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  1. I did read and take note, and I have no problem purchasing the equipment to fully stock each lab. I have set aside funds in my budget to proceed with whichever plan makes sense and satisfies the auditors. We also work closely with our safety, health, & environment team to make sure that the route suggested is the best solution. I just need to explore every option as thoroughly as possible so that my recommendation to the business is indeed the answer to the needs on all sides.
  2. Is he on antidepressants? When I had my breakdown, the meds interfered with my critical thinking ability, to the point that I felt as though I were operating in a fog. I lacked the interest and energy to engage in debates. During the depression, apathy was present, and I withdrew from everyone, much as you described. I cannot say that lack of social interaction affected my reasoning, but depression definitely did. Once through the depression and off the associated meds, my ability to engage resumed.
  3. @BoydBros relax. I was asked to explore options and I am doing so. I am not opposed to making the tablets fixed in the lab, but I will still need to come up with a solution for routine cleaning. I have to assess all of the considerations, including time spent logging in/out before I present a recommendation to the leadership team. I am doing my due diligence, as is my job. @eagleseven thank you, that helps to know.
  4. I am curious - if you know INTJs don't always pick up on subtle, why not just say that you are posting this information here in the hopes of finding a match? Otherwise, feedback from women who are with INTJ men would, I would assume, be equally helpful given that they have been successful in the endeavor that you are undertaking.
  5. Speaking from the perspective of the kids, I would advise her to speak up now. My mother died when I was 12. My sisters were 11 & 9. Our father had divorced our mother when I was 5, and had very little contact with us. He and his gf did not want anything to do with us, so after mom died, the family passed us from house to house each night while they argued over who had to "deal" with us. This lasted for weeks, until the courts told our father that he had to step up. He picked us up and dropped us off at his parents, as he had no interest in taking us on at that time. He was eventually forced to after years of fighting it, and his gf made it clear to us in a thousand ways just how much she resented us being there. She used to tell me that if I cared about my father at all, I would bundle up my sisters and run away. That was one of the nicer things she said and did. Kids know when they are unwanted, and your friend will do permanent damage if she doesn't speak up now. She should not worry about appearing selfish...If she knows she will not be able to love those children, she needs to avoid putting them in a situation where they know they are not wanted. Believe me, they will know, and it will do far more damage than if she were to remain silent.
  6. Thank you...I have looked at those wipes, but was concerned about the caustic nature and the material. We are looking now at these: https://www.phonesoap.com/product/phonesoap-xl-tablet-sanitizer We have reached out to one other company as well, but their model only appears to work with iPads and we are using HP 1012s. And those are the gloves in the labs, so it is good to know they will work with the tablets.
  7. I can and do let mistakes slide, unless they do the verbal equivalent of patting my head and telling me to go play. The condescending tone and superior smirk combination will nearly always ensure that I speak up and take great pleasure in correcting the mistake. Otherwise, as others have said, I will only correct mistakes if necessary as part of my job.
  8. Thanks, Cinder--just saw the thread XD

    I've been off-line dealing with a bad computer virus--killed my computer; I'm using my work one, a back up (Windows 7), no pictures till I get that back up again.

    I just participated...

    1. Cinder


      Not fun on the virus...I hope it gets cleared up soon. Glad that you are ok, though - I was starting to wonder. 

    2. ness2361


      Thanks, Cinder.

      I've since given out my cell phone to a couple friends; I was long overdue for that.

      Hope you like my latest weapon. :awesome: 

  9. How I respond depends entirely on my relationship with the man I am arguing with. Arguments at work, for example, are very different from arguments with my spouse. The nature of the conflict also impacts how I respond. If my feelings have been hurt, I become very cold in my responses. Hurt me badly enough, and my words are my weapon...I go straight for the kill, so to speak. My voice remains level, but I will hit you in your most vulnerable areas with what I say. I do not throw things, scream, or otherwise get violent. If the other person does, I will walk away and refuse to engage further until emotions are no longer high.
  10. Now that I can get behind. Our version of a skunkwork lab!
  11. I am going to concede that it is possible that the immune system-personality connection could exist. The company I work for works in the genome sequencing/peptides field, and the scientists are doing a lot of research on the immune system. It is as unique to each individual as our DNA is, and there is more not known than known about how it operates. Much of the evidence I have read is based on the impact that attitude has on the immune system, so it is not outside the realm of possibility that the connection can flow back toward personality. I would still prefer to read the source mentioned in the OP, but I am willing to suspend disbelief and consider possibilities. Now I need to read some scientific papers to shake the twitches I am still experiencing...
  12. I can only speak for myself as far as what impresses me or attracts my eye. I have a weakness for a man in clothes he obviously feels comfortable/confident in. I am not attracted to skimpy wear, regardless of how well it is worn, as I prefer more mystery there. It is the same taste that I have in my own clothing. And I did take my daughter to buy her first bras, explaining what the various styles are best for and teaching her about comfort. Not sure why that would be creepy or gross, @FeriaKaiser....I wasn't dressing her up to pimp her out. She needs to learn how to shop comfortably and confidently for undergarments, and I refuse to teach her to be ashamed of her sexuality.
  13. Weird ideas of fun, lady. WEIRD ()
  14. I will do that as soon as I recover from the heart palpitations brought on by the phrase: ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: (More seriously, I'll ponder as I drive home and get back to you once I'm settled back in)