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    The unfed mind devours itself...

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  1. Welcome Dzeniba! Hope you'd get what you are looking for.
  2. I've attended quite a few weddings and I'm neutral about them. Sometimes I think they are good for a change but when I attend them, I get overwhelmed. Wearing makeup, fancy dresses and meeting with so many people is not my cup of tea. Although I manage not to look alienated but I feel fake. I think just close relatives should be invited on weddings and it shouldn't be too costly. It's just an event afterall. It's not worth spending most of your savings when your expenses are going to increase afterwards.
  3. Big wedding ceremonies and post funeral receptions along with all the things that are already mentioned.
  4. Achieving success might be a lot easier if creativity and dedication is all that's required. In real, having a sense of direction and getting the right people at right time is very important. Alone, without any resources, we are capable of nothing no matter how much competent we are. There is no master plan of success as it keeps on changing along its way and life itself is our mentor. That's why no one can give you one perfect advice to make it easy.
  5. The Crisis Manager.
  6. If any of my acquaintances behave this way then I usually cut them off. Not returning calls and cancelling appointments shows carelessness and I'm not very tolerant of such attitude. Contrary to it, I'm more lenient towards my friends and family members because I know they are responsible people. But if someone of them would habitually do it, it will definitely affect our relationship.
  7. I know I'm wearing myself out but I can't back off. Slowing down is not a choice any more.
  8. Everything is happening around you not to you so don't lose your focus.
  9. My question is, what are the alternates of abortion that are more "ethical"? Raising a child is a huge responsibility. What if a woman is not ready for it? Is dumping your child, giving him up for adoption or bringing him up as an unwanted burden any better than abortion?
  10. Your thumbnail reminds me of what one poster on YouTube used for graphics for Daughtry's "Open Up Your Eyes"

    1. Black n White

      Black n White

      I guess I'm not the only one who is fascinated by her :)

  11. The more someone knows you, the chances of them being romantically involved in you increases so its better to avoid it. After having similar kind of experiences, I have stopped considering opposite sex friendships. Just like Sarea said, it just adds complications and drama to life for which I don't have enough stamena to deal.
  12. Most of the time people don't play victim just to get attention and sympathy but they want to control others through emotions. It's a manipulation technique. You can't ever disagree with them or tell them that they are wrong because then they'll make sure to let everyone know that you are a jerk. In addition, you'd have to listen to their whining for quite some time. I try to avoid direct confrontation with such people as much as I can. Don't voice your opinion on matters they are sensitive about. Agreeing with them and doing what they want doesn't help either because then they'll expect even more from you without any acknowledgement. So the only solution is to work on achieving peace with them. Try to limit your interaction with them, don't give them points to use against you, help them when possible but don't overdo it and finally, don't expect any genuine relationship from them because they can't think of anyone but themselves.
  13. Same is the case with me. Some people still complain that I forget them and a few close ones know that's how I am. Dealing with clingy people is specially difficult because they are overly demanding and complaining. You are right that a lot of people think we don't like them when we never initiate contact.
  14. Exceptions are always there but based on a few examples claiming that all the women who wear hijab are forced to do so, is a bit bias. Search for the protests against hijab bans and you'll find plenty of examples that prove otherwise. I hope you won't argue that those women are forced to participate in protests as well. If showing lots of skin is a choice then I don't see a reason why not showing any could not be.
  15. You are falling down and down deep in void, you can't breathe, your heart's about to come out of your chest, the only sound you can hear is your heart pounding... You want it to end but it seems like the time has stopped. You want to think but the pain is too much to let you focus. You don't know when and why it started. You want to cry, beg for an end but you can't. You are trapped in your body. There is no escape. The fall that could have ended your life in a few seconds on earth, continues for an eternity.