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  1. @Remszarvas so you want in on this advise train? Well you're in luck, this train takes charter request and it's just about to leave the station. Hop aboard! Choooo Chooooooooo!!! ... At this point my lawyer has advised me that I must include the following: Now that we've got that over with, on to the first stop: So @Remszarvas you want to know why attractive men aren't falling all over you? Sure the train might know a thing or two about that. First off what's this "first step" you're talking about? Kinda important for clarity purposes as here's a little secret for ya: Why is that so important you ask? Because all the men that met @Remszarvas are stupid, period. As time goes by they're actually getting even dumber! Now I know what you're thinking, "but advise train isn't that a bullshit sweeping generalization, there has to be men out there that aren't stupid... right? And really what is the common point in this situation?" SHUT UP... let me finish. Let me define my terms (these ones are special for you @Remszarvas... do you feel special yet?): We're going to say a man is stupid when they can't pick up on @Remszarvas 's obvious signals. Now does this mean that @Remszarvas is doomed to be manless for life? Probably, but it also means that @Remszarvas can make men smart again! Yeah I like that.. so @Remszarvas the power is in your hands! Might I suggest you redefine what your versions of first step and throwing yourself at a man is? I know it's kinda hard to find ways to express interest in someone sometimes... real hard, so I'll throw in the below for free: Now I know what you're thinking "but advise train, that shit's too hard and it's just not worth it!" Welp, don't then, advise train don't give a shit. Seems like that is bringing us nearer to the final station. Looks like this might be a short trip today folks, but it is all for @Remszarvas after all (so... feel special yet?). Grip the seats tight folks, here we are: When's it time to say "f*** this!'? Well advise train has an answer for that one too @Remszarvas. When the idea of having a SO no longer appeals to you... BOOM... that was easy wasn't it. "but... but... that's kind of a flippant answer, isn't it?" Yep, sure is, but try reading that again..... It cuts out ALL the pretenses around what being "in a relationship" is supposed to mean. The only person who can attach value to a relationship is YOU and all of that other shit you think you might need a man for? You don't. You see any mention of pregnancy or kids in that flippant answer there? NOPE. (why's that?) Now don't get advise train wrong, there are plenty of spectacular reasons for being in a relationship and advise train isn't denying that a lot of that life garbage is far easier with backup, but sometimes you just have to be an action hero. So remember, next time someone claims you need an SO feel free to say: "Backup? I'm a damn action hero! I don't even think of calling for that shit!" And that concludes this trip folks... it was all for you @Remszarvas... all of it. TL:DR A bunch of terrible ranty advice that didn't make @Remszarvas feel special.
  2. Welcome to the forum new here... might want to check your username... something doesn't seem to add up here.... Also, welcome awkward, I've never met a greetings with a name before... do you do any tricks? You nailed the hi by the way, looks great in the title. I would have definitely used a capital h, but I'm guessing you didn't want to come off as pushy... I get it, subtle... not bad at all.
  3. Hey no worries, we all get caught in the Phantom Zone at one point or another in our lives. *checks his own post history* Not like I can call anyone out for shit posting anyway, there'd be some pot n' kettle right there eh? But seriously, Hopkins or Tucker... it's important. .... .... Oh and if that wall you built up there is only for cathartic release, that's cool, but if you're looking to express yourself to other humans, slap a TL:DR on that shit.
  4. Hi again Steven, Mighty nice wall of text you've got there.... *takes another good long look at it* Yep that aught to keep everybody out. *checks date joined* Man 2016 really did suck for a lot of people, but I guess there were worse things you could have been doing with your life. Seriously though, in regards to that thread you made a few days back: Was that Mike Hopkins or Mike Tucker... I really need to know, it's totally bugging me now.
  5. This isn't a dating app? ... Hmmm.... .... Guess that explains a few things. (truth) *sigh* Welcome to the forum.
  6. Awww Shiiiiit I'm pretty sure @toki just you gonna take that OP? *grabs popcorn* Seriously though, one and done.
  7. Can confirm. This is not unusual in Canada either. It's actually the preferred method for getting dates. And about a 90% chance he was looking for a date. If it happens again say the following: "I am not looking to date or be in a relationship right now." Should clear things right up.
