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  1. At least he got free sex and didn't have to pay. He's still in the win win. Better than having to pay or has to use his hand to get off.
  2. You're desperate for a hole. She's enjoying all the time she has left by double dealing. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: NEXT
  3. Just ignore him. Don't pay anymore attention to him. This is about you not him. Work on yourself. Have a higher self-esteem. Think about how lucky someone is to be with you. Have goals and dreams. Achieve more. People will be dying to be with you.
  4. by not having stress in the first place avoid all stressful situations
  5. It seems like the problem is you not him. You need someone to be with for whatever reasons and he doesn't. Learn to love yourself. Achieve more. Have higher self-esteem. More is waiting for you in the near future. Don't settle for less.
  6. If someone likes you you will know If you have to ask then that's probably a no
  7. I do want to reconnect with her. She has children. I can be the aunt. The problem is my mom now. She's not going to be happy about that.
  8. What would you do? Let's say you and your sister were both abandoned. You got adopted. The sister stayed with someone's family. The last time you saw your sister was when both were infants. And now let's say after several decades later, she found you on Facebook and wants to reconnect. She is from another country. What would you do in a situation like this?
  9. I understand that you're 30 and I am too. And at this point in life we're probably freaking out about having a family and children. But it is important to think clearly because having a family is no small matter. It is important to find the right man and looks like this is not the right guy for you simply because you're not his priority and not just cultural differences because some American guys are like that too they give you excuses when they don't want to be with you. But having a similar culture also helps because I wouldn't want to be with someone of a different culture, especially the Indian culture because they're only loyal to their family and not you (you come last in everything, they prioritize themselves over you, like they would go back to their country for the holidays and not spending the holidays in the US with you) and they're very sexist too (they will treat you like you're a slave, ask you to do the dishes, mop the floor, help him with his family, etc.). I think it is important to rethink the situation. Because you want to be with the right person in the long haul and not just anybody because you don't want to have regrets later on.
  10. Walmart and Lows have lots of plans. They're usually not expensive. Plenty to decorate.
  11. As long as you're successful (and handsome) , women will flock to you. You don't even have to do a thing. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: If you're not successful nor handsome, then work on becoming successful and learn how to look presentable, at least.
  12. I really think there's something seriously wrong with the OP btw. She just met him in November, it's only been five months that they've been dating (not sure if she's even a gf yet) and she suddenly wants him to let her move in with him and everything is about his money. I think there's something really odd here.
  13. I see that the main problem here is he doesn't want you to move in with him. This shows how much he likes you. I think that you like him more than he likes you. And he wants to keep his options open because when a guy has his apartment by himself he can see other people. You are like a string-along. And that is probably because 1) you may not have the qualities he is looking for yet. For example, he may want someone who will have a PhD like himself and you are not (you may have like a Bachelor's degree or someone without a future goal) or among other reasons that he is not happy or satisfied with. He feels like he can do better, but he doesn't mind having you around at all for the occasional free sex but what he really looks for is someone to marry and you are not her. Otherwise, if a guy truly likes a woman, he'd be more than happy that she moves in with him and not giving her excuses. What he was giving you were excuses. I think he seems like a smart guy. And that is not just cultural differences. This is behavioral biology. Many guys are like this no matter what countries they are from.
  14. Collectivistic culture vs individualistic I used to date an India guy. Not something that would work. They just think so different. Everything about them is family. You come last. Their family has to come first. They don't have the Christian beliefs. If they do something nice for you they expect someone good in return. They're not like the Americans. I'd stay away from them. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: I tell myself I will NEVER date another Indian guy from India. I can date an Indian guy from the US though. (probably not because they do still have a small thingy if you know what I mean)
  15. From my experience, a friendship cannot be forced. It has to come from both sides. You make a move, he or she makes a move. If he or she doesn't that probably mean he or she is not interested. Don't be too over eager (aka desperate).