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  1. I've read numerous social science (science, lol) papers. And a couple of books (will recommend "Age of propaganda"). Besides, a close relative of mine is a professor in sociology\philosophy, so I had a person to verify my hypotheses (+ a little of experimenting now and then, you know). I do know quite a lot about decision-making (where it relates to economics\finance\game theory). ..and these colnclude my knowledge of people. What I'm inquiring about is the best way to master understanding and interacting (i.e. manipulation - in a good way) in society. I spot NT people fast, and usually have no problems working with them, but others come along.. not so easily. Especially those who are S. MBTI is cool, but somewhat blurry. Would you recommend a course, book or other source to learn from?
  2. So, @Muse, how did you transfer from finance to labour or vice versa? Supposed to require different skillsets
  3. Thanks,@Zsych, will look into it.
  4. Greetings and hello, N7! Moscow, hm? Very interesting.

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    2. Famouskate


      Awesome. I have been a lot of places, but not Russia. I love the language, and the architecture.

    3. |N7


      Quite same here - most of Europe and Asia, but not US)
      I've met an article on best places for MBTs to live, New Detroit and Seattle were mentioned for INTJs, how would you assess that?

    4. Famouskate


      Hi, N7. I just now saw this message [sorry for not replying sooner!] about Seattle and Detroit being best places for INTJs to live.....I do not like Detroit at all, but, I am from Seattle and while I now live in a very quiet, rural place, I love Seattle and go there a couple of times a year.  Seattle is quite a great city in many ways.


      Awesome. I have been a lot of places, but not Russia. I love the language, and the architecture.

  5. Sup, N7!

    1. |N7


      What's your favourite Australian animal?

    2. Neoaves



      *Bogan.....just kidding.

      Prolly the Box Jellyfish because it's the most venomous and I respect that. Also I will be avoiding the beaches it frequents...like forever.

      Merry Jingles....by the way :cheers:

  6. @Cak = Jobs in management
  7. Hey, I'd feel awkward to notice the notification & not at least say hello, so hello. Added, I'd then feel like a bit of a weirdo just popping in here with hey/hello & nothing else to say... so, nice taste in music & did you yay or nay on joining Starfleet ? 

    1. |N7


      absolutely yay, if it doesn't cause conflict with Systems Alliance ;)

  8. Hey. Thinking of an optimal strategy for transferring from risk-management to one of (or, ideally, a combination of) these: project management; corporate strategy. I currently work in a Bank's Risk Integration unit, all prior experience is in banking as well (2 years all together, and I'm now studying for MSc, 1.5 years ahead). Feeling like I can excel at those, but not really contempt with the scope (and not being able to make impact-delivering decisions). Also have academic knowledge in international finance, direct investment, fintech, quantitative finance and decision support systems. So far I've reached several thoughts: Shouldn't try Big3 strategic consulting, not the optimal way, also requires too much consulting-specific stuff (which I do not really value). Should probably look for a position that involves both management and finance - like coordinating an investment project. Should seek smth involving mathematical approach, not "charisma" management. Looking for literally any thoughts on the subject, ready to provide additional info if required. Thanks in advance.
  9. 21, working in finance\management, polyglot, studying graph theory, life mission - space exploration Among adjacent interests: human enhancement, cryonics, AI, close combat, cyberpunk, religion, music (dark jazz, blues rock, drone, ambient, choir, folk, ultimae) Egocentrical (not egoistic), and have a theory where it's a good thing to be for myself; also have a theory that having everything theorized helps not only theoretically P.S. Do love Mass Effect, though there's no particular reason for choosing that as a nickname P.P.S. Though consider myself a prime example of INTJ, I can artificially make P-based decisions in no-stress conditions. So far intellectual environment consists primarily of IXTPs. Probably execute best with ENTJs (sometimes ENTPs) who do not have such a strong affinity towards T as I do, but that is still to be proved. Maybe if there was an aforementioned ENTJ, who could translate me to an ENFX (and we'd have different-but-synergetic skillsets), our trio could completely dominate anything. Or just another two competent INTJs P.P.P.S. I should go