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  1. C Fuck , damn it takes one minute to type a fucking single word. Oh One 380 ml , one 180 ml and one 90 ml Whisky hehehe. Don't know what I talked to all . hahahhhhha
  2. I am always scared of it. Even now, I've been hurt many times; always by the people I loved and trusted. My spouse, she is great, but she cannot connect with me , well I accept it, You don't get everything in life. And for me it is not a big need anyway.
  3. Well for me it's age, when I was younger I did think and act like you did. Time flows and life changes. You keep dating, someday you are sure to get someone you'll fall for. No one knows when it would happen beforehand, so just keep trying. As to how it works well I keep myself emotional distance from everyone including my SO. That works for me and she doesn't bother.
  4. Took me damn 15 minutes to get this damn thread blllllllllah, Fucked up a friend today after having some damn. Don't care not someone close and I was fucking right what I said so okay . Damn need some more but none left
  5. Welcome have a good time.
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    Welcome enjoy your stay.
  7. Mooo Mooo how hard is that to read.😭 ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: No he was drunk. So was I.
  8. i',m always conflicted.
  9. Listening to some Lossless music on an Sennheiser HD598
  10. One of my closest friend said I'm hard to read. Is it true to all of us?
  11. Having dinner.
  12. Welcome from another n00b. have a nice time here.
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    Welcome and have a nice time here.
  15. Don't know yet