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  1. Little hyper monster incoming.
  2. Non-exhaustive list of examples and angles. Aspect of health- Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, their interconnectedness, ... Physical e.g. water and food Mental e.g. education and stimulation Emotional e.g. support or catharsis Spiritual e.g. religion or meditation Sustainability- Who or which group, for how long, for the purposes of, ... Who or which group e.g. strongest survives, quality of life, competition and cooperation For how long e.g. today, a year and a lifetime For the purposes of e.g. happiness, social cohesion and convenience Authority- Who, why, how, ... E.g. perspectives that are dependent on culture, age, experiences and dispositions
  3. Romantic relationships right? I related to that during my teens and early 20's where relationships just seemed like a hassle, distraction and destabilizer more than anything else. Seems more sensible to actually enter/ stay in/ work on relationships these days though.
  4. Spicy pasta.
  5. Maybe classification depends on factors including but not limited to Aspect of health- Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, their interconnectedness, ... Sustainability- Who or which group, for how long, for the purposes of, ... Authority- Who, why, how, ...
  6. Marinate, then bake with root veggies (e.g. onions, carrots). This tends to help with it not coming out dry.
  7. The Crisis Manager Your career personality type is The Crisis Manager. You like creative freedom and are action-minded. You can get restless so you need a work environment that offers variety. You also prefer to engage internally and are very thoughtful. A work environment where you can work quietly and gather information before making a decision is best for you.
  8. Heard my dad had not one, but two birthday celebrations back home. Finished the first sketch of that 2nd movement. New student incoming.
  9. Receive and give some PG love? This is not limited to humans, puppies have been giving love and receiving love for a long time now. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: Maybe this will be useful- 50 Self-Esteem Quotes to Give Your Confidence a Boost
  10. Is it possible that it's just that you haven't met a fine and excellent specimen of a female kiss initiator? ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: But that would truly be the ideal female response to this 'one neg to rule them all', wouldn't it?
  11. It's like one neg to rule them all.
  12. Veggie soup, and peanut butter bread
  13. Distance, with regards to the OP and how there are numerous examples of successful and rich people giving back heaps to the community? I've already agreed with you.