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    Men judge generally more by the eye than by the hand, for everyone can see and few can feel. Everyone sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are.
  1. I'm not talking about the limb lengthening surgeries performed in other countries. I'm talking about the ones performed in high income countries, namely the United States. The Paley Institute is arguably the top institution in this regard. Here is there website: http://www.paleyinstitute.org/centers-of-excellence/stature-lengthening-center/costs-financial-considerations All and all the cost is approximately $180,000.00. This guy looks very professional to me and he learned from the guy who actually pioneered the surgical technique. Do you think this surgery is still potentially fraught with the realistic possibility of physical complications?
  2. When I was in early teens my parents would say "oh, you're going to be 6ft0 tall just like your Grandfather". I've been the same height since 14-15. I would say my anorexia stage started here. I have a big frame (or so I've been told). At 5ft7 I weighed 120-125 lbs. Many people would tell me that I looked emaciated. People still call me skinny (I'm 145lbs). I didn't consume foods rich in nutrients exactly. Whenever I've gone to the doctor they told me that I had no noticeable deficiencies, with the exception of the occasional iron deficiency. Is it possible that my body merely went into starvation mode and stored these essential nutrients?
  3. After much introspection, I have reached the same conclusion as you. I'm going to trust my intuition/observations.
  4. I work at a trucking company (my uncle is the owner). He is quite wealthy. My Dad too is quite wealthy. The trucking company in question is extremely successful. All of the females who work there (some are quite attractive) have "crush's" on me. I'm 5ft8. I have never received this kind of attention from girls in my entire life. I'm an extremely introverted person. Even though I have gone out before, I never succeed. All the customers say "oh, its only because of your uncle". A few of my other colleagues have told me as much. I have been reading online and the reason a lot of girls are attracted to certain guys is because of a) status b) money. Do these factors actually sexually arouse women?
  5. I look younger for someone who is 24 years old. Many people think I look 18 or younger sometimes. I consumed mostly junk food during my puberty years so I feel that that had an affect on my growth pattern.
  6. I have heard that human height is largely genetic. However, I have also read that anywhere from 5%-20% is determined by your environment (i.e. your nutrition, sleep pattern etc.). I grew up in a dysfunctional family and suffered from a low self esteem. After 13, I progressively started eating less and was anorexic I would say. I went to the doctor when I was 16 and he conducted blood tests and he said that everything was fine. I have been to the doctor 3 times since then and I have been told I have no nutritional deficiencies. I'm now 24 and I'm 5ft7-5ft8. I have been this height since I was 14-15. I look way younger than my age (many tell me I look younger than 18). I've read that the body, as a coping mechanism, stores nutrients for long periods of time when it is receiving a less than adequate diet. My hands are small, my feet are size 8, and I have a really big head and skinny, disproportionate body. Many have told me that it looks like many parts of my body have stopped growing. I have read that males have growth spurts in their early teens, late teens-early 20s. I have been the same height since 15. I'm told I look like I'm underage-to my late teens. I'm shorter than a lot of Asian men it seems. I'm considering getting limb lengthening surgery and various plastic surgeries to look better.
  7. It absolutely does work. Everybody else on this forum is lying. Hate the game, don't hate on the players that actually make it!
  8. If you read some of the resources I provided, they uphold the same premise. I'm by no means a misogynist. However, as I've mentioned before, both desirable men and females are motivated by their own self interest.
  9. Story of my life thus far lol
  10. There is this girl I work with. She has a boyfriend. She's a little bit older than me. We were standing together and she told some girls we were talking to that I am her sweetheart and to not tell her boyfriend that we are secret lovers. When I was alone by the photocopier she said "I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Do you know what you are going to do with the next chapter of your life" and I replied "I'm just getting disciplined and making smart decisions in the mean time while I prepare for bigger and better things" and she said "that's good. You're still so young." She then said "do you hangout with anybody outside of work"? and I said "no not really". She then said "well if you want to hangout with me that's cool. We can go for walks or smoke illegal things. I usually don't hang out with colleagues but I trust you". I used to think I was Autistic. However, I recently saw a psychiatrist and, while I'm crazy, I'm not autistic. I told a co worker that I have Asperger syndrome and that spread like wild fire (lesson learned). However, this same girl started talking to me once and she told me that she too has Aspergers (which I highly doubt, given how extroverted she is). I think she was trying to have a social relationship with me. This same girl said that I would be a good businessman (which stereotypically isn't an INTJ thing to be). I've mentioned the interest of becoming a businessman before.
  11. I can get laid and I can date nerdier girls. However, I want to date/marry a girl that has it all: looks and intelligence. I want to give my offspring the best chance of being healthy, attractive, and intelligent. If I were 6ft0 tall and I had a sharper looking face, this would help to rectifying my situation.
  12. Yep, necessary evil now a days
  13. Desirable traits are good looks, height, affluence, and intelligence.
  14. I'm by no means a men's rights activist. I view them as negatively as I view modern feminism. However, on illimiteablemen.com there are some valid points made. I unequivocally believe that there are differences among the genders. Each sex has its own respective advantages and challenges in life. There are some idiotic notions on the Reddit red pill page. My thoughts exactly. In my experience, the truth is always a hard pill to swallow. I suffer from 2 Cluster B personality disorders and I grew up in a family plagued with Cluster B personality disorders. However, I want a physically attractive wife whos personality offsets the negative traits of my personality. I've got the desirable traits in a male with the exception of height. I'm only 5ft8 and I will be undergoing limb lengthening surgery with the objective of being 6ft0 tall. I am also getting buccal fat removal on my face. I agree with you that the best quality women are drawn to tall and good looking males. In hindsight I agree wholeheartedly that they want someone who is intelligent, successful, and driven. I also agree with you that these positive traits don't go hand and hand with the dark triad. However, I believe that an individual must at a minimum be able to cognitively discern within a dark triad framework to be successful in this society (i.e. exhibit the principles of Machiavelli). There are exceptions to this of course, but I think that that is the general rule.
  15. Simply put, I think humans like drama because it serves as a distraction from an otherwise pointless, boring, mundane existence.