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  1. Ah teamwork. Glad you found the loophole. Welcome to the forum.
  2. *stands up* Welcome to the forum.... ...
  3. I have to admit that I've made the same mistake. Moriarty really does fit better after you think about it though... you know with all the maniacal laughter and scheming. Also, as a fellow Holmes fan here's an imdb link to the definitive series in case you've missed it: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086661/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_10 Nothing else I've found even compares. Welcome to the forum.
  4. I approve of your funny lil buddy... ... Minimalist... ... I like. Welcome to the forum.
  5. Welcome to the forum Chuck. And don't worry, I have it on good authority that it's hip to be square. (news clip)
  6. Don't worry relationships with INTJs are easy to maintain, you just need to figure out the spot where the batteries go. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Delayed Phatic Communication ENGAGE Welcome to the forum.
  8. Unfortunately there are many different versions of pension plans in Canada (including different municipal ones). Not all of the plans are created equal and we've seemingly gone out of our way to make them overly complex. Here's an overview that covers the different types in a general sense, consult your actual plan for the details: http://munkschool.utoronto.ca/imfg/uploads/331/imfg_no23_pensionplans_bobbaldwin.pdf Generally pension plans can be considered a good idea, but that would also depend on your situation and preferences. Regardless, in your particular case I'd suggest sticking with the TFSA (assuming you are not capping it) and investing. Ending up with a minuscule benefit amount and having to deal with the extra financial complexity may not be worth it after you've retired. From the retirees I've discussed pensions with, even the RRSP rules can be burdensome. Reconsider your options after you're out of school and in a more secure financial position. If you end up staying with your employer you can always opt into the plan later.
  9. Well @MrRoboto, I honestly think you should try to live up to your username. If you truly do have issues with most people, keeping to yourself is actually the best for you and them... While you don't have to like all your coworkers you do have to interact with them and an awkward workplace is light years better than a hostile workplace. I've had success with keeping to myself pretty much my entire career. While I've only rarely disliked any of my coworkers I've never socialized with any of them, except as briefly as possible at work functions. I've always tried to keep my conversations brief, polite and professional rather than personal as well. I can't say that it has made me too many friends, but if you stay respectful most people will respect you in return. That being said, if you are the type that wants to be in the running for a promotion or climb the corporate ladder staying in your robotic shell will pretty much kibosh that. Being the boring one that keeps to themselves doesn't attract much attention, positive or negative. I'd also suggest working on your dreaded small talk skills. If you have even a minor interest in things like the weather or local traffic they can be good neutral ways of interacting with coworkers when those awkward moments arise. It's also a nice way to treat your coworkers like people while still boring the shit out of them so they'll leave you alone.
  10. Hmmm... Let me see here... communicates maturely and effectively... check avatar choice both awesome and appropriate... check actually an INTJ... check shares personal information openly and honestly... check post is interesting and humorous... check ... Alright, just let me tally this up here.... Oh... Oh dear... *retreats to cave to feel shame* Welcome to the forum
  11. Wow @Remszarvas, just wow. We at advise train were dismayed that you were not 100% satisfied with our service @Remszarvas. The following is a message from advise train's complaints department: Start Message From Advise Train's Complaints Department Advise train would like to issue the following apology and retraction to @Remszarvas: We at advise train would also like to thank @Remszarvas for an insightful explanation of what "first step" and throwing yourself at a man does indeed mean. It was superbly written and explained. We particularly appreciated that the entire process was explained from start to finish. It is advise train's belief that if all posts were so forthrightly laid out, many of the misunderstandings of the internets would cease to exist. In the spirit of clarification we at advise train would like to issue two rebuttals to @Remszarvas's post: Rebuttal the first: Men are in fact stupid, period. On this point advise train will not waver, nor will it accept any substitutions. If @Remszarvas wishes to have the within post definition changed to reflect any clarifications, we at advise train would be more than happy to oblige, if and only if, it does not change the meaning or intent of the remainder of the paragraph. We at advise train are so admit on this point that we have prepared this alternate definition for @Remszarvas's approval: We at advise train believe that the enclosed changes will both reflect the clarifications from @Remszarvas recent post and leave the intent of the paragraph intact. In fact we believe that this clarification will drastically increase the value of the free advice attached in that paragraph. Rebuttal the second: We at advise train are extremely offended by the inaccuracy in the following sentence: Advise train would like to take this opportunity to remind