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    You're born valuable & that will never change. Things you do well are gifts to yourself and another. But no person will always do right. You can make mistakes: you're no robot ;)

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  1. I can't say what it is about it but your pics look very ENFP. And the orange wall is appropriately Dutch. 

  2. Hahahaha I loved this and reminded me of this topic. That said, are you linking partying to a social life? Because I have a social life, but it doesn't include much partying.
  3. Me too. I like to dance and go to concerts and festivals occasionally but don't like to club and drink.
  4. Thank you, Cord!!
  5. Ah can you please do me too, Exelone! Thank you! I am female.
  6. No. I think it might go something like this: You'll probably get attached in some kind of destructive way anyway since ya'll humans. She'll lay claims on you and throw fits every time you withdraw your "love" and you'll both be more miserable than you were alone. Or she, because she isn't with you because of who you really are, might cheat on you instead. Don't know why you want to willingly enter a battlefield. I'd advise you not to, but to find out what's making you so attracted to disfunctionality instead. You are already predetermined to treat her with disrespect, expect the same from her if she accepts yours. Is that really what you want your life to be like? If yes, then go ahead and find out whether it works for you. No one to stop you. You decide your own quality of life.
  7. You can want whatever you want for yourself, but don't try to change others. If you can't accept her for all she is, then look elsewhere. Somewhere you mentioned that you thought you might "settle" otherwise, that it would "harm" your social status. If she doesn't doll up for you, you might even feel embarrassed for yourself with her. Spare yourself and her that.
  8. Thank you very much JuxtAposE! Thanks for sharing that :) It's really cool to see how everyone has their own interpretation of the work!
  9. Has there been sibling rivalry in attention from mom and dad?
  10. You belong to the Humpback Whale (INFP) Tribe!
  11. Maybe because they engage less in socially expected (soothing) behaviour that people think of em as less "nice".
  12. Hm, I see what you mean. The using people as tools does not necessarily have to be a INTJ thing, though. There could be other factors at play: perhaps not being able to relate with other people; lost feeling of connectedness among humans? Also, being out of touch with emotions and falling back on rationalizations to keep everything in place instead is not a specific INTJ thing. It is more a thing of emotionally repressed people. It's human nature anyway. Don't worry, I don't think INTJ's are villains INTJ is merely a type profile after all.
  13. I don't think it's unfair. He asks for input, exploration can only give more clarity or not, he has nothing to lose by considering his relationship with the opposite sex parent in the past. If he thinks it's bogus he can disagree, if he wants to explore, maybe it can give new insights. If a woman's personality does practically nothing, then obviously there is a problem with relating to females as fellow individual beings. Why is there this problem? So... are you then saying "INTJ" are simple-minded animals posing as moral agents and that the OP's problem is that he is actually aware that he is an "animal", but that this is "animalistic" relating is actually the normal? I'm not quite sure if that is what you meant?
  14. Thank you for sharing that, @Madden! It's great to hear that! It actually is very encouraging for me to hear outside positive feedback on my skills. ---- I drew a zombie on a cup for my friend. The cup then went into the oven so that the ink would set by baking it, it was special ink, though, so please don't randomly bake ink on cups lol.