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  1. Hello and welcome.:)
  2. Feeling being part of your thoughts are thoughts. However, they at a lot of times criticize each other, causing a hassle to the brain to be able to operate effectively, especially as individuals, as an Extroverted Thinking dominated person. Any feeling from the outside, will have quite a devastating effect if the external feeling you recieve tries to overwhelm your already strong Thinking ability if you are not prepared to recieve it. Our defensive mechanism, protecting us from further devastation, will therefore shield any feelings coming outside we are not yet prepared enough to recieve. One way to look at Fe is to expand the scope of Te. Another way to look at it is to make room for more extensive information from Fe, to complete the external picture and impressions you have built up. But in order to prepare to learn how to feel, you have to evaluate your own feeling first.
  3. Wow. You got so much thoughts on this. I go straight to it all along without thinking much, but procedure over procedure, wall after wall, never thinking about the middle as much, but sight upon the final goal. If at school I with grades. At work I go with salary and finance, and so on. Or I would suggest life is like crushing things along the way to walk straight like this video. I mean, this is part of my point, even though this video is humoring lol. I hope this will be satisfying. The vid is a Pokemon episode that last around 20 mins.
  4. I agree with near everything in here. Even nice people like my friend can turn nasty like that, or at least, extremely uncomfortable. Then I knew if I push my point I will break them. I fell into this trap before. It was lucky that I did listen to psychological advice, and realized my church had been brainwashing me. But one thing did come in mind that time - I did not want to give up my believing system because it was scary, and I was afraid I will lose everything. Hope this make sense.
  5. Why would we need one if we already decided what to do ourselves? I found it now pointless to let something or someone telling me the standard answer to this. What I ended up is just continuing with life just like anyone else anyways.
  6. Hello. And welcome.
  7. That is off logic. He is better off seeing another professional palm reader who will not rip others off, then he can do some comparison and, get his head clear(?)
  8. I am a human. Yes but. But I cannot really tell whomever is more or less valuable than whom.
  9. Nope. Personally. But I do not take granted thatI will see them every time.
  10. I think it is a bad idea not being able to exercise empathy without sound judgement. Being "too emotional" is a problem. What about "too intelligent"?
  11. In my opinion, I do not see the point of writing a very formal letter to the teacher. Parents are casual people. Like mine, like you, like anybody else. So you will not have to worry about, other than formal words like "in regards of", and "yours sincerely" perhaps, at the end of the letter. Making the letter overly formal will produce the adverse effect that you are overly pushy or challenging, or giving the impression that you are better than the teacher. All you are really, if anything that is required, is to be polite, rational, at the same time show the real emotional fustration in a way that is not overly "rash", as in overly "emotionally driven", due to the fact that, say, you or your son cannot cope with the problem, and that has to be addressed. So getting the criteria out of the mind, always prove read. Something you cannot pick up now. An hour, some good minutes, or later, or a good night sleep later, you will pick it up instantly, than you keep editing the letter. While any critiques here are good reference, there is one thing that anybody cannot give a concrete opinion, is whether the particular tone or content in the letter is what you really want it to be - you, the writer, having the letter in sync of what you really are after, in your mind. You do not want to think about senario A, but instead the teacher thought it is B instead. Edit: I am in no way saying the letter is bad nor good. Because such letter's format is quite free instead of being very restricted. It is only the right expression in the right place that matters - what I am after is, that what the other end recieve, is exactly what you want the teacher to recieve. Some impressions have no right nor wrong, being both valid and appropriate, but not nessarily the exact impression you were after.
  12. Well, what does it mean to be "intuitive" then? Maybe it is just us observing information that is not obvious to others? There is nothing supernatural about anything, or maybe there are non supernatural area we just do not know enough to tell. This topic resembles both extremely opposite polar between thinking and feeling. I am so much interested in reading the posts in here.