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  1. Yes--this works if you are cognizant of it and make the effort to change... which can be painful for yourself depending on how others respond to your changes. Other people do not always have your best interests at heart (sometimes family included). Positive changes for you may be negative change to them... and they may fight it. Recognize what is affecting you from your past, make changes, and use the new mindset to move forward. This will feed into your future relationships.
  2. Love love LOVE running my hands all up and down some muscular legs and full ass.
  3. Love the idea, in theory. Still thinking I want movement (or at least a light) inside mine. 😀 ...... added to this post 0 minutes later:
  4. Forget the popeye's! Don't you know how to make good fried chicken?
  5. I second the dildo... better yet, get one of those vibrators that can be controlled via a phone app. You can share that with your hot friend after you get to know him a bit.
  6. Art and languages were easy for me, and it always felt like I was just having fun. I typically made straight A's until university when Calculus brought me some B's. Proofs and theorems in a Calc 1 class always seemed to be putting the cart before the horse in my mind-- with no frame of reference until I could *see* what could be done with the knowledge. My passion with numbers took me into the accounting field, but art and languages will always be my first love. 6w5
  7. Exactly my concern for many who want to invest but haven't had much (if any) experience, guidance or training in the art of investing. It can be easy for someone to get in over his or her head if he or she doesn't obtain an in-depth personal knowledge of unfamiliar investments (there are so many complex types available today). While maintaining the basic principle of diversity, I've also purposely chosen to keep the structure of my portfolio relatively simple: stocks, bonds and a few mutual funds (no Reits for me--just personal preference). Relying completely on the advice of a broker without having your own intimate understanding could be risky itself--aside from any pricing movements--as you want a well-rounded understanding and not just one person/company's perspective. It is your money, your level of risk aversion and your future. No one knows that better than you. Basically, don't throw money into something you don't understand. Increase investment complexity in time with knowledge and experience, and never invest more than you can afford to lose.
  8. "Your stubbornness level is 39%"
  9. Poltergeist! I love the son getting pulled under the bed by the clown... ...... added to this post 0 minutes later:
  10. dagummit... i was SO PROUD of SO PRECISELY granting your wish for fun dreams...


    1. HoneyBaybee


      I am so proud of you being so proud of yourself granting my wish, my "Special Friend"!


  11. KABOOM™!
  12. It's aaaaallll so messeeeeee!!
  13. Because the explosive verbal diarreah is entertaining. Really.
  14. ^^ *chuckle*