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    Bitter and Sweet.
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    Some third world country where intjf is unheard of and people still sleep in caves
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  1. what is this a face off? Where is the coffee talk and all the usual vulgarity that is usually present here ....
  2. Stick around and you will see all sort of crazy things. Oooo someone here also has a tendency to spike drinks. Not going to mention anything because my drink may be spiked tomorrow. So watch your coffee or whatever it is you drink, as a pangolin. I don't drink coffee, so I don't have to watch my back. Also, if you stay too long you might smell gas. Umm... I'll let you figure out who that is. Not to worry though you are in good hands here in general :) you fun little creature
  3. aww now now, someone going to be soo scary again. ooooo. I am so scared! ;] ;] ;]
  4. How rude? ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: Hahaha okay you are a keeper! You know what I think of Toki. see below: ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: Don't worry. I don't torture bunnies. We just have a bunny in the thread. This is my way of showing Toki that I love her and she is a great friend. ;] hheehehehe shhhh..... ;]
  5. lame. I know you have used this one before :p. ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: Not Irish but something may have been stuck in my teeth that was green. hmmm.... hehe ;]
  6. not really. It seems like a cool tattoo though. I just pinched you for fun bc tattoos don't really count. I did not wear green at all today and no one pinched me. hehehehehe. booooo yahhh!
  7. You're welcome! My pleasure to have a fun little creature to play with here. Just don't roll up into a ball on me. Take your pinches! ;] lol
  8. treats? oh my! Thanks
  9. how rude. @eri I apologize for his misbehavior. Please enjoy.
  10. Time to wake up soon. I fixed breakfast. You may share with all or keep @eri. I hope you enjoy. Nothing is spiked. But, you may not be so lucky next time. :)
  11. Photobucket is out. Not sure why. Thanks for the breakfast. It's on me tomorrow. The coffee is yours. i get to eat breakfast twice today .
  12. Good morning. *brings coffee cake for all* *dig in* i actually like coffee cake :) yum yum!
  13. hehe! someone was huuuuuhhhhANNNGRRRYY!
  14. I will have to get going. Maybe I will see something creative when I get back hehe. It is 3AM here. I will see you tomorrow. *pinches*