  8. Ok with that explanation, your situation seems to make a lot more sense. Thanks for clearing that up @GreenRecluse. So you still want to "get ready"? *cracks knuckles* Then get on board the advise train... Choo Chooooooo @xwsmithxhit the nail on the head. Ease yourself in, it's not a race and you've already gained a good amount of "taking it slow" skills, so feel free to use them. And for the love of ALL that is holy, cut this "marriage material" shit out! The amount of pressure you'd be putting on your poor date (and yourself... obviously) is incredible. Also, if you can tell if someone is worth spending the rest of your life with BEFORE even going on a date and getting to know them, bottle that shit, you'll make a mint! Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with strictly dating to find a husband/wife or whatever. But view marriage as the end of the dating path, not the beginning. This does mean that you will be "wasting" your time. Sure, some of those dates are going to be boring, awkward and uncomfortable, be prepared for that. It doesn't mean you should force yourself to have a shitty date, but they'll happen. Problem is, no matter what clairvoyant skills you may have, you're not going to be able to tell if the date is going to be boring till you're there.... don't go looking at me like that... Also, even the good dates you go on will not end the night with the two of you at the church getting hitched, so if marriage is the only goal you're going to be wasting a lot of time. Maybe try to enjoy getting to know your date perhaps... as a fellow human rather than a husband/wife? As for having to be "perfect"... yeah you can safely toss that one too. Not a single decent human being even wants that. That comment about nervous dates being cute? Yep, that's why it's cute, its just one of those little things that show they're human. Does that mean I don't think nervousness = weakness? NOPE, but even superman has one weakness. You think you're better than superman? That guys got laser beam eyes you know. On that same line: Here's a little secret for ya Alright, the advise train is almost at the end of its journey... just one more stop: Dangerous? What's this danger you're talking about? The most common dating dangers are boring evenings and awkward conversations. That being said, if you're uncomfortable being alone with someone or have concerns for your physical safety, double date. That works great if you have a couple you enjoy spending time with... not nearly as intimate, but in your case, that might be for the best. TL:DR Whoa there, slow it down, enjoy the moment, and finally, remember that the person you're dating is an imperfect person, just like you.
  9. I put the bits I thought were relevant in bold. Let me know if I'm off base. It looks like you're working on getting out of IT, that's a good step, but the fact that you haven't made it out yet might need to be looked at. So here's my experience: (massive self aggrandizing unhelpful rant) WAY TL: Totally DR LT's guide: to true success and happiness: Find what you want to do, define your own version of success. Don't be afraid to take a job that isn't "perfect" and don't be too proud to leave that fancy paper off the resume. On a more personal note: If you absolutely have to have a job in statistics, research, or any of those other ones you've listed, cut the MS and aim lower. If you don't know anyone or don't have any contacts, you will NOT get the desirable job with zero directly applicable experience (I'd toss your resume faster than a gopher with syphilis). The interesting job is going to go to the other candidate because they're Jimmy's son or are friends with Bill or they already work there. Is that shitty? Yeah, but that's the way it is. Also, despite popular belief among us over educated, that other candidate probably won't need to have that fancy paper to do a good job. Remember, you can always bust out the big guns AFTER you're in to get that sweet sweet interesting job (or jump companies within that preferred industry). Do NOT lollygag around in an industry you hate though, the shit work ethic and bad habits that accumulate will follow you!
  10. Why hellllooooo there @GreenRecluse. How are YOU dooooing today? Would you like to grab a coffee sometime? .... *Waits for OP to flee thread* .... There, now that's there's no risk of my poor advice being taken seriously: You are definitely not asexual... socially awkward, sure, asexual, NO. I'd check those bolded items. That does NOT sound like respect to me. Why do you think you need to pretend to feel confident? A date who's obviously nervous can be the CUTEST thing... do prepare to be embarrassed though, that's just part of life. Don't really see the massive jump in your two stated options either, unless you're considering making a fool of yourself when trying to ask someone out is reckless. Now, to actually answer your questions: 1. Feeling "unqualified" for relationships? ... Sure, didn't have anything to do with experience, but yah I didn't feel I had the emotional depth needed for a proper "serious" relationship till about my mid 20s. Didn't stop me trying before then though. Did I fall on my face quite a bit? Sure thing, like I said embarrassment is a part of life. 2. Yes even the most robotic INTJ can have feelings. Little known fact: almost all INTJs have feelings, they just don't know what they are. And what commitment are we talking about here? If you're trying to get people to sign a contract to watch a movie with you, you might be doing dating wrong. 3. Tinder? What's Tinder? I think you're going to have to look for someone else to answer that one, but gut instinct says: NO you are not their usual clientele. And now an unsolicited piece of advise: Take a good long look at who you are and why you're sabotaging this part of your life for yourself. Maybe you're just not ready for it yet and there is NOTHING wrong with that despite all of the romantic garbage our society tries to shove down our throats on a daily basis.
