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  1. Male here The only relationship I've ever been in was with an ENFJ. There are a lot of parallels in your story and mine. (We ended up splitting due to circumstance but are still on great terms, and talk at least every other week even though she is in another relationship, with another INTJ I might add...) There is something special about the way we can just talk for hours on end about life. Similar enough we understand eachother easily, different enough that it isn't boring. I can't do that with anyone. Not my best friends, not other even INTJ's. She showed me I actually can love someone, something I wasn't so sure I could do until then. (In spite of what I tell myself, I do still very much miss her) After a few weeks I eventually just completely let my guard down around her, which is a big fucking deal for me. I just decided that I wanted to enjoy every moment with her to the fullest, and any reservation I kept would prevent that. Keep your senses about you... but don't let it take away from your enjoyment of what sounds like the start of a great relationship. At very worse, you get a good backstory/excuse when you become a super villian later in life. :)
  2. This was a thing in south park, almost.
  3. Listening to videos about machine learning neural networks... going back and forth between napping and messng with intjf
  4. Yes/No No Sometimes Constantly Do what?
  5. I did a thing. http://pasteboard.co/4t6LRCPsB.jpg cant figure out how to embed images... it just doesnt like me.
  6. Every type is welcome, I think we intj's value the opinions of other types... and it being the INTJ forum really sets a great tone for intellectual discussion. Oh, and twice a day there's a "Does my INTJ partner love me???" thread, those too. (We're generally bad at being affectionate lol)
  7. OP, The real rules of monopoly are much better. https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Monopoly/Official_Rules "If a player lands on property he may buy it at the listed price. If the player refuses to buy it, the Bank sells it at auction to the highest bidder. Any player, including the one who refused to buy it in the first place, may bid on the property." The biggest problem with monopoly is nobody plays correctly.
  8. My mom slapped me once when I was being a shitthead in early puberty. - TY mom I actually needed that. I remember saying something accusatory to my dad after he got done arguing with mom when I was ~7. I basically said he was wrong, but what I said upset him enough he spanked me and said something about showing him respect. After the severe spanking, I said something like: "Why should I respect you when you are wrong. How does spanking me make me respect you." He never spanked me again after that, actually. He left me alone. When I was 18 I brought up how he and mom gave me nearly utter freedom from ~10 on. He said they never felt like there was something they had to teach me - "Figure you have a good head on your shoulders, and seem to do best when left alone." Hell, starting when I was 16 a box of 36 condoms showed up under my pillow every 6 months or so. (And my parents were both still mormon) (I never used them in my teen years - I should have) Now, The mormon church? That's abuse. I finally told my parents I don't think that the church is right when I was 15. They let me stop going to church with no issue. I didn't get over most of the personal issues it caused me until I was ~19-20. Still working on having a healthy life. I was homeschooled. But In my case, It was "Christian Liberty Academy". Every new "school year" when we got the books, I read each and every one within two weeks of getting them, then one subject at a time re-read the entire book and did the work I thought was necessary. My mom administered the tests, which were all that gets sent back to the school. I finished the entire thing just a bit before I was 15 and then basically did whatever I wanted to until I was 16, when I took the GED and started college. I had some mental health issues when I was in my early to mid teens. I occasionally tried talking them out with my mom, because I didn't know what to do. I couldn't sleep, had nightmares, sleep paralysis, insomnia, paranoia, etc. She said that I should go talk to a councilor - something had to be bothering me. She was convinced there was something I didn't tell her that was getting to me. I said that I don't want someone else to try and analyze my mind - I can do that myself. I think I was wrong to turn down counseling, but there it is. I dealt with my own issues in time. Things I wish were different: My parents needed to teach me to be healthy. To get be active and eat right, to be social sometimes, and that romantic relationships were a good thing (as opposed to basically the "Don't date until you are 25" mantra of the church).
  9. I have an ENFP Cousin who is suicidal. I usually say something like "Dude, Suicide is a dick move." or "I'll be pissed if you don't show up for my next lan party"
  10. I resent the first line there. Read more of the stuff in spoilers and tell me if you still have the same opinion. And the second part, yeah. You are right.
  11. LOL on hair, I have a friend with a full, long beard... and he had exactly one long gray strand of hair in that beard... *I* even reached for it once because it sticks out so goddamned much. He called it his wisdom whisker. Well, one day I notice its gone, and I'm like "where is your wisdom whisker?" "This Fucking cunt pulled it out while I was half asleep" He actually never saw her again... lol.
  12. Made me lol. I had an ENFJ I was dating... organize my car trunk for me on our second date. (I had a lot of stuff in there) I was away from her for about ten minutes and she was like "I uhh... organized your trunk for you." when I got back. It was weird, but I like weird. lol.
  13. That is a different way than I saw it I suppose. She's been texting me today/etc. A few things made me laugh that I'll share later... better than conversation the other evening. So the reason I posted this topic in the first place is because there is clearly some approach that I do not understand as of yet. Most other women I've been involved with I had great conversation with immediately upon meeting them. I'll reply to other posts but dont have time this moment ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: She is trying to talk to me. Doesn't seem like she thinks it went so bad as I think it did, but IDK. I'm actually pretty open about myself in dating, and try not to put up too much of a front. Just keeping negative things and my weirder sides hidden. As for the attractiveness scale... Yeah you've got that pinned. I've been told many times that I'm "Way too picky". I've had several people text me things like "Dude, are you gay? That girl is fucking hot" in relation to this esfp. But physical attractiveness isn't *so* important to me. An ENFJ that I liked quite a bit I described as "At least a 7" but had someone tell me "Dude, that girl is average at best. And she's really wierd" (She was my type of wierd! lol. I would have easily taken her at anything above a 4) ...... added to this post 9 minutes later: Thanks for listening... although I do feel a bit weird about sharing some of that. ...... added to this post 42 minutes later: 1: ... ok? Girls talk about guys, guys talk about girls. Its the natural state of affairs. so, whatever. 2: WTF about mirrors?
  14. TBH seemed more like she lied about intentions there if that is the case.