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    You're born valuable & that will never change. Things you do well are gifts to yourself and another. But no person will always do right. You can make mistakes: you're no robot ;)

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  1. I'd say just standard rules: 1) be yourself 2) ask if you want to know what he thinks 3) tell if you want him to know what you think. Ask/tell/be yourself! That should be my new mantra in my social life.
  2. I resparked my fangirlness upon rewatching some DBZ scenes and Gogeta is just so badass. My first instinct was him being INFJ, but 2min footage is not much to go on. N because he's saying spiritual and deep stuff. J because he is no nonsense, straight to the point and very serious. F because of his heartwarming laughter at the end. But the laughter and seriousness also made me think about ENFJ. He seems intelligent (wise), graceful, efficient, confident but also nice. What do you think? Maaan, definitely some fanart coming up. I think I'll use him as an inspiration to practice male anatomy and muscles.
  3. Nope. But I'm going to try and take on a major in psychology next to my current one. I could see myself as a counsellor :)
  4. I think that people who seek attention in such manner are actually looking for sympathy and compassion they never received in their past and thus never learnt to give themself either. So they constantly need others' sympathy and compassion now to help lighten the pain, but since it's a void because they do not have the skills to give themselves compassion and sympathy, it'll turn into an endless way of these negative stories to keep trying to fill that hungry void. Only he can fix that hole. People with bad boundaries will quickly be drained emotionally if they do not look out for themselves first. I think those who willfully and endlessly are an audience probably base their identity on the traits that they are selfless and needed (powerful) by another for help and are "okay" with receiving no emotional support in return, because their rewards is helping, a feeling of adequacy to beat their own sense of inadequacy and helplessness.
  5. But anger is an emotion. Wouldn't that count as emotonal too? I felt really upset when I read about the incident :( When I was a teen, I had a curious experience which I couldn't understand. There was a terrorist who drove his car right into a mass of people during King's Day celebration. I saw a photo in the newspaper of a little girl being hit and her shoe flew off her foot. It was terrifying, but I laughed uncontrollably. My sister was really upset at my reaction. Perhaps it was shock. I wonder if it was a disconnect between the appropiate emotions because I was so out of touch with my own feelings and pain. I had this experience too when I fell from a bike on the road with cars. My friend was really upset about it, but all I could do was laugh uncontrollably. I actually feel really sad about these memories now. I'm almost certain that repression of pain and sadness caused me to laugh instead of allowing the appropiate feelings.
  6. Getting along, able to laugh together, have compassion and respect for each other, able to support each other, genuine exchange of interaction. When we mutually begin to share more personal things and feel good and safe about it, I think care comes into play.
  7. LMAO! Cannot be unseen now that I see your avatar. That is such a beautiful compliment! Thank you Zonsop is super nice and compassionate! She also has this mature kind of rationality, reliability! Also, I think you're kind funny in often an unintended way LOL.
  8. I see the cat! I also see Santa Claus without his hat!! Right top corner! Oh, I put your name in google to see what it means Atamagahen and so many hits and accounts! And the first suggestion is immediately "atamagahen intj". If that's you, your searchability is admirable
  9. Sia has some really touching songs! Breathe Me and Lentil. I'd consider those NF songs haha. And one from Kye Kye, People. Oh, so beautiful. I'll just attach them so you don't have to go through the trouble of searching them. I chose the video trailer version of Prince of Persia for Breathe Me to share, because the graphics are so breathtaking and I find it so beautiful that man and woman work as a team! The song is slightly edited to fit the trailer.
  10. I once had this at uni both in class and outside of the classroom. I think most people saw me and the ones that knew me quickly came to console me and one i didn't know so well asked me if I was okay. Long time later I heard from my ex that when he started dating me, the guys told him he wouldn't hold out because I was so emotional. But I didn't notice any difference in the people around me in their attitude towards me. If anything, I think it's beautiful when people show compassion and try to console me! Sometimes things are just difficult and we all have our own way of coping. It might be a little embarrassing, and I rather not have the outburst there, but if it happens, it happens. I don't think people expect others around them to do anything, though. It's mostly a form of emotions spilling over without intent to put others around them to action lol. You're so nice, zonsop!
  11. What about feeling like equals? I personally could not imagine spending the rest of my life with someone who could not keep up with me mentally. I think I would feel like I'd be settling, because I know that connection is possible (close friend) and I would feel like I'm missing out if I would spend the rest of my life with someone who could not engage with me in my joy for in depth thinking. Good conversations are so satisfying for me. I also think I'd fear that when I would settle for someone who is "missing" something on my checkbox and I have to "sacrifice" one of my core needs for that, when I do meet another person who does check that box of depth, I will desire this person more and it'll end in heartbreak with the one I was already seeing. But since I have never been in this situation, it's all hypothetical. Is intellectual parity a must for you? How important is it to you? I agree with Distance, please do what feels best to you.
  12. In high school language and art were what I excelled at without much effort. Now it's psychology. mbti: enfp ennea: 7
  13. Yeah it pissed me off when I saw the title and your description. If you had put up "How to win ENFJs' hearts" in the OP it would have been clearer indeed. Still didn't read it, though haha.
  14. I am impressed by your reply! It takes balls to listen to the critique you were given and realize stuff about ourselves. This posts reminds me that we're all human beings and no can always be good or perfect, but that some people really are doing they're best. Nice! Good luck to you!