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  1. Dearest E, Your response to my should issues was perfect! It cracked me up, lightened my mood, and made me feel so much better. You could not have wise-cracked it any better. Yeah....amputation would have been much worse! No sweet words from you, just the perfect quip straightforwardly delivered. Made my day. :) Love, J
  2. Here's a good example of the kind of thing I get from Mr. INTJ. I have had some issues with my shoulder the last few days and went to the dr yesterday. My rotator cuff is messing up and I have to go see a specialist. He says not good, but could be worse. I elaborate on that because I could have a torn cuff and need surgery. He comes back with "well I meant amputation...but yeah that too." No sympathy, no aw I'm sorry from him. Just a smart *ss quip that had me laughing out loud and brightened me instantly. I wouldn't have it any differently.
  3. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions!!!
  4. Mr. INTJ and I have discovered a mutual love of board games. We've co-opted my brother, and have spent quite a bit of time together playing some cool games. I wanted to get some recommendations from the INTJs for some other non-vanilla board games. We have recently bought and played Dead of Winter, Pandemic, Carcassonne, Firefly, and Twilight Imperium. We've also completed four epic LOTR Risk games. He really likes strategy games with complexity and lots of replayability.
  5. Teasing each other has become a default setting for myself and Mr. INTJ. My dad has always used sarcasm and a very acerbic wit, and I learned very quickly at a young age to respond in kind. It has helped me not be sensitive and to come back rather than get my feelings hurt. So Mr. INTJ and I figured out really quick that sarcasm, quick wit, and teasing are our thing. I've not had him be mean, derisive, or hurtful in his teasing either. He's so sharp witted and funny, and we just seem to get each other. It takes time to get to know someone well enough to "get" the ways a person communicates. I would continue to explicitly express when his humor has hit to close, and it seems like he really cares, so he hopefully would be a little more careful with your feelings.
  6. Holy Cow!!!! Twilight Imperium is massive, and oh so cool!!
  7. Board games! Who know?! It's like seeing the little boy inside you the way your eyes light up. Oh the fun we've been having recently. The way your eyes light up and how animated you are seems so innocent and sweet. 💓 I would play games with you every night to see you this way!
  8. Very intense game of Dead of Winter tonight, and I WON as the betrayer!! What fun!
  9. E, I like this newly forming habit of being the last people we talk to at night. All I've read about INTJs suggests that what you are doing is highly irregular...hours texting, prolonged back and forth conversations. Talk about our day. Talk about the new board game we started. Talk it seems just to be talking. Are you integrating me more into your daily life and thoughts? Have you finally finished analyzing and think I fit? Are your feelings growing? It seems like it when we are together. I love wishing you good nights and sweet dreams as I drift off to sleep. You are the last person on my mind. 💓 Can't wait to see you tomorrow night! J
  10. I LOVE playing different games with Mr. INTJ, esp strategy games like Risk. I know that I don't stand a chance 9/10 beating him because he is so awesome, so I mainly try to do my best and challenge him as much as possible. When I am actually able to beat him, I'm no holds barred celebrating! :D We talk some serious smack though. Sarcasm, in your face, etc. We have the best time. I can imagine that having him be a sore loser...or me...would take the fun out of it. We play for the fun of being together. And I am endlessly fascinated by the way his mind works and his strategies and logical deductions.
  11. Haha! Risk is definitely my INTJ's favorite board game. And he is ruthless!! I've never played Balderdash, so I can't say if this accurate for me as an INFP or not. I really enjoy Risk...just can't beat Mr. INTJ.
  12. My INTJ loves board games, so we've recently played LOTR Risk, Carcassonne, and Dead of Winter. Looking at Pandemic and Scythe next. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: I'm also still learning to play NetHack! Huge learning curve!!
  13. I didn't start out wanting to be single. I tried relationships. Got my heart absolutely crushed in my mid twenties. So I withdrew and focused on my M.Ed., career, and family. I have had a happy, fulfilled life. I'm a complete person, whole and satisfied. Which is one of the reasons Mr. INTJ waltzing in this past year has thrown me for such a loop. I didn't see it coming...not for a thousand miles. But if we continue and build our relationship, it will be because we choose to, not because we "need" each other, but because we "want" one another.
  14. This all sounds very unhealthy for you. I get that he is like a puzzle you can't solve. But he has been pretty clear despite giving some mixed signals. I've seen it and read it so many places, if a guy wanted to connect with you, then he would. The fact that he can go months without communication is indicative of a guy who is not interested in anything you have or can give him. You may have all of this stuff you want to give, but he has to want to receive it. And he doesn't. He is a human being, not a puzzle. Only he knows the hows and whys of his actions. You need to find a way to let it be, leave him alone, and put it in the past.
  15. My ideal romantic partner would not be like either of my parents in that he would not use sarcasm or "humor" in a hurtful way to tear the other down. He would also be self-sufficient, not an overgrown, whiney man-child who is rude and selfish. I think I've found my ideal too. Sarcastic he is, but I've never observed him attacking or tearing down anyone with his intelligence. Witty banter is part of how we relate to each other.