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  1. I am speak chinese and english while learning japanese.
  2. because human mind is always tying to make tings simple. so that makes brain easy to process. whitch is not good .
  3. I am not afraid dieing alone, becos what i found that what is to die, turns out i was never alive, it is just illusion。
  4. my closest friend ship is in order INTJ INFP nothing more . and this my first time I saw a INTJ much older than my self. I think i got lot to learn
  5. you are welcome, do you have interest join our QQ group , from china,
  6. no, it is from BBC and not out date
  7. According to a scientific documentary, the female brain structure differently than men. Women have two hemispheres more lateral connections. This gives them multi-tasking capabilities and emotional. Men are two separate brain hemispheres, more longitudinal connecting more focused single-tasking and spatial processing capability. what about INTJ female brain? It is A) A Female brain with INTJ personality? Or B) A male brain is loaded to a female body? From the personality, closer to the typical male brain, but also it shows the characteristics of women such as lack of space cognitive. If A, God is very powerful, even from two completely different brain structure to build a similar personality.;) If B, I want to say that God is crazy:p.) I tend to answer A, but the end result still need an MRI scan
  8. How ? ---------- Post added 07-31-2016 at 03:52 AM ---------- You mean there is no absolute good or bad, and I mean that from childhood depression, naturally hate
  9. I'm still learning:smart: ---------- Post added 07-20-2016 at 06:32 PM ---------- but I am still learning O_o
  10. Do you have instant messaging software, account number, so I can add you as a friend. Recommended WeChat or QQ. ---------- Post added 07-20-2016 at 05:41 PM ---------- I'm still learning:smart:
  11. I would like to know you
  12. Welcome, your avatar is very interesting, you said you can draw, I develop games, I wonder if you are interested in joining or suggestions
  13. I can tech chinese and programming
  14. ah ha you are interesting
  15. good to know you , I am half INTJ and half INFP CN