" are relative/subjective. One of the reasons I included suicide and narcotics in my tag line was the very fact that suffering is unique to each individual and the ways in which we deal with it are varied and may or may not really address the underlying suffering or allow us to find a point to that suffering. One could "have it all," and really, truly, suffer more than someone with leprosy who is living in a hovel if their brains are wired for suffering. Clinical depression is an invisible illness. And, of course, there are many other invisible illnesses that contribute to people's suffering, so it's impossible to judge, from external circumstances, just how much a person suffers. Not that there aren't people such as you describe, I admit that there are plenty. But I suspect your point was that suffering defines joy the way shadow defines light? And that the purpose of suffering is eventual gratitude? If that's so, then does ending suffering through drugs or suicide/euthanasia render that individual's suffering pointless because the experience of joy/gratitude was never achieved?
  14. Not that I have a whole lot to add to this discussion, but I have never looked down on people who've chosen not to breed. In fact, I'm a little ashamed that my biological clock ticked so loudly that I chose to have a child with the first male that was near at hand when the clock struck midnight. That led to over 20 years of a badly drawn marriage and more suffering than I care to explain. I don't regret my daughter, but I regret my choices. And I would never claim any moral or social superiority for those of us who succumbed to instinct. As a young woman I was ambitious, and the path I ended up on led to all my plans being flushed down the toilet. Again, I don't regret my daughter. I adore her. But parenthood is just one path of many. I suspect many parents actually envy those who have chosen not to procreate.