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  1. @lor6 Hey, thanks a lot bud. Great recommendations,. i have looked up all your suggestions. Am going to start with Flowers of Algernon, The city and the stars and gods themselves. Will save Hitchhikers guide to galaxy to my To be rad list. You guessed it right..1984 is a great book. Read it. Thanks for you time.
  2. Recently been much interested in Sci-Fi books, though not really much of a literary fan. Ever since I have introduced myself to Isaac Assimov, Stanislaw lem and finished Foundation series, Futurological Congress, Odd John..I am thinking I must have found my fictional taste buds in my brain. Please do suggest similar books or authors. Personally I find US authors are a little too bland when it comes to imagination, except for Mr Isaac Assimov. But thats just my opinion, I am gladly willing to change my opinions based on the new findings :D. I am quite rightly not sure of Arthur C Clarke as well...sorry just remembered i liked movie adaptations of him.
  3. Hello My Fellow INTJ's, I had a account about 3 years ago, got busy with lots of stuff, unable to keep up. This is my new account. Will be posting new topics, and I hope to get responses form you all. I love information. Ranging from Philosophy, technology, psychology, movies (useful one's), books..etc Got a goal in my mind, I need data, lots and lots of it. So I can analyze and utilize. Godspeed. Thank you