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  1. My brother and I lucked up and found a copy of Fury of Dracula at a local game store! Mr. INTJ was so stoked. His reaction when I unveiled that box was priceless. Such a fun board game. Of all the ones we've played recently, that's the one that I really can't wait to play again!
  2. A personal relationship is a little bit different than a business relationship. The goals and attitudes are a bit different and inherently more selfish. It does behoove a person to learn and apply interpersonal skills commensurate with the objective within business negotiations. A personal relationship should be handled a bit differently with more finesse and with a different objective in mind. And giving a ~uck is part of it.
  3. Haha! Gotcha. Things get lost in translation. I am still in the learning process, though much less insecure in my standing with him, and it really is more about seeing how he fits and doesn't fit the stereotype. I'm testing my understanding rather than seeking affirmation or "yes/no" he's interested. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: That's the problem! I've "known" him all my life. Been closer as families and been around each other as acquaintances for about five years. Been texting a year and a half. Been hanging out one on one for a year. So...which measure of time do I go by? 😂
  4. Why the tsks? Have I committed an unpardonable violation for INTJs? :/
  5. Thanks MissJ. I am working on learning him better. It is interesting to see where the stereotypical INTJ behaviors stop and where he begins. And to see where he aligns with the stereotype. He has definitely had some trials that cause him to be even more closed off and reserved. It's true that the profiles are very generalized. I had a hard time coming to a conclusion on my type, but after much research made a determination. When I first started posting on this forum, I didn't have any idea about types or anything, and posted things that are so obvious to me now. It's been several months of learning about myself and learning about him.
  6. Thanks so much to the ones who responded. Now to tell you why I made the last couple of posts. Yes, these are pieces of conversations that Mr. INTJ have had. However, I am not actually confused or wondering about the meaning behind the words. I am settled in my feelings for him and our relationship and not questioning his meanings. I am trying to continue learning more about INTJs as a whole, and wanted to test my understanding...a social experiment if you will. INTJs as a collective are the best! ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: Haha! Truth there. Except that it was going onto midnight and part of our routine good night talk. :D
  7. Just out of curiosity. During a text conversation as we were saying our good nights I mentioned having to do some work while having a shoulder injury. He said, "headed to bed myself...take it easy, Don't do anything to make your injury flare up." I translate that to "I care about you a lot. Don't hurt yourself." Am I too far off on this translation?
  8. How you show you care: ~"Don't overdo it and cause your shoulder injury to flare up." Makes my heart flutter. 💓💓
  9. Game playing just seems disingenuous. If I find something I want to text or a question, I will send the message to him. It doesn't matter that I was the last one to text or it took him four hours to get back with me. Granted, we have been texting for a year and a half, so I know him, his habits, and work schedule well.
  10. I'm INFP, and I don't want to go out. Mr. INTJ and I have never gone "out" to eat. I cook at his house if we are having dinner. Neither of us is interested. We'd much rather have the time in the peace and quiet.
  11. Yeah. I guess you can say we do put up with it. He knows where he has us out matched...we know it as well. Which makes it so much sweeter when one of us pulls off a surprise on him. I made an awesome move during our first game of Twilight Imperium that had him in a fit for a good twenty minutes. My brother and I loved it. He still won, but I didn't even care.
  12. Yeah. I can see that. But my brother and I dish it out too. We are all pretty ruthless while at the game table. It's a fun dynamic that changes as soon as the lid goes back on the box. We have a blast, and are fairly equally matched over all in our play. Although INTJ does have a little advantage.
  13. If it hadn't been directed at my brother I would see it as a put down. However, he has been helping him, working on his negotiating skills. He knows my brother is very capable and is pushing him to "level up." Mr. INTJ will do these kinds of things as teachable moments. One of his favorite phrases is "so what did you learn?" ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: It was Dead of Winter. It's a zombie survival game where there is a main objective that all players work co-op to resolve. But each player also has a secret objective that must also be resolved. If you get the main objective but fail your secret objective, you lose. The kicker is there is a 50/50 chance one player has a betrayer secret objective and will be working to sabotage the entire game. It's so much fun because you have to strategize your own play and the collective play.
  14. So in your opinion it wasn't even a veiled compliment, but a direct one? :) I like it even more. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: That does sound very INTJ. :D
  15. I'm INFP so not sure if my opinion counts in this thread, but I knew I had fallen in love when I was thinking about a funny exchange we had and all of a sudden I got light headed and my heart started to pound and I had a semi panic attack. I knew I really, really liked him, but in a moment of sudden clarity it hit me like a ton of bricks...I capital-L loved him!