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  1. Im not sure if its a good idea to be honest with girls I talk too, I put on a fake mask of fun and excitement when talking to females by taking Adderall just to make it pleasurable. I am confident, great at getting internships (currently in college) and not incompetent when talking to others... I just hate it. Any advice? Should I even bother? Are my genes not meant to be passed on?
  2. I wouldn't either... I like to think that if you can find you perfect "soul mate" and then just pay someone with perfect genes to have your kids that would be perfect, but idk if anyone else thinks like that lol.
  3. So i've been asking myself lately "whats the point of being in a relationship?" Does anyone else ever think like this?
  4. I personally have different strategies or different "cards to play" when it comes to dealing with different kinds of people, an example of this is my "little sister card" where i talk/treat a girl like a sister and they go nuts over it, but if Im caught by surprise and I don't have that strategy in my head before hand Im extremely cut and dry and very disengaged/aloof and can freak people out. Does anybody else do this? If so what do you guys do to skip the whole "card to play" thing? PS if this doesn't make sense let me know lol.
  5. Yea.. I psych myself out a lot of times.
  6. I don't have to take the test at all, I was thinking about taking the MMPI just to see how it relates to the MBTI test I took for college for deciding on a major/career path.
  7. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory was recommended for me to use by my psychiatrist... anyone ever used this before and have experience with it?
  8. A) The government shouldn't be involved in marriage whatsoever... so no the government shouldn't deem gay marriage as illegal B) Its not a disease, I know this from my lesbian Aunt that's not only smart but built a successful business as well.
  9. I agree I think its horrible... I remember hearing someone say drink bleach and could only think wtf is this guys problem.
  10. Hello, JeffJ, and welcome to the Forum.

    I am the dog. What are you?

  11. Do you ever "play things out" in your head and vividly imagine yourself totally screwing up an important conversation, reunion of an old friend, etc... and physically cringe as if it actually happened? If you do, how do you manage/control your thoughts as an INTJ?
  12. What motivates me (being a college student) is making as much money as possible when I get out of school lol. As immature as it sounds I simply can't wait to start a business and build wealth.
  13. People need to treat it like smoking. People can say "wtf man stop smoking your gonna get lung cancer" to smokers and be socially accepted, but when an overweight person is eating an entire key lime pie for lunch you can't help him/her make better decisions? Where is the logic in that! Our culture is so coddled and "feelings" based... I really hate it.
  14. We have to work hard to conform/connect to our surroundings after forming our own "world" in our heads, its the ultimate mental exercise in a way. An example is traveling a foreign country not knowing the local language, its exhausting lol.
  15. Root: under-active (-88%) Sacral: under-active (-62%) Navel: under-active (-25%) Heart: under-active (-38%) Throat: open (12%) Third Eye: over-active (81%) Crown: open (12%)