  11. Howdy Greenhorn, Pleased to see you've managed to mosey on down our way. About time we got another "kind of weird" around here. Just don't take it too far... but how do you know you've taken it too far? That's easy, just check my post history! Seriously even a quick check of my post history can be quite disturbing.
  12. Sure, in the context you were using it, dropping the first word works. I wouldn't necessarily say it makes the prayer stronger (there being nothing wrong with believing in your own all powerful yogurt free diet), but certainly more compatible. I feel like a bit of a hypocrite for that though. Seeing as the seeming entirety of my issue with Karma stems from my belief that it is losing consistency/meaning after being removed from its religious context. The tapestry thing is from an earlier post. I just like the mental imagery. (fun mental imagery, not relevant) I'm not going to claim that my own personal belief system is 100% consistent or even intelligible, but I could not do this. For a piece to be slotted in there it has to be independently consistent (as much as possible) or it loses all value to me. So for me if a concept can be shown to have obvious flaws I either have to correct those flaws or I can't accept it.
  13. What no love for Yakitate!! Japan? I don't even like most anime and I've watched that series several times over. Definitely not a dark/serious one though. I'll also throw in with: Cowboy Beebop Ghost in the Shell (movies only, series was meh) One Punch Man (first few episodes are gold, meh after that though) Attack on Titan One Piece had its moments too, but WAY too repetitive. Sorry, no clue if any of that is available in English, I hate anime dubs, so have never checked.
  14. Oh man that's bad, I mean obviously they must only get "Passions" Down Under. That's like a third world Soap. Seriously one of their most popular characters is Timmy Lenox man. It's a freaking doll that came to life.... lame! But I can totally see how they think it's real though. You know with the actual actor dying of a heart malfunction on the same day they air the episode where his character donates it's heart to some chick... Harsh. Probably a good thing you don't have TV anymore though. You might have watched too many Soaps already. Like I'm still alright because I can still totally remember to cite my references. You should watch that shit, I've been told its called Plantagenet or some shit if you don't cite 'em... apparently its bad... don't really know why, but some people really have a hate on for Royalty. (proof)
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that pretty much invalidate Karma? My understanding of Karma is that it is a method of explaining why seemingly random events occur, as well as being a way to promote selfless actions (or just to keep the unruly lower castes in line if you're the glass half empty type). Granted, the faith based bits may or may not have been tacked on after a few people pointed out what we have in this thread.... That's not necessarily a bad thing and of course there is nothing wrong with NOT believing in Karma. See, isn't this a more palatable philosophy than Karma? It has some lovely imagery that's easy to understand, but still mentally stimulating. It's not so simple that it completely relies on faith, but it isn't so complicated that it makes it unwieldy. Personally I prefer my tapestry, but I'm biased... I love all my babies. .... I'll admit it, I had to look that one up. It's very nice, I prefer the short version though, it has less compatibility issues. I could definitely see some issues with it, even the short version, depending on what your flavour of "all powerful yogurt free diet" is. I mean calling on Ares, Dionysus, Loki, or that guy who's actually the entire universe in the first line might not work out the greatest. (saving you heathens a google search) I'd say this is fairly consistent with Karma. The bad deed that you'd be punished for would be the negative thoughts/self-absorption. Granted it's a much murkier interpretation when we're not just looking at actions, but it fits. Also, it has the advantage of being consistent with that "Science is my only God" thing that's been going around. Gotta love that Placebo effect...