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  1. Hm, if it bothers you and makes things awkward around her, will it be possible to plan a joke about women-looking-at-other-women's-boobs and have a laugh or... truth-telling session about why she's doing so?
  2. Hehehe, an egg comes to mind. Looks kinda hard on the outside, can't tell whether it's hard-boiled or anything. But then, oops. omelette inc.
  3. Mm, if you're like the only D cup around and it shows, and she's young-ish, it might be curiosity, but yeah, it might also be something else, though unless she makes a move, she might just be exploring her options anyway?
  4. When busty women wear low-cut tops or clothes that are very tight, it's noticeably difficult for me to refrain from looking at their chest. This is especially the case when the chest is disproportionately large and they choose to wear push-up bras. It's just... Obvious, quite in-your-face and not that common. One of my classmates who's at least a D-cup has said plainly that she enjoys throwing guys off (no doubt women too) by wearing tight and low-cut tops that show what must be inches of cleavage. As a woman, I find it a little difficult to look at her face sometimes, when the cleavage is what, 4 inches? i'm straight. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: It's like if a guy had very long and curly arm hair that didn't match his hair colour, I would also probably look. I don't think there's anything sexual about that kind of look...
  5. Observations based on former schoolmates who scored as INTJ and an INTJ ex in my late teens. Bookish and laid back? Yes. Participant of teenage male bragging contests? No. Assertive? Yes. Feminine? No.
  6. Hi @myname, just wondering what are your thoughts about bearing small, crowd-pleaser gifts (e.g. food) to your colleagues whenever you return from one of these trips?
  7. Was wondering whether there was such a thing as meat cookies...
  8. Yes, definitely felt the inexplicable, instant connection with certain guys before. But for the most part, it's because that feeling is very similar to the one I already share with my partner. The minority came with radars going off 'manipulative, experienced charmer incoming!'. Also, in terms of emotional bandwidth and time, it's just not possible for me to know another guy well enough to jump ship, where the existing relationship has taken some time to build, refine and develop unspoken understanding and communication lines that do actually meet each other. Another factor is probably ethics, where I wouldn't want to have to share my partner's romantic side with another woman, and would dislike myself if I did so too (got romantic with a guy other than my partner), so I don't put myself in situations where these values would be compromised. But life is unpredictable, a person might change drastically beyond recognition for unforeseen reasons, so I'd never say never. ...... added to this post 17 minutes later: Not saying that these are the only reasons; so far, the reasons given by the initiating partners around me, for divorce, are 'I'm bored, I want to try something new', 'our marriage just fell apart when we stopped trying to maintain a marriage' and trading 'up' (already had a third party ready to go). My suspicion is that these may be avoidable outcomes. Separately, a male relative married a very emotional woman ('marriage sure isn't forever') and this move has made his parents worry whether she'll leave him if he ever loses his social status or good health. He definitely doesn't trust her with information about his vulnerabilities (I found this out accidentally and apologized to him). Whatever floats a person's boat I guess, it's just not a situation that I would actively seek.
  9. Food wise, veggies and fruits first because- Some article said that our bodies absorb vitamins and those nutrients best when they're eaten at the start of the meal, I should check this again Fibre fills us up so we feel satiated earlier/ eat less Unless the fruit is acidic and I'm feeling very hungry, then I'd eat something else before the acidic fruit Always carbs last unless it's something like fried noodles where everything's mixed in, but even then I'd try to eat the veggies and protein first... Or if it's plain rice that isn't that palatable on its own So 'best first or save it for last' isn't really the system for order of food eaten for me... Most other things (e.g. music practice, assignments, work deliverables, etc)- Nearly always the most challenging parts first; leave the easy parts for when I'm tired or when there's a real time constraint Unless it's something that I've failed at a couple of times, or am terrible at naturally, then for those, the easier parts first Which is 'best' (the challenging parts or the easy parts) really depends on the task on hand
  10. ^^ Wafer cookies! ^ Donut. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later:
  11. Hm, I'm guessing the science can't really be argued with (didn't watch the video... ). Thing is, I've seen quite many responsible men end up in longer-term romantic relationships (including marriage) with women who literally admitted openly to seducing their guys with their skimpy outfits and their emotions. and ultimately, sex. I believe them because what they say matches up with their behaviour around their partners before they became a couple. Maybe the guys 'fell in love' more quickly because of their (the women) sexually charged behaviour. or perhaps the women took a gamble with their own emotions by having sex with the guy early, I don't know, it was apparent that these types of couples didn't wait too long to have sex. I know at least one of these ended up in divorce, a few cheated and got caught but stayed married, a few appear to be happily married. So whether the age-old saying is wise or not, may depend on the person's objectives and values, person that he/ she is interested in, community norms, factors that may override brain chemistry or lead to actions that are contrary to what their brain chemistry predict.
  12. There could be truth in the reasoning above, I do only wonder whether the above description is the most conducive (if at all) environment for sharing one's deepest vulnerabilities, a trust-based activity that generally requires a level of longer-term, shared emotional stability and security. It does take time to build such an environment too. But then, it's also true that not everyone wants that for their romantic relationships, not everyone pursues the type that will go through thick and thin, attractive and unattractive moments, etc. Alternatively, there are also people who believe, or act as if they will always be winners (especially in terms of the social status they offer to their partner) in the eyes of their romantic partner and find security in that, and that is enough for them.