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  1. Most definitely a night owl... 0100-0400 is the premium time of creative wings being stretched out, ready to delve through the darkness or lite by the moonlight into the vast battle grounds. However this brilliance is an epic fail when the job that pays the bills is at the butt crack of dawn.... The two sadly shall not co-exist.
  2. Here is the thing.... if you choose NOT to disclose, they will discover it if not now, another time. Surprise drug testing when working with any government entity is not unheard of and should be expected. If you do disclose your medications then you have all your cards laid out. I would never recommend attempting to cover up your medication, you are doing what is necessary to handle your situation and in saying such, there will be some jobs that may not be great for you. However you need to be honest about it. Just my two cents. :). Good luck! ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: This should help soothe your concerns: https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/tools-and-samples/hr-qa/pages/confidentialityandsharingofdrugtestresults.aspx
  3. Are they doing a urine or hair test? if you disclose your medications there are other compounds in your system that will show the testers that the narcotic is probably associated to that specific pharmaceutical. If you don't, you will get disqualified. Your medication ate covered by Hippa laws and unless your job is in public safety such as Police, Fireman, EMT etc your medications should t be an issue. Lacking to disclose your medications is almost a sure fire way to lose the job. Honest up front is the way to go. Even offer to get a list of medication from your doctor if the lab is needing documentation. This is at least as far as I know. Your medications for mental disorders shouldn't disqualify you but depending on the job, they may. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: If the test is hair, flushing your system will do absolutely nothing to help. And if it's urine you could be hurting yourself by going cold turkey on a medication you need for your mental well being. Be careful. And it may not erase your use of the prescription. Call your doctor as get a consult.
  4. I know two of my neighbors and will socialize with them when they come knocking on the door, but other than that it's usually a pleasant wave as I drive away. For the most part I'm sure my neighbors must think I am a hermit. It's a rare occurrence that I come out and play in the front yard feigning knowledge of plants. There is only so much book and internet can teach you about a green thumb in the baron desert. I get the imagery of the creepy family from the Burbs, when I emerge from the solace of my home to be looked at in inquisition by the neighbors. Ha ha. Oh well. I have little need to develop much more than a passing repore with most of them. Really the only things we have in common are a terrible choice of geographic housing location and that we purchased a house. Other than that, their lives and activities, as long as they don't interfere with mine or my loved ones, are of little consequence to me.
  5. 1) I tend to hang out with my small select few friends and it's usually pretty predictable as to what we are doing. On occasion something random will come up, but for the most part everything is planned out. 2) Yes, no and I suppose it depends. Yes it annoys me when something I'm looking forward to gets canceled for a bogus reason like, I'm not feeling it. However life happens so I tend to be pretty forgiving. Now if it happens frequently it makes me feel like the person is wasting my time and I am just not interested in arranging my plans for that person anymore. After all, if they wanted to spend time with me, they would make the effort, if not, so be it. 3) well there are times when, I just don't feel like hanging out have been my 'get out' of obligation go to. I would say that my introvert kicks in and I have 'peopled' too much and need sometime to recoup. In those times, I always cancel, explain and try to reschedule. Luckily my friends know me pretty well and are able for the most part to accept my personal need for space and quiet time, 4) YES...this does cause problems. I am the planner, my boyfriend is the spontaneous, nonplanner type. It has been frustrating in its own merit, my desire to plan everything to make things go smoothly is combated by his desire for free movement and leisure... it's a constant tug of war. You have to learn what to be a planner about and what to allow the other person to be free spirited about.... it's a work in progress at this method. 5) As far as this last question, this would only be speculation... could be a combination or just the introvert. Introverts need time alone and space. I know that we don't always want to go out. We enjoy our comfort zone a lot.
  6. PDA has always made me feel highly uncomfortable. Not only does it feel like everyone can see you and you are the center of attention but it feels like everyone is judging you. Now as an adult I realize it is only myself judging the entire situation. Watching others openly and physically displaying their attraction to one another puts me into a serious bout of "where the hell is the door". I have absolutely no desire to watch people hug, kiss or anything else in public. If I wanted to watch stuff like that, there are plenty of options out there. I do agree with Hurricane, there are times that I feel like people are marking their territory when they are displaying PDA. Regardless of the reasoning, being uncouth is a fair accessment.