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    I'm a straightforward yet diplomatic guy, who cannot tolerate fools easily. Impatient and moody
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    Life is to laugh

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  1. Nintendo Wii, hehe old but it was Free!
  2. Hardly attend parties, but some I cannot avoid due to social compulsions. Well just grin and bear with hopefully with the help of alcohol, then it becomes fun. I just bother enough to thank the host and don't give much of a fuck for any acquaintance I don't care about. So there. As like most of INTJs I like to keep to myself most of the time. THAT is so much more enjoyable.
  3. Well, it depends. I don't mind a girl hitting on me. I have turned a few off whom I did not like. The point is you gotta like the girl who hits on you. If you do then it's good, or else no. But no , I don't find all the girls who hit on me desperate or not being feminine. Some were definitely, but not all. On top of it, I am from a region of a country which is deeply traditional and paternalistic. It is not common around here for girls to hit on guys at all. It is usually frowned upon by guys. I don't though, as I spoke it matters whether the girl attracts me or not.
  4. I hope it works out for you. I'm from India and I've seen many an affairs broken due to family pressure in Indian families. Families play a huge part in Indian guys life. There are few who can resist the pressure put on them and choose their own mates against mom/dad. It happens, but mostly it doesn't . Indians when question of marriage comes are extremely family oriented. They would try to convince, cajole, intimidate; but rarely go against parents wishes regarding life partner. I would say if he doesn't get back to India then you have a future, but if he does and you two are not married; then keep your fingers crossed.
  5. Grass will always look greener on the other side. It may really be so sometimes, but mostly it's more of the same just with some different flavour. There is no harm in dreaming about anyone other than your bf. Life can take unexpected turns and you never know where you'll end up. But don't really expect grass to be greener; because mostly it isn't , it's just different.
  6. Ummm I can't talk for NRIs (non resident Indians), but for someone from the land I can say marrying someone from other religion is frowned upon in most of India; may not be in Metros/and for upper and upper-middle class Indians though. So the tendency for Indian parents is to marry off their sons whenever they get a chance to work abroad so that they don't have to worry about their sons bringing a Wife who may not accept the Moma's boy that most Indian guys are in their parental home. But there is also a certain attraction to having a Blonde woman as daughter in law and wife for Indian's in general. After all most Indians equate beauty with skin tone. The fairer the better.
  7. Reading mostly non fiction, military history specifically , sometimes music and movies. A bit of gaming thrown in for variety occasionally. Really enjoy a bit of whisky when watching or listening.
  8. Betelnut and betelleaf with tobacco .
  9. Mostly kindle now, books are cheaper and you get good deals sometimes. But I have a large collection of Hardback and Paperback dating back to 1999 so I do re-read them sometimes. But anything new is mostly kindle now. Audiobooks are not my thing at all.
  10. 1) No not much really, once in while I do but not usual unless I'm tipsy. 2) Yes I do surprise her , with gifts sometimes on some special occasions the year round; I do cook sometimes though mostly because I like it or I want to help her. 3) Hmm that I do , I do that whenever we are sitting together, I need that and she loves it. 4) I some times do smell her hair, she likes it for me it depends on my mood. The catalyst hmmm, can't say really, depends on mood and alcohol, The intention is to solidify the bond and express my feelings to her. I can hardly do that verbally; it is almost always have to be something physical.
  11. 100 ml whisky taken now. 90ml taken earlier. Damn, now feel Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooommmmmhhh. Pissed a few guys on facebook hehe.
  12. Don't bother with grammar, we just need to understand what you say, Welcome.
  13. Welcome to the forum. Hope you get good company here.
  14. Cool Idea, whenever I have a quarrel I'll just switch her off and re-program her.
  15. Really that's so true.