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  1. Tbh this reasoning goes the other way as well. How do you know every beautiful woman is insecure about her looks? Were you her boyfriend, husband, date? Rigid black and white thinking and generalizing.
  2. I laughed way too hard at your typo. Thank you auto correct!
  3. Nawwww. You didn't mess up at all. You were just being yourself. It's exhausting to have to watch your every move just "in case he gets jealous and can't handle". People need to man up when others are being themselves - unless the self means being disrespectful. Come on! You aren't even exclusive, if you have to be this watchful over your every tiny move, then... well, I personally would find it exhausting anyway. Good luck on your next move getting his number!!
  4. I am glad you were able to cry and let some of the pent out emotion out.
  5. Foot message ahahahahah Anyway, I read back and totally laughed out loud LOLOLOL. I didn't even notice you were trying to own tlw because you thought you some special privilege with a da-man tshirt /squeezes tlw
  6. Maybe because many people think that being beautiful is a big deal so they will focus on her looks instead of her personality traits since she was young and the woman will grow up thinking it is a big deal and starts to measure her self-worth in terms of beauty and attractiveness and feel that this her main source to be worthy instead of just who she is and will feel she is always lacking because there are always even better looking people. I have to add that this comes with inadequate parenting, parents who make you feel you are never good enough to love. So kids strive to become perfect in what they think will get them the parents' love. Beautiful people might think that becoming perfect in terms of beauty is the way to the acceptance of the parents/significant others/others, but perfect is an illusion and makes one constantly focus on the flaws. People with good enough parenting wouldn't feel this way. So stunning woman being always insecure is a bit of a stretch.
  7. Are you talking about me? Because I have no idea what you're talking about. Or is tlw an ENFP? lmao /gently touches tlw
  8. How you speak for him reminds me of symbioses. I think you have difficulties really seeing both of you as different entities... Look into enmeshment and symbioses. What about fear, despair, anger, frustration, pain, sadness, powerlessness, helplessness, confusion, depression, loneliness, abandoned, rejected, not good enough, worthless, self-loathing? ...... added to this post 11 minutes later: So now you're gonna use this to try and "fix" what you've been doing "wrong" to get out of the "trap" and have another go at this relationship between you two? That you have now find the answer to how you can behave so that you'll get the desirable outcome? If you're gonna do that, you'll only get more entangled in this, further away from yourself and your own truth of why this is happening. I'm sorry to say, but I think it's gonna take a lot more than that to really get to your why, which is why I really recommend a therapist. But seeing your determination towards self-destruction, in chasing a dead-end, I suspect that you will only start to back off once this man flat out rejects you in every sense. Not letting you inside anymore when you show up unannounced, or getting a new girlfriend, then you will hit rock bottom and be forced to look towards yourself for change. This man has huge issues himself, if you two are gonna keep playing this toxic dance you'll be in exactly the same spot after 5 years as you are now. Your choice. If you so think the suffering is worth it to see him once in 4 months, unannounced at his door to then laugh and be touched and then ignored again, then no one can make you think differently, which is exactly what I see happening here. I hope that after a year or so you might read back here and it will help you again in your journey.
  9. Have you tried to feel before? Write down every single emotion and feeling you get when you cannot be with him or talk to him whatever. What happens in those "awful times" when you try to steer clear of him? Why, why, why. I have a form here, it's called the Adult Attachment Interview by Daniel Siegel. It will definitely give you insight in the why. I really recommend seeing a psychologist. No one here has the answer for you, only you are capable of finding it deep within you. Others can only help support you.
  10. Thank you very much, Distance! Hahaha, yes it is true that impressionism has peaceful themes! I used a palette knife for the whole thing to paint it, it was about 1,5 meters wide. Well, people usually just look at it and it doesn't really stay on the front page if there's no activity, so I can imagine you not noticing it before Thank you so much, Rickster!! Thank you for the awesome compliment! I actually really agree with you. Ever since I was kicked off the art academy I stopped doing anything; the "failing" locked my creativity completely to be honest. I only recently became aware that this was what happened. Thank you for your compliments and encouragement!
  11. I kind of get the idea many INFJ really appreciate "huehuehue" Thank you for your recommendations! I will check them out. I have heard of it before! One of my high school friends used to be an enormous fan of them, I think she might have been INFP or something hahaha. Thank you for your recommendation! Ah yes, my sister had this book! An old ENTJ ex friend of mine was completely sold by it, he loved it. Thanks for the recommendation! Awesome! Thank you!! Ah, I love comics as well! I'll look it up! Thank you! Happy Three Friends is so awful! I was frowning the whole episode, the violence Aah, tragedy :( Thank you for the recommendations!
  12. I added a huge reply but it got merged and I don't think you'll receive a notification of it. So I am here to personally notify you! :awesome:

    1. Sneaky Pete

      Sneaky Pete

      I'm in the process of trying to return the favor.

  13. Tlw is here chilling in my room and she look sooo happy She says she truly belongs with me. Used tampons are noble, they help us out and need to be treated with respect: I would never disrespectfly dump them on the ground.