all of it's readership that it is not a "guy". Advise train is, of course, a metaphorical train. We request that @Remszarvas refrain from such slander in the future. End Message From Advise Train's Complaints Department Annnnnnd now we're back, advise train here and I'd just like to say: Whew that was a good message from our complaints department wasn't it folks? Those guys really do love our ridership. Really... great job guys. I mean that. For you @Remszarvas there really isn't that much I can add, but if you aren't completely dissatisfied with our service, please feel free to expand on what "certain kind of SO" you're really after. Remember, here on advise train, we just ever so desperately want to help. There really isn't that much else I can add, but I'm ever so glad that we could agree on the vast majority of the points. You know it's not easy being a metaphorical train and trying to understand all these human interaction things, so even getting one right is kind of spectacular don't you think? I'd also like to extend my thanks for that beautiful comment at the end. I really think Coelho would be proud of you too: (for those of you not familiar with Coelho) And as a final word I do believe that you may have missed the point of the advise train so I've left it below: (the point)
  12. @Remszarvas so you want in on this advise train? Well you're in luck, this train takes charter request and it's just about to leave the station. Hop aboard! Choooo Chooooooooo!!! ... At this point my lawyer has advised me that I must include the following: Now that we've got that over with, on to the first stop: So @Remszarvas you want to know why attractive men aren't falling all over you? Sure the train might know a thing or two about that. First off what's this "first step" you're talking about? Kinda important for clarity purposes as here's a little secret for ya: Why is that so important you ask? Because all the men that met @Remszarvas are stupid, period. As time goes by they're actually getting even dumber! Now I know what you're thinking, "but advise train isn't that a bullshit sweeping generalization, there has to be men out there that aren't stupid... right? And really what is the common point in this situation?" SHUT UP... let me finish. Let me define my terms (these ones are special for you @Remszarvas... do you feel special yet?): We're going to say a man is stupid when they can't pick up on @Remszarvas 's obvious signals. Now does this mean that @Remszarvas is doomed to be manless for life? Probably, but it also means that @Remszarvas can make men smart again! Yeah I like that.. so @Remszarvas the power is in your hands! Might I suggest you redefine what your versions of first step and throwing yourself at a man is? I know it's kinda hard to find ways to express interest in someone sometimes... real hard, so I'll throw in the below for free: Now I know what you're thinking "but advise train, that shit's too hard and it's just not worth it!" Welp, don't then, advise train don't give a shit. Seems like that is bringing us nearer to the final station. Looks like this might be a short trip today folks, but it is all for @Remszarvas after all (so... feel special yet?). Grip the seats tight folks, here we are: When's it time to say "f*** this!'? Well advise train has an answer for that one too @Remszarvas. When the idea of having a SO no longer appeals to you... BOOM... that was easy wasn't it. "but... but... that's kind of a flippant answer, isn't it?" Yep, sure is, but try reading that again..... It cuts out ALL the pretenses around what being "in a relationship" is supposed to mean. The only person who can attach value to a relationship is YOU and all of that other shit you think you might need a man for? You don't. You see any mention of pregnancy or kids in that flippant answer there? NOPE. (why's that?) Now don't get advise train wrong, there are plenty of spectacular reasons for being in a relationship and advise train isn't denying that a lot of that life garbage is far easier with backup, but sometimes you just have to be an action hero. So remember, next time someone claims you need an SO feel free to say: "Backup? I'm a damn action hero! I don't even think of calling for that shit!" And that concludes this trip folks... it was all for you @Remszarvas... all of it. TL:DR A bunch of terrible ranty advice that didn't make @Remszarvas feel special.
  13. Welcome to the forum new here... might want to check your username... something doesn't seem to add up here.... Also, welcome awkward, I've never met a greetings with a name before... do you do any tricks? You nailed the hi by the way, looks great in the title. I would have definitely used a capital h, but I'm guessing you didn't want to come off as pushy... I get it, subtle... not bad at all.
  14. Hey no worries, we all get caught in the Phantom Zone at one point or another in our lives. *checks his own post history* Not like I can call anyone out for shit posting anyway, there'd be some pot n' kettle right there eh? But seriously, Hopkins or Tucker... it's important. .... .... Oh and if that wall you built up there is only for cathartic release, that's cool, but if you're looking to express yourself to other humans, slap a TL:DR on that shit.
  15. Hi again Steven, Mighty nice wall of text you've got there.... *takes another good long look at it* Yep that aught to keep everybody out. *checks date joined* Man 2016 really did suck for a lot of people, but I guess there were worse things you could have been doing with your life. Seriously though, in regards to that thread you made a few days back: Was that Mike Hopkins or Mike Tucker... I really need to know, it's totally bugging me now.