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    Bitter and Sweet.
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    Some third world country where intjf is unheard of and people still sleep in caves
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    Looking at walls
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  1. Hey hey!
  2. Thanks @paulcod
  3. Caffeine-fiend it is + the taste. I always add a lemon to my tea. :) I laughed out loud on this one, and my friend, who is sitting next to me looked up. He told me he is an ENTJ just now. Cool!
  4. *hugs every recent poster including the weasel* *hugs them again* hehe :) iced coffee hmm... I think I can get use to you dropping that on my feet more. May wake me up more. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: By the way iced coffee is something I may be able to do. Kind of reminds me of iced tea. I'm an iced tea freak, just as you are a coffee <3
  5. Hm. Back on our high horse so soon, are we?! <3 My feet are burning!! Did you fail to observe the "caution hot" content on the label missy?
  6. Good. She dropped her mask. That is a start. Next, can you drop the coffee? Also, can you drop off tlw to my house (another favor! )? (Not being rude in any way, but she does belong to me.) By the way, this is a give-and-take type of thing. Since you have done me a favor and I'm asking you for another, you may ask me for favors as well :). Hehe! ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: Hahahaha awwww
  7. Yeah yeah while you two do your thing with the YouTube videos and what not, I shall take the last word with me. I have been posting here for so long that I don't know what I would do without you guys. For once, locked doors will show some emotions. <3 <3. Don't get used to it.
  8. dont get your panties in a bunch. I was seeing if you would be willing to do me a favor... that's all ;). now, where were we? Oh yes, do you want to go rub one off, so you may calm down? I can tell TLW to find you a man who would be willing to explore your sweet spots with you. Maybe you should thank him thereafter and at least try not to act very scary or contrary.
  9. Damn you woman! sigh.... I am just too nice.
  10. And apparently contrary too..... there is no getting to you. You are constantly on your high horse. I leave here every night thinking that our convos. get nowhere. TlW agrees.
  11. You are so mean to me at times! What should I do with you? *asks tlw* she says.... "maybe someone needs to find her sweet spot, or that she may need to rub one off herself." Oh yeah!
  12. XD Okay. Time to get out of high school and time to be a college freshmen where hormones run even deeper. I am sitting next to TLW. I called it.
  13. Okay I have returned from my deed. My tlw is safe and sound. Now to find her sensitive sweet spots down there;). I want to make her feel LUH-VED.
  14. Can you also make sure no other man touches tlw please? I already put my tongue down her throat. Tomorrow we are looking for her you know what.....
  15. good. You mix it all up, and give it to me *says in evil voice*. I will do the dirty deed. TLW can stay behind meanwhile. I do not want to corrupt her with my evil ways. Make sure to stir really well. I want it to be completely potent.